Star Trek Online: Season 13 – Escalation is now available

That’s right, Star Trek Online: Season 13 – Escalation is now available on the Xbox One. The new includes a new featured episode teaming captains with the Lukari to fight off the Tzenkethi, plus an additional episode centered on Sela of Romulus, voiced by Denise Crosby. Season 13 also introduces War Games, a new system that lets players compete in 5v5 competitive PvE scenarios for rewards.

Season 13 – Escalation picks up as Captain Kuumaarke leads her crew on a journey to their ancient home planet, New Kentar. Captains join the Lukari as they explore a bustling urban landscape, filled with political intrigue and danger lurking around every street corner. Their mission is quickly interrupted by the Tzenkethi, who have warped in and are now threatening to obliterate New Kentar’s moon.

Here is what you can expect from Season 13:

  • Two New Episodes
    • “Mirrors and Smoke” – In this new featured episode, captains will travel with the Lukari to New Kentar and defend the planet from the Tzenkethi.
    • “Survivor” – This episode concludes the story of Sela, Empress of the Romulan Star Empire (voiced by Denise Crosby).
  • War Games System Season 13 introduces War Games, new competitive PvE scenarios which pits two teams of five players against each other for rewards.
    • “Core Assault” – A space-based 5v5 Convergence-class scenario, where two flights of captains compete to cross the finish line at a space station located in the Adelphous System.
    •  “Binary Circuit” – A ground-based 5v5 Gauntlet-class scenario where captains will solve puzzles and complete various challenges in a Borg Co-operative Cube.
  • New Reputation – Rewards for the new War Games queues include Competitive Marks and Assessed Stratagems, which can be redeemed for class-specific set gear. Captains can choose to equip any of these three sets for their starships as well as mix and match the individual sets as they see fit.

Also, from June 8 – July 20, console captains can journey to Risa to participate in the Lohlunat Festival. Star Trek Online’s inaugural summer eventinvites captains to the planet’s luxurious Summer Resort, where they will cruise around on floaters and complete missions all over the island. Rewards include pets, costumes, powerboards and Lohlunat Prize Vouchers, which can be redeemed for the exclusive Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort [T6].

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