Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay footage shown at GDC 2015


Star Wars: Battlefront has been a very close kept secret with little or no information coming from either EA or Dice as to the content, story or gameplay. Up to now everything reported has been speculation, wants, hopes and dreams but this however has now changed.

At GDC 2015, a select few partners, were tucked up behind closed doors and shown brand new gameplay footage. The response, well according to Peter Moore (EA COO), was awesome and came with a standing ovation.


So hopefully this is good news for all of us who eagerly await what could be one of the best FPS to come out this year. Now the question is when will the public get to see this footage? With E3 only a few months away this is the most likely time, but with more and more information being leaked about games you never know, it might be sooner than this.