Action Platformer


Nostalgia can be an extremely powerful tool for a developer if they can master its nuances, and WayForward has done just that with Shantae and the Pirates Curse. The overall design and mechanics are i...[Read More]

Amazing Princess Sarah review

Amazing Princess Sarah is a call back to the games of my childhood, its 8 bit style and game design triggering memories of Castlevania, Megaman and Mario that have long remained dormant. Its simple st...[Read More]

Extreme Exorcism Review

Extreme Exorcism has a deceptively simple premise. Eliminate the phantasms appearing on the screen, within your 3 allocated lives, to reach a set score and unlock the next arena in which you must elim...[Read More]

Metrico+ announced for next gen

Digital Dreams have announced that METRICO+, its new project and follow up to its successful Vita exclusive title, will be making its way to Xbox One, PC and PS4. Like its predecessor, Metrico+ featur...[Read More]