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Second Episode of Blues and Bullets hits Xbox One

Blues and Bullets

Those fans of Blues and Bullets will be pleased to hear that Episode 2: Shaking The Hive is now available to download on Xbox One. Shaking the Hive is the second installment of the episodic crime noir adventure game developed by A Crowd Of Monsters. In this episode you will take on the role of […]

Blues and Bullets – Episode 1: The End of Peace review

Blues and Bullets is the latest title to jump onto the episodic bandwagon. The noir adventure would be right at home in a Frank Miller movie with similar overtones of style, colour and characters. The first episode, The End of Peace, introduces you to the world that A Crowd of Monsters has created – a […]

ID@Xbox gives us the blues

I’m back, admit it, you thought I’d given up didn’t you? Well, think again, there’s a huge list of games that’ve been announced on the ID@Xbox program at GDC and I’m making it a personal mission to make sure you know all about them. Next up is A Crowd of Monsters’ noir-inspired Blues and Bullets. […]

Funk of Titans review

Funk of Titans is A Crowd of Monsters’ first console release; the title has been exclusively launched on Xbox One under Microsoft’s ID@Xbox initiative. You step into the funky shoes of Perseus, the son of Zeus who is less than amused by the musical styling of three Titans – Pop, Rap and Metal. It’s your […]

Funk of Titans Xbox One Trailer

Funk of Titans is described by developer’s A Crowd of Monsters as an addictive and fun action-platform game for the Xbox One. The player will control Perseus through a blaxploitation of the greek mythology: jumping platforms, collecting vinyls, beating enemies, riding Pegasus and confronting the evil Music Titans in epic dance battles to recover the […]