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E3 Bethesda Conference – Fallout 4 releasing this year

That’s right, Fallout 4 will be coming for Christmas this year.

Bethesda started work on Fallout 4 in 2009, just after Fallout 3 was released, and you can tell it’s been a labour of love.

Fallout 4 starts on a perfect Saturday morning in Downton Boston, with you creating your character, as with every other Bethesda game. What’s different though is the mechanic behind it. No more sliders, but a much more dynamic system. You can fully customise the look of both a Mum and Dad, which then determines the look of your main character.

Once you’re happy with everything, that’s when it all goes wrong. Not long after a Vault Tec representative visits your home, the announcement is made that a nuclear attack is imminent, so off to the vault you run.

200 years later, you emerge from vault 111, to complete dystopia, not a soul to be seen. From here you are encouraged to do what you want. Go explore, go kill, whatever you want.

That seems to be the main focus from Bethesda for Fallout 4, it’s your adventure. They didn’t give any details about the main story line this morning, which works for me, but they certainly gave lots of information about what else you’ll find yourself doing. I’ll start with the first thing we all know about, the dog.

Now, this isn’t Dogmeat, but a brand new canine to get attached to. She (or he, not entirely sure) can be directed to help you pick up items and attack enemies in a completely contextual fashion. All you need to do to command her is point at something in the environment.

Secondly, if you love your weapons (who doesn’t), you’re going to love the 50 base weapons, which can have up to 700 modifications, to create your perfect weapon. With the new scavenging and crafting systems in place, you can fully customise your arsenal to suit your style.

However, with these awesome new weapons you’ll be creating, you’ll also get to build your own customised armour, using the same scavenging mechanic as the weapons.

Speaking of crafting, you will be able to create your own safe haven in Boston, building a shelter, planting food, and installing power generators. The more you build, the better your surroundings, and other survivors will start to make your base their own. To ensure the safety of your site, you can install turrets, and other security measures, to keep those raiders at bay.

Overall, Fallout 4 is looking to be the definitive edition of Fallout yet. It will be hitting shelves on November 10, 2015.

For all you collectors out there, including me, they will also be releasing a special Pip-boy edition, which comes with one to call your own. You will be able to slide in your mobile phone and use the new second-screen app, which will release on iOS and Android at the same time.

Pipboy edition

Speaking of apps, Bethesda also announced the release of Fallout Shelter, where you take control of your own vault, building different rooms for your dwellers to use and level up their own, individual stats. Think SimCity, but Fallout… Dwellers can then be sent out to the wasteland to gather resources, such as food, water, and power, to enhance the vault further.

Fallout Shelter is out now for free on iOS.



E3 Bethesda Conference – Elder Scrolls Online, more content revealed

Although only released for consoles in the past week, Bethesda brought more news of the plans for Elder Scrolls Online in the future.

Bethesda have confirmed the upcoming playable areas of Orsinium; the Realm of the Orcs and what seems to be the interior of  the Imperial City of Tamril as a new PVP area, as well as a great deal of new content that is going to hit The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some amazing environments are soon to be making their way to consoles, based on the what we saw on the E3 Showcase.

Also announced was the new Strategy card game, Elder Scrolls Legends. Based on the Elder Scrolls universe it is currently in development, but an exact date is yet to be confirmed. It was confirmed as Free to play and will be coming to devices in the near future.

E3 Bethesda Conference – Battlecry revealed

Lucas Davis of Battlecry Studio gave an insight into the Han Republic faction of their soon to be released Action oriented Battle Arena with intense team based combat.

With numerous classes on show; brawler, enforcer, infiltrator, ranger and gadgeteer, the range of varied combat was in full swing as they confirmed that the alpha currently running in New Zealand and Australia will be open, now to the entire world.

Sign up for the Alpha at www.battlecrythegame.com

Battlecry is currently penned for a late 2015 release.


E3 Bethesda Conference – Doom coming Spring ’16

Doom returns in style as Bethesda and ID returns to the games’ roots.

Big ass guns, and lots of blood, that’s what you think of when it comes to Doom. If this is what you’re expecting you won’t be disappointed.

Coming to our living rooms in Spring 2016, Doom promises to deliver everything we love about the series. Fast-paced action, badass demons, and of course big effing guns!

With a campaign visiting locations such as Mars and Hell, you will be treated to stunning locations, and crazy enemies.

As well as the single player campaign, Doom will bring with it a frantic and exciting multiplayer mode, which will have the classic multiplayer modes such as domination and deathmatch.

ID Software have also announced that with Doom, a new way to create custom games will be coming. Doom SnapMap will enable all players to create fully custom multiplayer and co-op matches, think Halo Forge, which can then be shared instantly with friends and people all around the world irregardless of platform

Doom will be with us in Spring 2016

Advanced Warfare Championship Pack now out, it’s pretty fancy


Call of Duty Championship 2015 takes place in just a few months time and to help build a lil’ bit of hype, Sledgehammer Games have just dropped a brand new pack of skins revolving around the tournament and it’s now available on Xbox Live.

For just $3.99, you can get your hands on the premium Championship 2015 bundle which contains a themed exoskeleton, weapon camouflages, calling card, helmet and reticules. Best of all? It’s covered in gold from top to bottom, as you can see above.

I think this is one of the first times in Call of Duty history where the gold gun camo is well, actually gold, unlike past attempts which have been mustard/off yellow colour.

If that isn’t enough, you can also purchase additional create-a-class and armory slots which add tonnes of new room for just $1.99 a piece.

Disappointingly, Activision have yet to detail whether any of the money from these pack will go towards the Championship 2015 prize pool, similar to what plenty of other eSport tournaments have done in the past.

Breaking News! Another Call of Duty will be released this year!


I strongly recommend you take a seat before you read any further as this will blow your mind.

Treyarch have just confirmed on Twitter that they’re currently developing a Call of Duty title and it’ll be launching this year.

The Call of Duty series is currently being worked on by three different studios, each releasing a title once every three years. Treyarch in 2012, Infinity Ward in 2013, Sledgehammer Games in 2014 and Treyarch in 2015. It’s a pretty great pattern as it’ll hopefully mean games receiving plenty of polish and tonnes of new features.

Treyarch and David Vonderhaar have been teasing details about this upcoming title for a few days now and it’s so far seems to be pointing in the direction of a return to World War II.

You can’t help but be slightly curious as it’s been a bloody long time since we’ve had a truly great World War II title.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare $1,000,000 Championship Announced


Activision and Xbox are once again teaming up to bring the Call of Duty Championship to sunny California.

This March, 32 teams from around the world will battle it out to try and take home the title of best Call of Duty team in the world and a significant chunk of that enormous $1 million prize pool.

The 32 teams will be made up from Europe, America, South America, Asia and Australia after an online qualification tournament that will take place in February.

If you’re yet to watch any of Advanced Warfare’s competitive multiplayer, I’d strongly recommend it. It’s one of the most entertaining when it comes to a spectating sport for a long time. MLG’s first competitive CoD season is well under way and OpTic Gaming are currently crushing the competition.

TL;DR: 27-29th March, $1 million, Santa Monica CA, streamed live.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance

It finally looks like Warhorse Studios have a rough release date/schedule for their debut title; Kingdom Come: Deliverance, after nearly 18 months since the studio was created. Set to come to PC and Xbox One in 2015, the game is said to be an open world (it’s all the craze these days I am told) action-adventure, role-playing game – but wait that’s not all – featuring blockbuster production values, a nonlinear story and revolutionary, first-person melee combat. Sounds good… if a little ambitious for their first game.

But Warhorse Studios will be leveraging decades of combined experience in AAA game development, including titles in the MafiaCrysisArmA and Operation Flashpoint franchises, the creative talent powering Warhorse Studios is well-versed in pushing the boundaries of RPG storytelling in sprawling, immersive environments. “The team’s ambition for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is growing this ever-maturing sandbox genre in a believable, real-world context and scope,” remarked studio Creative Director Dan Vávra. “To that end, we’re harnessing CryENGINE®3, nonlinear narrative, varied freedom in character progression, and a consequence-laden living world in ways that have never been possible until now.”

Rooted within the Holy Roman Empire during the late Middle Ages, Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises a first-person seat to a harsh and brutal power struggle for the throne. As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they’ll grapple with a range of period-accurate fighting techniques, horseback combat, open-field sieges, and large-scale battles, all while developing relationships and a reputation that will inform the greater story.Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises no magic, high fantasy or mythical overtones – it draws its inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare.

Here’s the teaser trailer giving away absolutely nothing: