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Pixel Piracy raiding Xbox One in February


You’ve played Terraria, right? It’s sort of addictive in a little pixel character doing lots of different tasks kind of way. But that character was never a pirate, were they? No. Well, now, thanks to 505 Games and Terraria developer, Re-logic, you can be.

Coming to Xbox One on the 16th of February, Pixel Piracy takes the pixelated world one step further. You control a pirate captain, free to roam and have swashbuckling adventures in the game as you have no set quests to fulfill. Build your very own ship and outfit her with a crew worthy of the name pirate. Keep an eye on their vitals though, a hungry pirate is a useless pirate.

Plunder and capture enemy ships and raid wild islands for more loot than your hold can carry. Be careful though, your captain can be killed by hunger or enemies and at higher levels, by cats and chickens.

Get set for an adventure on the high-seas, but always remember pirate rule number 37; ship happens.

Assetto Corsa reveals packaging cover car


Kunos Simulazioni. Before Assetto Corsa was revealed by publisher 505 Games, I’d never heard of them. Judging by the screenshots that are coming out from the developer, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon I’d imagine.

Today, Kunos has revealed the pack star for the retail edition of Assetto Corsa and petrol heads won’t be disappointed. Featuring on the cover will be Ferrari’s hybrid monster, the revolutionary track-ready FFX-K supercar, and stunning it looks too.

Heading for lights out and go, go, go, on the 22nd of April, Assetto Corsa will feature over 90 high-performance vehicles including the Pagani Zonda R, the Ferrari LaFerrari, Mercedes C9 and the McLaren 650S GT3. You’ll be able to race these around over 20 different track configurations, including Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza and the Nurburgring.

With single and multiplayer racing and customisable race weekends, Assetto Corsa may finally be that new player in the field that can challenge the likes of Forza and Project CARS.

Assetto Corsa is due to release on the 22nd of April. I can’t wait.

ADR1FT launch date drifts into 2016

Oculus Rift have decided to make ADR1FT one of their launch titles – no surprises there – what this means for console gamers though is that we won’t be getting the space adventure until it has launched on Oculus, which is penned for Q1 2016, or sometime after. What is known, is that we will be getting it in 2016!

It will be great for VR getting a game such as this, but I must admit to being a tad gutted I won’t be drifting in outer space this month!

How to Survive 2 announced

HTS2_PAX_Still006Eko Software and 505 Games today confirmed that the sequel to this months Games with Gold title, surprise indie hit How to Survive, is not only on its way but will be hitting Steam early access before the end of the year.

Taking place in the universe of the successful first game, this new title offers more advanced graphics, hundreds of objects to craft, all with the appropriate backdrop of the French Quarter of New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana.

Several months have passed since the episode in the archipelago of Los Riscos. Now the infection has spread and turned into a global pandemic. All around the world people are trying to survive from day to day, hoping regain a semblance of normal life. The player starts the adventure in Louisiana; to maximize your chances of survival, you will have to build a secure camp and quickly develop your ability to survive in this hostile environment.

How to Survive 2 will include co-op of up to  4 players simultaneously, while 16 players in total can join your camp.

Crafting  and levelling returns in force, with expanded inventory and blueprint lists, and an even more elaborate skill tree than before. Build, upgrade and protect your camp from zombie incursions.

Although at this stage there is no word of a console version on the cards, the success of the first title in the series could indicate a repeat of form, with a console version appearing quite soon after its pc release.

I have reached out to the PR teams at 505 Games and Eko Software for further information. For now, lets hope they can see the benefit of a multi-platform release and enjoy the prospect of once again following the sage advice of Kovac as we face off against the hordes.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a surprise hit when it released back in 2013, and now this indie darling has transitioned over to the current generation of consoles with very little enhancement. However, it’s still a captivating and beautiful experience, and what little additions have been included in this re-release certainly makes it the definitive version of this marvellous tale.

You take control of two brothers, each mapped to a different analogue stick and trigger button, and must lead them through perils, solving cooperative puzzles in order to find a cure for your gravely sick father. It’s a fairly traditional tale in line with the Heroes Journey, but one that quickly surprises and delights with its unique world, clever puzzles and exceptional storytelling.

Brothers 1

Despite no text and only Simlish-esque ramblings to go by from the characters, still an uncompromised and delightful story is told. Through the unintelligible nattering and gestures you can clearly understand the gist of what the characters are communicating, and experience the tale as deeply and as emotionally connected as you would any other. It’s a remarkable achievement that speaks to the quality of the design. However, this does mean the story is succinct, leaving you with only 3-4 hours of content to enjoy, but this is certainly a question of quality over quantity.

A charming aesthetic, similar to painted miniatures, draws you into a world of giants and odd creatures as you venture into the wild woodland, caves, icy tundra, settlements and structures of this strange land, visiting a number of different locations in search of the miracle cure for your father. The focus is on simple, cooperative puzzle solving, figuring out how to use each brother’s strengths to overcome an obstacle. This takes the form of such tasks as the little brother holding on to the big brother to swim across small bodies of water as the little brother can’t swim, or the both of them grabbing hold of an object to push it out-of-the-way. None of them are particularly cerebral but they’re thematically appropriate and cut above the usual clichéd cooperative offerings found elsewhere.

Brothers 2

This re-release increases the resolution to a crisp 1080p, and eliminates the rough edges of objects and textures with a smooth frame rate to boot. Additionally the soundtrack and a developer’s commentary is included to round out the package. It’s not the most content rich experience, then, but it’s the ideal version for those yet to try this terrific tale.

Indeed then that sums this release of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up: an excellent opportunity for those yet to play the title to experience it at its very best, but not much to entice those who have played it before. It’s an exceptional example of storytelling and world building, with some of the best cooperative puzzles outside of Portal 2, but replay is severely limited and the enhancements are nice but not essential.

Thanks to Xbox and 505 Games for their support 

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Payday 2 finally gets patched (again)

They’ve certainly taken their time, but Payday 2 on Xbox One has finally been patched… again.

Earlier today we got wind that there was patch about to drop and would you know it, the source was indeed legit and there’s a brand new patch ready and waiting to be installed – but does it work? Let’s keep everything crossed and hope that we can finally get heisting on Xbox One.

Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons wanders on to Xbox One


The two brothers have landed on the Xbox One with a slew of extras. Journey far and wide through hazourdous mountains and dark forests to find a cure to save you dying father. Utilize the unique control system to solve puzzles, travel the vast lands and beat bosses with both brothers and enjoy new bonus features such as director commentary, concept art, and the game’s soundtrack.

Find our review of the Xbox 360 version here.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is available now.

Torment for Payday 2 developer Overkill

Payday 2 launched onto Xbox One at the beginning of June, and yet the online crime.net is still not working for some gamers. As if this wasn’t trouble enough for developer Overkill Software, there has been more fuel poured onto the fire with news that they are abandoning support for Xbox 360.

Revealed on their Steam product page – you know, the place for PC gaming – the FAQ notes that support for Xbox 360 will be ceasing, and efforts are being focused on the Xbox One – sounds a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face!

The Xbox One has just received a patch to address crime.net freezing, and for me, it has mostly fixed my online woes. The full patch content will apparently be revealed later this week.

I really enjoy playing Payday 2 (when it works) and I hope all these troubles don’t tarnish Overkill’s reputation too much, particularly with an exciting new Walking Dead project on the horizon – although I fear that the damage has already been done!


Xbox One Payday 2 Crimewave Edition is rather broken


There’s nothing more disappointing than a broken game, and in the case of Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, it’s particularly disappointing because the broken part is the online crime.net map, which freezes every 3-4 seconds, making selecting and getting into a lobby extremely difficult – moreso than pulling of the perfect heist!

Sure, you can play offline – but as you may have heard – playing with AI buddies is pretty damn tricky.

The good news… I can go back to playing Batman Arkham Knight instead of reviewing Payday 2. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game on Xbox 360 and I would rather hold off on my review for TiX until a fix has been found to unfreeze crime.net’s map.

For updates, keep an eye on TiX and the official Payday2 twitter account, which currently seems to be making a lot of apologies to unhappy gamers. There’s no timescale on when a fix will be ready but they did have this to say… six days ago!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons heading to Xbox One


505 Games have confirmed that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is heading to nex generation consoles and mobile devices. A director’s commentary mode, soundtrack and concept art gallery options will also be included.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the story of two brothers searching for a cure for their sick father. Players control both brothers simultaneously; using them to work together to solve puzzles.

The game was developed by Starbreeze Studios and launched in 2013. Earlier this year, 505 Games purchased the game, its trademarks and domain names.