Star Wars Battlefront beta is open to all


As you may be aware, DICE plan to unleash a Star Wars Battlefront beta, and I’m convinced its release is planned as more of a demo rather than a beta – many gamers are still undecided about whether the Force is strong with Battlefront, particularly in the absence of space battles, and I believe this theory has been reinforced by the news that the beta will be open to all – no sign-ups, no pre-orders, no jumping through hoops required.

While a final date for its arrival is yet to be decided, the beta will include three modes – two competitive and one cooperative – Hoth will be home to Walker Assault, Sullust will be where you can play Battlefront’s newest mode, Dropzone, and for you wave based survival fans, Tatooine is where you can play Survival Mission either cooperatively or solo.

For more information, check out the short Q&A over on Star Wars Battlefront blog.


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