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Anomaly Warzone Earth Less Than Half Price This Week Only

Anomaly Warzone Earth has been available to buy from the Xbox LIVE Arcade since early last month for 800 MS Points, but today the price has been reduced to 320 MS Points!

Anomaly Warzone Earth Out Now for 800 MS Points

Friday is a peculiar release for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, but none the less for those unaware of the surprise that awaits – Anomaly Warzone Earth is available to buy now – and we really believe that you should play the demo at least to be as surprised as we were … a real […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

Anomaly Warzone Earth might be one of the weirdest titles for a game in a long time – or one you can’t say after a few beers anyway, but despite a very successful release on PC, Mac and iOS in 2011, its now finally arrived on the Xbox LIVE Arcade!

Anomaly Warzone Earth Dev Video of Xbox-Specific Features

Find out about the Xbox-specific features in new Anomaly Warzone Earth developer video. Anomaly Warzone Earth is set to hit XBLA this Friday, April 6th for just 800 MSP, and those wonderful Poles at 11 bit studios have put together a new video to walk you through the Xbox-exclusive features.

Mind-Expanding Anomaly Live-Action Trailer – Release Date Revealed

11 bit studios’ Award-Winning Tower Offense Title Comes to XBLA on April 6; Developers Star in Humorous – and Highly Educational – Video Documenting the Search for the Perfect Controller After winning a bunch of awards – like the prestigious Apple Design Award and Runner-Up for Game of the Year on the Mac App Store […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth Coming to XBLA in 2012

In Spring 2012, 11 bit studios will bring their award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth to Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with exclusive XBLA content – all new Tactical Trials levels that will test your puzzle-solving skills in the Anomaly world.