Story-driven puzzler Peregrin coming to Xbox


Domino Digital are a small developer, with a growing reputation. The studio behind Calvino Noir have teamed up with Green Man Gaming to bring a new story-driven puzzle title to Xbox, called Peregrin.

Peregrin follows the adventures of Abi, a young member of a scavenger tribe. She leaves her sanctuary to undertake an epic journey across the wastes of The Divide. She seeks to fulfill a prophecy, to beg the vengeful Gods for forgiveness and to restore life to the ravaged lands of her home.

Peregrin will take you on a moving journey across eerie landscapes, facing complex puzzles and dangerous creatures in a beautifully realised world. The game features a minimalist art-style with a fully-voiced story that carries you along on an emotional journey of personal and collective loss. Solve complex environmental puzzles that require you to use Abi’s arcane powers to temporarily possess creatures in the world. All of this is set to a touching, almost haunting, score by Chris Randle.

This captivating sci-fi adventure pushes the solitary traveller on a perilous voyage through the haunted ruins of a lost civilisation. If Abi is to fulfil the ancient prophecy, she must find a way to restore the fallen world of Peregrin, by using mystical powers to take control of a range of creatures. Possess simple animals to The Divide’s hostile guardians, all in an effort to solve cryptic puzzles and survive Abi’s battles.

The game will be spread over five chapters, comprising over 60 visually stunning scenes and incorporate intuitive and rewarding gameplay. Investigate mysterious monoliths and strange artefacts to reveal the secrets of these fallen lands.

Domino Digital’s founder, Dan Walters;

We’re very excited to be releasing Peregrin this year. We’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this game and we can’t wait for players to experience Abi’s story as she crosses the wasteland to save her tribe.

Peregrin is scheduled to release on Xbox One later in 2017.

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