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New melee weapons come to Black Ops 3

So the Black Market Vendor has been at it again and added yet even more content to his already over whelming arsenal. This time around we see new additions in the form of 2 new melee weapons, 9 epic taunts, 18 new specialist themes and more. So will it be the new ‘Ace of Spades’ or ‘The Path of Sorrows’ that takes your fancy? Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

The new content is available now so start collecting those cryptokeys and go and pay Blackjack your friendly Black Market Dealer a visit.

Call of Duty 2 hits Xbox One backwards compatibility

The first of the numbered Call of Duty games to release on console, Call of Duty 2, is now available on Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Call of Duty 2 was one of the launch titles for the Xbox 360 back in late 2005. The single player campaign provided a compelling story through the battlefields of World War II from the perspective of four different soldiers: two from the British forces, one from the American and one from the Russian. Not to mention its terrific multiplayer.

Now you can relive that Xbox 360 nostalgia, although without the threat of the Red Ring of Death.

Large Black Market update comes to Black Ops 3

So the Black Market Vendor has been quiet for a little while but not any more, as one of the biggest Black Market content updates has just arrived. Featuring Epic Taunts, personalization items, and weapons, including a double barrel sniper rifle, what more could you ask for. A quick break down of the new update is as follows;

  • 3 BADASS GUNS – Peacekeeper MK2 assualt rifle, R70 Ajax 3D ammo-printing LMG and the DBSR-50 double barrel sniper rifle.
  • 2 NEW MELEE WEAPONS – Enforcer Shock Baton and Nunchucks
  • 9 NEW EPIC TAUNTS – More unique ways to taunt and celebrate your victories.

This content is now live and for a more definitive list check out the official site here, but if you fancy a little taster check out the awesome video below.

Third Black Ops III DLC incoming

Treyarch and Activision have recently announced the next DLC coming to Black Ops 3. Named Descent the dlc like previous content updates, will introduce 4 new maps into the game and also extend the already awesome Zombie experience. So expect the unexpected as you traverse and fight you way through a cryogenic prison, a Viking village frozen in time, a giant robot combat arena and a modern day reconstruction of an ancient Roman villa. What more could you ask for?

Details of the new maps are below;

  • Empire: Treyarch adapts its Black Ops III movement system to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II fan favourite map Raid.  The re-imagining of this classic, medium-sized map features an authentic Roman villa that has been “recreated by a modern-day eccentric billionaire,” where a classic map structure mixes with the new gameplay mechanics of Black Ops III.
  • Cryogen : Located far off the coast in the Dead Sea, an isolated compound holds some of the world’s most dangerous criminals in frozen isolation.  Sentry towers keep watch over the small map’s circular design as frenetic combat is funneled around the prison’s cryogenic tubes, where opportunities for wall running attacks abound.
  • Berserk: Ancient sentinels from a lost civilisation guard the entrance to Berserk, a Viking village frozen in time.  Players will fight through blizzards and control the centre bridge as they navigate this medium-sized map’s wooden buildings, deadly rocky outcroppings and tight chokepoints.
  • Rumble: Gamers battle amongst larger-than-life mechanised warriors in Rumble, a stadium where giant robots battle to the roar of the crowd.  This medium-sized map funnels high-speed combat to the central arena, where players battle their way through fallen mechs and pyrotechnics.

As always with any update the Zombie experience gets expanded and again you won’t be disappointed. Descent thrusts players in to an alternate universe of Nikolai’s motherland, the 1940s Soviet Union, in the next highly-anticipated chapter of the Origins Zombies saga, Gorod Krovi.  Players face-off against a swarm of mechanised zombie infantry and dodge hell-fire from aerial dragon assaults, all in the middle of a raging battle within the remnants of Stalingrad.  Gorod Krovi delivers the most exciting Zombies experience yet, filled with horrifying new enemies, exciting new gameplay mechanics and an epic set of Zombie annihilating weapons.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent will land on the PlayStation 4 on July 12th so expect it to be released for the Xbox One around the 9th August.

Destiny: Rise of Iron revealed

The much anticipated, and for many much needed, expansion Rise of Iron has finally been revealed to eager fans of Destiny. After multiple leaks over the last day or two, Guardians across the world were finally able to see their first true glimpse of what is in store for them this September.

Watch live video from Bungie on www.twitch.tv

Starting off with what was probably the biggest news of the evening, was the return of the often mythical but loved by many Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Famously known for it’s unique tracking rockets with wolfpack rounds, this fan favourite will require completion of a specific quest to obtain. Those who preorder Rise of Iron will receive a special Iron Gjallarhorn, adorned in black, to show off to the other Guardians. It’s great to see something which was so loved, and almost unobtainable for many, to be available to all without having to rely on that dreaded RNG.

However, there was more to the reveal than the return of a beloved weapon, Bungie teased with some beautiful concept art, and actual in-game imagery, some of the new things Guardians will expect when Rise of Iron launches. Starting with a brand new trailer, viewers caught a glimpse of a new race they will be facing,along with a new environment to explore.


Rise of Iron will focus mainly around a new area of the Cosmodrome, based around the unexplored Felwinter’s Peak, which has been taken over by a new breed of Fallen. Augmented to the eyeballs, the new Fallen have grown into a formidable force, and taken over the frosty foothills of the mountain, and it’s up to us to take it back. Tucked away in an unknown location, a brand new social space will also become available, to those strong and brave enough to take it. Guardians will also have the Fallen-invested Plaguelands to explore and encounter the new Fallen adversaries.

Of course, as with any new Destiny expansion, Guardians will be hunting new gear to adorn themselves, including new armour and weapons. It was briefly mentioned that there will be significant light increase, but didn’t say by how much.

It was also announced that Rise of Iron will feature a brand new raid, new multiplayer maps, new factions, and much more. The reveal stream was little over half an hour, so didn’t go into too much depth overall, however they did state that viewers should keep an eye on the announcements at E3.

Rise of Iron will release on Xbox One and PS4 on September 20, for $30.

Black Ops 3: Eclipse DLC finally released for Xbox

The wait is finally over and the second DLC for Black Ops 3, Eclipse has finally been released for Xbox.

Named Eclipse, the new dlc brings 4 new Multiplayer maps and the next chapter in the origins zombies experience, Zetsubou No Shima. The 4 new multiplayer maps are Verge, Rift, Spire, and Knockout.

  • Spire – takes Multiplayer combat to a futuristic sub-orbital airport terminal set high in the clouds. Multiple levels and open areas promote intense, mid-range combat around a clean, high-tech civilian environment. Watch your step, because one wrong move could send you plummeting back through the stratosphere.
  • Verge – In this re-imagination of the classic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai, Verge drops Multiplayer combat into the center of a distant post-apocalyptic future, where two warring factions are entrenched in constant battle over one of the few remaining water sources. Take control of the key bridge, fortresses, tunnel systems and waterfalls as you engage in high-speed action through this medium-sized map.
  • Rift – Head to the core of a harsh futuristic military complex, set high above an active caldera. Rift funnels and forces tight, intense engagements, where the only way through is forward. Utilize the unique core movement opportunities to outsmart and outplay enemies as you traverse the suspended rail system.
  • Knockout – Housed in a traditional Shaolin Temple with a retro twist, Knockout sets the stage for a bloody Kung Fu tournament … with guns. This mid-sized map showcases a sharp contrast between the mid-range engagements of the traditional exterior architecture and the tight close-quarters of an eclectic 1970’s styled interior.

In the latest chapter of the Zombies experience Zetsubou No Shima, the Origins characters find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island. Continuing their mission to stop the Zombie apocalypse they face the horrors caused by the effects of Element 115 on human, plant and animal biology. The new chapter allows you to explore diverse environments from lush, tropical forest to the stark, overgrown laboratory facility. Will you be brave enough to use the zip lines or will you hide in the sewer systems to evade the Zombie horde.

As with every weekend since release this weekend sees another Double XP Weekend. The double weapon XP event starts today 20th May (usually 6pm GMT) and will run till the 23rd May.

For all you season pass holders the content is available to download now free of charge, and for non season pass holders it can be purchased via the online store. For further information about the latest DLC and all other related Black Ops 3 content check out the official website.

Battlefield 1 becomes most ‘liked’ YouTube trailer

Battlefield and Call of Duty have fought over the accolade ‘King of shooters’ since they first went head-to-head over the genre’s online multiplayer audience. If their new trailers are anything to go by, Battlefield has the early lead.

Set during World War 1, Battlefield 1’s trailer has become the most liked trailer in YouTube history and within the overall top 250 of most liked YouTube videos. Published on May 6th, the trailer has had 23,100,227 views and 1,236,685 likes at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has taken 16,217,554 views and 1,602,006 dislikes.

Check out the trailers below, Battlefield 1 is particularly well cut and would give most live action trailers a run for their money!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare reveal trailer

Call of duty Infinite Warfare pre-order

Call of Duty is back this year with Infinity Ward taking the reins. Infinite Warfare stays with the current future war stage but introduces a first for the Call of Duty franchise; fighting in space. Fly your modified Lockheed F-35 Lightning jet out of the Earth’s atmosphere and use it’s advanced armaments to destroy all that oppose you.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward are taking the franchise back to its immersive storytelling roots with large scale warfare to follow on in the well trodden footsteps of the Modern Warfare series.

Activision have revealed that pre-ordering the Legacy Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition will also get you a remaster of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This was initially released way back in 2007 and was one of the highest award-winning games of its time. Finally you can relive the excitement from some of your favourite missions, like Ghillies in the Mist, and take on the world in 10 multiplayer maps.

On the official Infinite Warfare site, Activision have revealed that the title will return to it’s gritty, large-scale war roots with three unique game modes. Campaign, Multiplayer and the ever-popular Zombies all make a return with many new gaming innovations. Indeed the Zombie mode will take players on a wild ride through a new storyline, with unique mechanics and gameplay features.

The Campaign will feature SetDef. These are a faction of brutal and militant radicals and are your enemy. Seeking to control all resources and wealth from outposts throughout the Solar System, they’ll strive to put a stranglehold on the countries of Earth. It’ll be up to you to stop them.

I am looking forward to seeing Downpour and Vacant coming back to the scene.

What was your favorite Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer level? Sound off below.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is set to release 4th November 2016.

Is the next Call of Duty set in space?

It’s still early in the year but already we’re all hungry for news on what games are coming out in 2016. Activision will certainly have a new Call of Duty title to show us all come E3, and this year it’s Infinity Ward’s turn at the helm, so what are we all in for this year?

Space! We think it’s going to be space.

After toying with us with that one quick mission in space in Modern Warfare 2 as well as the first level of Advanced Warfare, people have been crying out for a space setting, and this year just might just be the one where we finally see it.

Infinity Ward’s Twitter account posted the following New Year image at the beginning of the year:

Infinity Ward new year Tweet

An odd choice of image unless space was a theme in their next project. Meanwhile, rumours of Call of Duty: Space Warfare have been circulating since 2010. In fact Activision filed the trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office for Call of Duty: Space Warfare in May 2010 according to Gamespot. The trademark was since abandoned in 2011 but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Future Warfare are still active.

Of course, back in July last year, Black Ops 3’s multiplayer director Dan Bunting told GamesRadar in an interview that space as a setting was highly unlikely.

There’s an element of Call Of Duty as a brand that’s very gritty, it needs to feel believable. Even if it’s not real it needs to feel like it could be,

Dan told GamesRadar,

I don’t think we’re ever going to reach a point where we just completely ignore finding authenticity to try and ground the world and make it feel believable.

But that image from Infinity Ward’s Twitter still has us convinced that space is indeed the next frontier for Call of Duty. Time will tell, but until we have confirmation of the new CoD, tell us what setting you’d like to see the series tackle in the comments below.

Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 3 black market vendor gets content update

All seasoned fans of Black Ops 3 know that the Black Market vendor is your best friend. This hooded figure is bringing some new welcomed content to the game in the form of,

  • NEW WEAPONS –  From assault rifles to crowbars, all-new ranged and melee weapons are available to change the way you play in MP
  • NEW SPECIALIST THEMES  – From flashy to stealthy, more Specialist themes are available to help you stand out in the crowd
  • OTHER ITEMS  – More unique weapon camos, calling cards and emblem items offer more ways than ever to customize your MP experience

This content is now live and for a more definitive list check out the official site here but if you fancy a little taster now, check out the video below.