Xbox Avatars get an Upgrade for 2017

E3 is finished. All the juicy gaming news has been shared and devoured. Which, over the last few years has led Microsoft to start teasing their annual dashboard update. They have started that process ...[Read More]

Xbox One Avatars all ready for a makeover

According to a new Job Vacancy advertised on Microsoft’s Cororate website, Avatars for your gamer profile could be about to get some much-needed makeover time with Jenny Frost and POD, nowhere i...[Read More]

Mister Chief Avatar Gear Hits Xbox LIVE

Seemingly out of nowhere and totally by surprise, Mister Chief has reared his head again only this time on the Xbox LIVE marketplace in the form of Avatar Gear. Today you can freely equip your digital...[Read More]

New Avatars and Full Body HD Gamerpics Confirmed For Xbox One

Only in June had we almost started a campaign to find out where the hell Avatars were for the new Xbox One console. Had they been killed off, are they hidden… but we came to the conclusion the o...[Read More]

Xbox One – Where Are The Xbox LIVE Avatars?

The Xbox One console was revealed itself in real-life hardware form by Microsoft on May 21st; the E3 Press Brief on June 10th was a focus on top upcoming games for the system when it releases this Nov...[Read More]