Super Mega Baseball 2 announced

Super Mega Baseball

Let’s play ball! Super Mega Baseball is back. Metalhead Software have returned to bring us a new announcement. Their streamlined baseball simulator is getting an upgrade and returns soon, promising an all new experience that should keep you coming back for more.

Super Mega Baseball 2 will allow you to build your dream team and allow you to challenge your opponent to a good old-fashioned game of hardball. Play online or offline, in this sequel to the award-winning first game. Why change a winning formula, right?

Well, Metalhead have made a few tweaks here and there. The title will feature enhanced character models with new and updated stadia. They’ve also modernised the interface, rebuilding the look and feel of the game while keeping the character of the original.

Another new feature is the player and league customisation options. From logos and uniforms to beards and physique, you’ll have the option to make your team look like world-beaters. Metalhead have also introduced both online co-op and PvP play in the game. The ability to take on your friends in a couch co-op is a welcome addition. In co-op modes, teammates alternate batting and running or pitching and fielding. This is aimed at keeping you on your toes during play.
League customisation allows you to choose the number of teams in your league along with their logos and uniforms. You could spend more time organising this than actually playing the game, if you so wish.

Just like the original game, Super Mega Baseball 2 will feature solid controls, but this time around it will benefit from more refined gameplay and a more realistic in-game scale.

Make the jump from All-Star to Most Valuable Player when the title releases in 2017.

For now, you’ll have to content yourselves with the new teaser trailer, below. Batter up!

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