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Farming Simulator 2013 Launch Trailer

Farming Simulator is finally arriving on consoles, with all of its new features, that we let you discover today in the launch trailer!

This video gives us the ultimate preview of all the opportunities offered in Farming Simulator on Xbox 360 and PS3, and a glimpse of its rich, new content. In a huge world, including an entirely new American environment, you will manage and develop your farm: harvesting, sales of fresh products, animal husbandry… New vehicles in Farming Simulator on consoles give you a huge choice of farm vehicles to use and drive. In total, over a hundred of authentic vehicles and machines, all from famous manufacturers, will be available for you to develop your farm.

Out this week on Xbox 360

Charlie Murder Review


Ska Studio’s latest offering on the Xbox LIVE Arcade is the insanely frustrating Charlie Murder and forms part of the Summer of Arcade line-up for 2013 as the second title in the promotion which is available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Featuring the unique art style from the developers’ of other hit titles such as The Dishwasher and the unforgettable indie hit I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1, Charlie Murder has a comic-book style visual quality where you take on the role of fallen punk rock idols who must face off against a rival death metal band.

As it goes for action and brawling, Charlie Murder is quite heavy on the enemy front with a horde of 2D zombie creatures and odd looking beings coming towards you from all directions of the screen. There are plenty of on-screen what-the-fuck-moments to keep you button mashing to the max and a rather hefty selection of Boss Battles to keep you occupied until your eyes pop out on stalks! Although it is very arty in its styling, it is also quite brutal with bloodied scenes of hand-drawn violence featuring decapitations, arms and legs in a mess everywhere – cannibalism too! Beating the undead folk with their own arms, using knives, picking up guns, swords, Ninja’s kicking in from here there ‘n’ everywhere; so as you can likely tell from my description it fast soon becomes a battle of survival with an insane mix of mini-games thrown in for good measures to break up the horde. It doubles up as a test of patience and perseverance, but whilst I played the game mostly in solo you are free to bring in your friends and go for an all-out four player murder spree as each player can take on the role of a different band member.


One of the most noticeable game styles of Charlie Murder is that it plays very Old-Skool, in the way that my first impression would be to describe the game as a Golden Axe filled with Emo’s. I know they’re defined as Punk Rockers in the game, but you’ll think EMO!!! It is also quite difficult in terms of gameplay in that it doesn’t offer a constant set of save points, but it does have a reminiscence to real Arcade games where you have to actually put the effort in to get anywhere near to completion. If you die it’s a matter of starting all over again too from the beginning of the section you’re at; but a good tip is never quit to menu at all costs since you will have to start the entire thing from scratch! This of course not only adds frustration, but more longevity – in a positive way of course!

The main story seems to be about survival and rivalry between bands as rock band Charlie Murder puts you on a quest to save the world from rival death metalers Gore Quaffer and their legions of evil who are the main enemies you face on screen. It also has an RPG-esque take on it where you can find collectibles, buy and sell goods, level up your character, use special abilities which grant you unique ways to perform amazing kills en-mass, and unlock items using an in-game Windows Phone as scan out QR codes! It is a genius mix of punk rock meets 90’s style arcade game retro beat-em-up, and as far as beat-em-ups goes this is pretty damn decent, but not without its gripes because it will make you frustrated in a way that you will want to bash your TV in with the controller, or throw your Xbox out of the window – when you do inevitably die it sadly is the end of your journey and a real “that’s it”, proving just how used to a flurry of save points we are as gamers. Each of the Bosses too require a tactical thinking strategy to your approach, if you rush in and just beat the X button to a pulp on your controller you will die without thinking it through. It’s so very easy to die so many times.


Due to the RPG nature of the game, it does allow for Skill Points to be earned for defeating Bosses and killing enemies amongst “many” other things, but you can choose to allocate these points to improve your Strength, Defence and Speed which should allow you stay alive for longer if wisely allocated. The better you become, and the more points you acquire should thankfully keep you going that little bit longer. Health Hearts are scattered around here, there and everywhere as well coins to build up you cash status so that you can make in-game purchases for apparel that can offer advantages to your fighting style and survival techniques.

I would say on the whole it is an excruciatingly difficult game to beat on one sitting. However I can confirm how much more fun this game is for co-operative action. It looks as though it was solely built for a great four player experience among friends to enjoy as playing alone with such a difficult quest did prove to feel really repetitive. In the early stages of the game it felt lack-lustre, just button mash and move-on because it’s just a case of messing with the X and Y buttons! Then you visit the sections where you get to control vehicles, defeat giant Burgers, partake in the mini games, and jump about defeating ninja’s to their deaths. You’ll roam streets filled with shops, grave yards with deadly witches and by that point you’ve been reeled in so much you just want to try and beat it!


For 800 MS Points (or cash equivalent) it is a worthwhile purchase if only to play the game in co-operative mode. As a standalone single player going solo you are likely to feel frustrated and annoyed by the lack of save points that one more try will soon just become losing the will to live. Amazing how a game can be transformed into a super improved experience when there are more players in the game co-operatively beating the hell out of the evil horde together and sharing in the misery of a lack of save points. It works well and I am not intentionally dissing the lack of saves as it positively enhances the survival experience and brings home the memories of how games used to play with that “just another go” frame of mind.

Great for a small group of friends.

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Le Tour de France 2013 100th Edition Review


There’s no denying that thisisxbox.com was definitely not a fan of last year’s ‘Le Tour de France’ title having rated the game a well below-average one out of ten, but this years 100th Edition has a brand new graphics engine, more dynamic gameplay with “Races More Realistic Than Ever” blazoned across the back of the box as it entices you to take on the prestigious 21 stage race. We shall now just cut to the chase and be brutally honest with you; for another year we are going to use the same line in that Le Tour de France 2013 “has more in common with riding through France with a flat tire and a broken leg than enjoyment”. Despite the noticeable visual improvements, it doesn’t feel engaging, exciting nor captures the adrenaline rush of a full-on-cycle-race of this magnitude.

One thing that I feel has been delivered (yes there is at least one positive) is that all 21 stages of the Tour de France route has been accurately reproduced with the highlights of this being the double ascent of Alpe-D’Huez and a decent climb up Mont Ventoux, but the scenery feels lack-lustre and cheap – you just can’t have it all! Cars, objects and people on the roadside as you do nothing more that keep hold of that RT button, only reminded me of background extras in the EA Sports PGA Tour Golf games as everything looked completely out of place with a mannequin appearance. As accurate as the route may be, the whole journey is none the less a bland view all the way. To add a little variety to your boredom you can select what boring routes across France to take by choosing your own stages, coupled with the annoyance of hearing a Tour Manager in the background to make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel!


Spreading the sheer crap even further afield you can show a friend how awful the game is by allowing them to play with another controller cooperatively on the main Tour de France race or separately via the Versus Mode on the Main Menu screen. I didn’t get to try this mode, but it could be fun with extra players – sadly I might never find out, nor want to come to think of it!

The only way I can describe the gameplay mechanics of this year’s cash ‘n’ grab on the famous Le Tour de France annual race is that the whole process of cycling feels automated. You simply hold the RT button to cycle and direct the cyclist around bends. There’s no sense of speed, no noticeable changes with gear switching and each chapter feels as though it’s a predetermined outcome dependent upon whether you choose to eat a banana or biscuit during the race. That literally is the most thought-inducing moment of pleasure, choosing what your cyclist should eat and watching him slow down a little to chomp on his digital food substances to increase energy levels once more.  I have come to the conclusion now that cycling as a videogame just cannot become enjoyable no matter what title or franchise. The alternative is that maybe developers Cyanide Studio’s and Publishers Focus Home Interactive should cut their losses. Not that I’m aware how the game fairs on sales on a console, but only ‘Le Tour de France 2012’ could rival the sheer boredom you get as a bonus for playing the 100th Edition.


I can’t even think of a reason why you would want to buy this, not even used! It is in short a game that takes a well-known race and lives in the hope you’ll buy it if you’re a fan of past Tour de France games, might want to take a console alternative over the ‘PC ProCycling Manager’ from Cyanide Studios – or just take a stab in the dark that you might like what you see on the back of the box in a game shop and impulse buy.  It is not all that different from last year’s ‘Le Tour de France’ with repetitive CGI videos, repeated intro music, poor presentation and a lack of licensing for real Le Tour de France famous names.

Do not waste your money on this!

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Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2013 Winners & Runners Up

Golden Gods Logo

Last night saw the return of the 5th Annual Revolver Golden Gods awards show presented by Epiphone and Xbox Live from Los Angeles, California. It was a night that was slightly harrowing due to the death of Jeff Hanneman, guitarist and co-founder of Slayer. But the many gods of rock wouldn’t let that get them down, many of them paying tribute with noise and ‘rebel yells’ to the great guitarist. Continue reading Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2013 Winners & Runners Up

Farming Simulator 2013 Announced For Xbox 360

Farming Simulator 2013

A real phenomenon, Farming Simulator surprised the world by becoming, with the 2013 version on PC, a world-wide best-seller. The farming simulation game from Giants Software is now getting ready to release for the first time on consoles in September, with an Xbox 360 version full of exclusive content! Continue reading Farming Simulator 2013 Announced For Xbox 360