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An amusing, colourful, fun and stealthily styled puzzle game brought to you in the form of a Spy Chameleon. I enjoy a puzzle game every now and again and can certainly say this game took me by surprise as if it was blending into the Xbox environment waiting for its time to strike, We’ve caught ya now! I found this top down puzzler to be instantly likeable while still posing an interesting challenge with a twist.

You start off eased in to the life of a Spy Chameleon with a tutorial that shows you the basics of what to avoid and what to collect, this quickly becomes a lot more fun as more things are thrown into the mix. There are four different chameleon colours to choose from all depicted by the colour of the button you press, Red, Blue, Yellow or Green. These correspond with colourful rugs, floor tiles and paint cans to blend against, So being aware of your surroundings will help you avoid detection. Enemies start off as easy stationary robots and work their way up to having lines of vision and quick mobility. Cameras will always be able to see where you are in the current room unless you use your chameleon abilities to blend in to suitable backgrounds.

Every section has 15 levels and for each individual level you have three challenges that you can complete to progress through the game. Spy Chameleon stays interesting with the use of these challenge objectives on each level. There are pick ups, speed-runs and leader boards to show your friends you are the best! At the end of each level you can replay to beat your previous times, collect other items or compete for glory on the leader boards. There is a separate leader board for each challenge and if you’re anything like me, you won’t move on to the next challenge until you have beaten your friends to set that new high score.
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There are 75 levels of environment blending bliss, each harder than the last, as you get to grips with the mechanics and timing of the game. You will have to come up with a different strategy for every level as good timing becomes a key factor. Some levels will keep you sane with the use of checkpoints that you can use multiple times which is a life saver if you’re trying to set new records or trying to collect the pick ups without going back to the start and although this does not reset the timer it does mean that if you get caught you instantly start back at that checkpoint. You will need to always be on your toes while scrambling to get all those collectables, For the last set of level challenges (ladybugs) you will need to complete either the fastest time or collect all flies medals first.

Normal mode of this game will entertain you for hours on end if you’re a completionist other wise it will take the average gamer around 4-6 hours to play through. The real challenge begins when you put the game on to hard mode and all of your movements will need to be planned out very well. Enemies will move faster and cameras will catch you quicker, this leaves little room for error so timing and strategy is a must but they can be beaten.

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I found the controls are very responsive and the colour coding to match the buttons works very well, you will need to memorize these if you have not already. The soundtrack is a good funk mixture which suits the style of play. Graphically the game has a good clean design, It is colourful, bright and fun, runs at a solid 60 fps in 1080p and will keep you entertained.

Spy Chameleon is a game that focuses on the challenge for the hungry gamer. I feel completionists and competitive players will get the most out of it but other puzzle fans will still enjoy the challenge. I really enjoyed this game and look forward to getting my 100%. This game would make a good addition to any puzzle fans collection and for just £3.99 you can’t really argue.

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