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15th Awesomenaut released: Admiral Swiggins!

The 2D MOBA Awesomenauts adds its 15th character: Admiral Swiggins! The Admiral is the first character to be completely designed by the player community. The base character and his abilities were first picked out through a game design contest. For the resulting character a second contest was held to determine the visual design. All of […]

Awesomenauts Dev’s Address The Community

Ronimo Games address the new found Awesomenauts community of gamers as detailed below. We’re helping spread the word at their request…so please read it!

Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts from Ronimo Games has hit the Xbox LIVE Arcade with a mighty awesome bang, with its 80’s style cartoon graphics, 90’s 2D style side scrolling action and modern HD backdrops that will soak you into its intergalactic surroundings.

DTP Entertainment AG – Publisher of Awesomenauts Files for Insolvency

DTP Entertainment AG, the publishers behind the upcoming (or maybe now not so upcoming) game Awesomenauts has filed for insolvency this week. Having previously published titles such as Crash Time 4, Grey Matter, and Divinity 2 on the Xbox 360 – it’s left the developers of Awesomenauts in a pretty tricky situation.

Awesomenauts Tutorial Footage Pre-Launch

Awesomenauts will launch on the Xbox LIVE Arcade from May 2nd – and today comes a pre-launch tutorial video from the developers, Ronimo Games.

Awesomenauts are Go! Set to Launch May 2

Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME… NAUTS! Lasers will burn, Robots will scream and Monkeys will fly! The intergalactic band of heroes is finally ready to be launched onto Xbox Live Arcade and mark your calendars for take off on May 2nd, 2012.