Abstraction Games

Kick and Fennick get new screens

I remember when I was younger, platformers were all the rage. There was at the time, a heap of amazing games to choose from. A plethora of choice. For that reason, I always get a little excited and in...[Read More]

Rhythm puzzler 140 coming to Xbox One

Double Fine, publisher of some smashing titles already on Xbox One, have recently announced a partnership with serial video game adapters, Abstraction Games, to bring Jeppe Carlsen’s 140 to Xbox...[Read More]

Pixel Piracy raiding Xbox One in February

You’ve played Terraria, right? It’s sort of addictive in a little pixel character doing lots of different tasks kind of way. But that character was never a pirate, were they? No. Well, now...[Read More]

A Boy and His Blob heading to Xbox One

Anyone who has played A Boy and His Blob on the Wii will probably remember it as a surprising and endearing platformer from WayForward Technologies back in 2009. Publisher Majesco Games have slipped a...[Read More]

Whispering Willows review

Starting off as a Kickstarter back in 2013 and reaching its target pretty quickly, Whispering Willows has made its way on to the Xbox One. The game is quite different from any puzzle adventure I have ...[Read More]

Whispering Willows launch delayed

You may have seen that Night Light Interactive’s supernatural adventure, Whispering Willows was due for an Xbox One release on the 12th of August. Well, it seems that the spirits were unhappy an...[Read More]

Whispering Willows confirmed for Xbox One

Night Light Interactive and Abstraction Games have today confirmed that their acclaimed indie horror/adventure title, Whispering Willows, will be heading to Xbox One and Windows 10. Originating on the...[Read More]

Rogue Legacy review

The title very succinctly sums this game up: it’s a Roguelike with a legacy mechanic, and as such it’s an immensely challenging, nostalgic, and compelling action platformer, one that can grip you for ...[Read More]