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Xbox Avatars get an Upgrade for 2017

E3 is finished. All the juicy gaming news has been shared and devoured. Which, over the last few years has led Microsoft to start teasing their annual dashboard update. They have started that process this year by releasing a trailer for an upgrade to the much-criticised Avatars. Originally launched in the 360 era, Avatars were designed as a digital representation of us, and led to the availability of costumes and props, some free, but lots were paid DLC, hence the criticism.

Now, I used to enjoy Avatars, especially when a game rewarded you with a new outfit or prop for an in-game achievement, and I saw no need to join in the criticism for a monetary transaction which, shock horror, YOU WERE NOT FORCED TO DO!


These do look very pretty, but it is unclear how they will be used within the new dashboard.

Bryan Saftler, lead project manager at Xbox, said the new Avatars are a “complete redesign” and are being built in the Unity engine, allowing for increased customisation. The new Avatars are “meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent,” said Saftler. “We don’t want to put you in a box.”

As can be seen in the trailer above, the new Avatars will offer multiple options for people with disabilities, including wheelchairs and prosthetics, and will eliminate gender-specific clothing. “If you see it in the store, you can wear it,” said Xbox interaction designer Kathryn Storm.

Xbox One Avatars all ready for a makeover


According to a new Job Vacancy advertised on Microsoft’s Cororate website, Avatars for your gamer profile could be about to get some much-needed makeover time with Jenny Frost and POD, nowhere in sight.

Spotted originally by Dualshockers, the vacancy is looking for a graphics engineer that will:

..work with us to grow the avatar platform across all of our platforms, leveraging the power of the Xbox One, the far reach of Windows, and the intimacy of touch on mobile devices.

Further on in the description, it’s clear that Microsoft are looking to take advantage of the better processing power of the One, asking potential candidates if they are prepared to send Xbox Avatars on:

..their biggest adventure yet with higher fidelity and a bigger stage in new Xbox experiences.

Does this mean that Avatars are making a comeback? When was the last time you updated or even looked at your Avatar? I can’t even remember what mine looks like if I’m honest, it’s not even mine at the top of this article, can you guess who’s it is? There are no prizes for guessing and we promise we won’t ask you to Snog, Marry, Avoid.

Would this encourage you to spend more hard-earned currency on Avatar items, or is it something that’s simply had it’s day?


Mister Chief Avatar Gear Hits Xbox LIVE

mister chief

Seemingly out of nowhere and totally by surprise, Mister Chief has reared his head again only this time on the Xbox LIVE marketplace in the form of Avatar Gear. Today you can freely equip your digital being with a suit to replicate the infamous mascot of the golden days of Bungie and the early Halo franchise.

Talking on Xbox Wire – 343 Industries’ Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor, and creator of Mister Chief had the following to say:

Mister Chief is a terrible idea that snowballed out of control, and now we’re stuck with it, like the internal combustion engine or Justin Bieber. I don’t secretly think he’s awesome, nor do I secretly think that Mister Chief has any actual artistic or canonical merit. He is the bastard child of a more desperate time. You know the expression “outsider art?” Whereby art is created from an unexpected place, like an elephant with a paintbrush. A French artist, Jean Dubuffet coined the term to describe paintings made by children and the inmates of insane asylums. Well, that’s exactly what Mister Chief is.

He first popped up in the Bungie Weekly Update – at that time a community bulletin dealing with all things Halo. You can find much more worthy and better written information there about “Destiny” these days at www.bungie.net.

Well, I was in a bind. I had lots of things to write about “Halo 2,” but nothing to show. So I simply “mocked up” a “screenshot” featuring the non-union, off-brand, off-kilter alter-ego of Master Chief, imaginatively named “Mister Chief.” And because it was so terrible, there was nothing that PR could do to stop it. PR is often trying to stop me from doing various things. They have no patience for antics or capers, and no budget to reverse shenanigans. He is carrying a light saber because those are easy to draw, compared with guns, for example.

Now, to the matter at hand – the Mister Chief avatars. I discovered a limitation of the avatar tech. They literally can’t make anything precisely as ugly or poor as a traditional Mister Chief. So you’ll see that the avatar, while obviously Mister Chief, has nicer proportions and a more generous interpretation of the Mister Chief’s husky and indolent frame. He also can’t be keylined on his silhouette. But here he is. A collaborative effort with the avatar team. A thing that you can buy and wear and bring joy or horror to your dashboard.

You have my profound apologies.

You can read more in full over at Xbox Wire

New Avatars and Full Body HD Gamerpics Confirmed For Xbox One

xbox live logo 2013

Only in June had we almost started a campaign to find out where the hell Avatars were for the new Xbox One console. Had they been killed off, are they hidden… but we came to the conclusion the only real clue to their existence was in the form of Kinect Sports Rivals, by comparing the box art to previous Kinect Sports titles you could assume from the upcoming Xbox One title that your Xbox LIVE Avatars will now become more human looking than ever before with improvements to facial, head, body muscle and other physical improvements to more resemble a human appearance?

Seems it was a good guess!

“Your avatar will be on the system at launch and in fact, you’ll have some new options, including the ability to do full-body HD gamerpics”, said Marc Whitten, speaking to IGN, confirming that gamers on the Xbox One will be now able to scan themselves with the new Kinect so that their Avatar more closely resembles them, from head to toe.

“We should actually talk more about gamerpics too. We’ve moved from the 64×64 gamerpics on Xbox 360 to a full 1080p. They are beautiful, and you are going to see some really cool hero moments, like when you login to see personalised views of your games and other content.”

Gamers will also be able to earn achievements for both current and next-gen titles, so if you have the same game on both platforms you can double up your gamerscore, but obviously there are some new enhancements for Xbox One titles on the way.

“Every game has its own set of achievements, so if you’re playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360 and on Xbox One, you can earn a separate set of Gamerscore in each game. But on the Xbox One version, you’re getting a much richer set of features, such as seeing your achievements progress on the Xbox One console, being able to unlock new achievements throughout the year, and earning real prixes inside and outside of the game. Xbox One also enables a new concept of challenges, where games will be offering special time-based opportunites to earn various goals and collect the rewards.”

Thanks Trusted Reviews via IGN

Xbox One – Where Are The Xbox LIVE Avatars?

xbox one avatars header

The Xbox One console was revealed itself in real-life hardware form by Microsoft on May 21st; the E3 Press Brief on June 10th was a focus on top upcoming games for the system when it releases this November for $499 / £429.99. However, there is one all important missing person that we haven’t seen yet – nothing has been revealed or shown about Xbox LIVE Avatars on Xbox One?

Where are they, have they been scrapped or does the box art for Kinect Sports Rivals provide vital clues about yet unannounced improvements to the little fellas (and ladies) who go forth online digitally and represent us in games and on our dashboards?

xbox one avatars

Will Kinect for Xbox One scan you and auto-create your Xbox LIVE digital presence? We know that the new hardware will be able to see every facial expression, so precise it can sense your heart-beat which sends a shiver down my spine, but nothing has been announced or shown from Microsoft as to how you can use Kinect for anything outside of a “talking to” or “motion-controlling” experience. As mentioned above, the only real clue to their existence comes in the way of Kinect Sports Rivals, by comparing the box art to previous Kinect Sports titles you could assume from the upcoming Xbox One title that your Xbox LIVE Avatars will now become more human looking than ever before with improvements to facial, head, body muscle and other physical improvements to more resemble a human appearance?

What do you think about Avatars for Xbox One, will they transition over as-is or even vanish altogether in exchange for a more human-esque looking kinect scanned representation of yourself. When we find out the truth, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, feel free to speculate in the comments section below – we love opinions!