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Atari’s classic Tempest gets new lease of life

“Just one more go” was a true statement of the arcade classic Tempest, so it’s apt that Tempest 4000 gets “one more go” with a new lease of life on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Releasing this summer – July 17 – for $29.99, the classic vector based arcade game is getting an overall of bright […]

Atari classics coming to Xbox One

Atari Classics Volume 1 & 2 Banner

Now who doesn’t like a bit of classic retro gaming, well I know I certainly do and the classics of the past will soon be returning to the Xbox One in the form of Atari Flashback Classics – Volumes 1 & 2. Featuring over a 100 remastered titles, all in HD, players new and old […]

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends – Preview Video

A preview video for Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends has been uploaded to Youtube from MotoGamesTV and shows some decent footage of the Ferrari 125 S at Silverstone GP (1959) from within the game as well as other cars and tracks.

Atari Announces $100,000 Pong Indie Developer Challenge!

If you’ve been following Atari on Twitter, you might have come across a few tweets about the special announcement due today – and now all is clear… we thought this announcement might be relevant to any indie developers reading… so here it is.