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Battlefield 1 expansion “Turning Tides” launching December 11th

Players will soon be able to experience battles on land, in the air, and at sea on the newest front with Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, the third expansion pack available for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides will be released in two waves – the first wave is coming on December 11th for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners. Players will be able to fight across a duo of epic maps, including Cape Helles and Achi Baba. In a new Operation set on these maps, players can take part in the 1915 British amphibious assault of the Gallipoli peninsula. There will be a new Infiltrator Elite Class, six weapons and two melee weapons added to your arsenal, and you’ll get to rule the waves with the L-Class Destroyer. The second wave, coming January 2018, puts players in the North Sea to tackle two other unique maps: Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight, with the chance to charge into battle with the new Royal Marines and spawn on the C-Class Airship.

Get stuck into Battlefield 1 with August’s featured events

Battlefield 1 is now free in the EA Access vault so there is no excuse for downloading and getting stuck into this awesome game. EA have announced the following in-game events where you can gain yourself some awesome rewards!

Road to Battlefield 1 Mission in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline Aug 7 – 14
That’s right! If you didn’t get it before launch, here’s your chance to get “The Incarcerator” skin for the M1911, a handgun featured in almost every single Battlefield game. The M1911 is a legendary pistol and if you get 25 kills with it in BF4 or BFH, you’ll unlock the skin for the M1911 in Battlefield 1 AND you’ll get a Road to Battlefield 1 Dog Tag for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Zodiac Mission: Leo Aug 8 – 13
Another zodiac mission, this time it’s Leo (the lion). Get 25 headshots and you can claim the Leo Zodiac Dog Tag for your very own.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class Mission Aug 10 – 14
Be the healer on the Battlefield, or at least be a beast with the rifle grenade. Syringe, medic crate/pouch, rifle grenade, guns, grenades – whatever you can use when you’re a medic will up your Medic score. Score 50,000 Medic Score to get the Medic Class Battlepack.
Oh, did I mention there’s a Medic Class Battlepack? Yeah. We’re giving those out as well.

And Also:
Login and get scraps this weekend – Aug 12-13.
BF1 Battlepack giveaway – Aug 12-13.
The Next Frontier – Aug 12 -20 Play and Win 3 games on Frontlines game mode. Reward: Squad XP Boost and The Next Frontier Dog Tag.
2XP – Aug 12-13. Next week is a Scout mission and more 2XP.

EA have also announce they are getting ready to blow the lid off Gamescom with some content reveals, COMPETITIVE BATTLEFIELD, and much, much more.

Battlefield 1 joins EA Access FREE in the Vault

Yes, it was announced a few weeks ago and now Battlefield 1 is available for free with EA Access on the Xbox One.

We loved it here at Tix, with Rich scoring it a whopping 9.5/10 and saying “Battlefield 1 is an incredible triumph, bringing the events of World War I to life without shying away from the tragedy of all those lives lost during the conflict. It’s bleak, beautiful, harrowing and thoughtful, and remarkably it’s still entertaining.”

You can read our Battlefield 1 review here!

Battlefield 1 arrives in the vault just ahead of the launch of the next big expansion pack – In The Name Of The Tsar, which we previewed as part of our E3 coverage.


Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 coming to EA Access

The EA Access service just seems to get better and better. EA have announced that Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are being added to the game vault sometime between now and September. Titanfall 2 was originally excluded from EA Access at launch, leading to speculation that it wouldn’t be available free in the vault in the future, which is obviously now not the case.

Both games are still being supported and added to by the developers, with all content for Titanfall 2 being free, with new maps and game modes being added on a regular basis. Check out the official website for more information.

Titanfall 2 has become a recent addition to the TiX crew’s multiplayer game nights, so if you see us online then we would love you to join us!

Battlefield 1 also has an upcoming update which was announced at E3 – Check it out here – Battlefield 1; In the Name of the Tsar Expansion revealed

Also coming to EA Access are game trials of the latest versions of the 2018 branded EA Sports titles, namely FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, NBA Live 18 and NHL 18. All will be playable first on Xbox One with an EA Access subscription, which is £19.99 per year.

Battlefield 1 – In the Name of the Tsar Expansion revealed

At the EA Play conference as part of E3, EA have announced a new expansion that is coming to Battlefield 1, “In the Name of the Tsar”. This expansion includes six new maps as well as new vehicles, a new mode, and 11 new weapons. You’ll play as the Russian Army, including the Women’s Battalion of Death. The release date is expected for September 2017.

There will also be 2 new maps coming – Nivelle Nights in June, and Prise de Tahure in July, both of which feature nighttime maps.

Also coming to Battlefield will be a new competitive experience, with more details coming at Gamescom later this year.

Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass coming in March

The first expansion for Battlefield 1 ,They Shall Not Pass, will be released in March, featuring all-new maps, new weapons, and the new playable French Army faction.

BF1 They Shall Not Pass

The four new maps will be: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture, and will take place on a range of terrain and features, such as underground forts, decrepit tanks, towns under fire and forests ablaze. There will also be a new game mode called Frontline, offering a mix of Conquest and Rush where you fight for control points in a tug-of-war. You’ll also be able to take control of the French Char 2C tank, otherwise known as the Steel Behemoth, and the St. Chamond (assault tank gun), alongside the French army.

There’s a new elite class too, the Trench Raider, who uses a raider club and grenade arsenal, and a new stationary weapon known as the Siege Howitzer which acts like a mortar.

The expansion hits digital shelves in March.

Battlefield 1 review

Over the years first-person shooters have frequented the battles and events of the World Wars. Can DICE really bring anything new to the events that take place during World War I?

The short answer is yes.

DICE have expertly produced a masterpiece that not only portrays the grit, emotion and loss of life during World War I, but also manages not to glamorise or shy away from the horror of one of the most devastating wars to hit the world.


Things kick off with a stark message about The Great War, as you step into the boots of various soldiers – each one eventually falling in battle. The campaign then settles on telling the stories of five individuals – all set in different areas of conflict and all with different combat styles – it works brilliantly.

Rather than a gimmick-ridden story about a super soldier on a quest to topple the Central Powers, you follow the lives of several normal soldiers. It’s gritty, harrowing and will leave you with a mix of emotions – exhilaration from the set pieces and feeling humbled by what these men and women had to endure.

The stories themselves are extremely well told; holding back on Hollywood moments and refusing to steer away from the bleak background they are set against. My days of sitting in A-Level history came flooding back. DICE capturing what I had learnt and visualised in my head. I even shed a tear or two as some of the stories came to their chilling conclusion. It’s a phenomenal experience, but remember, this isn’t a fictitious war.


Some games set against the background of a historic war drag out a convoluted story and often overstay their welcome. Battlefield 1 is like a rich meal – there wasn’t too much food but I was full and contented by the time the end credits rolled. The game is beautifully presented too. Light glimmers and shines across the wet mud of the trenches. Mist rolls around hills and rain soaks your clothes and splatters against your weapons, all of which have been expertly crafted to look like the originals. I almost felt guilty to be enjoying the campaign.

Gameplay wise there’s nothing fantastically new, it’s just been better implemented. Stealth sections aren’t arduous or half-baked and DICE have integrated multiplayer elements into the campaign without jeopardising the gameplay. There’s a good variety in missions too. Each story plays distinctly different while giving that same level of freedom that Battlefield Bad Company enjoyed.

For a change, the weapon kits of multiplayer need no investment of time to be able to unlock the best gear and attachments. All kits are ready for you to customise as you see fit – within the constraints of the era – there are numerous other weapons that remain locked until you level up enough or save enough warbonds, but they don’t give too much of an edge so you won’t have to fear being dominated by high level players with superior weaponry or an ace pilot armed to the teeth because they’ve had enough time in the air to be able to kit their plane out with every weapon available.


The stand out multiplayer mode is Operations. Taking place over several maps, this mode retells several key military operations. The attackers have three battalions (three tries) to capture the whole map, which is a combination of rush and domination. Fail to take all positions in a sector and you start that current area again with the next battalion.

War Pigeons is also a neat mode. Capturing and holding the pigeon long enough so that artillery coordinates can be written onto a message and sent. If the enemy team is quick enough, they can even shoot the pigeon down.

That’s great variance in the maps too – each has several areas – from artillery encampments and bunkers, to small homesteads and rocky outcrops. My favourite touch though is the ability to lock doors preventing the enemy from entering – unless they blow the hinges off with dynamite.


It’s clear that DICE have learnt a lot from the many hours that fans have poured into Star Wars Battlefront – Battlefield 1 takes a lot from its gameplay and builds upon the intense battles of Bad Company 2 making it sit proudly on top of the pile as the best Battlefield to date.

Battlefield 1 is an incredible triumph, bringing the events of World War I to life without shying away from the tragedy of all those lives lost during the conflict. It’s bleak, beautiful, harrowing and thoughtful, and remarkably it’s still entertaining.

Thanks to Xbox and EA for supporting TiX

Microsoft Reveal Limited Battlefield 1 Xbox One

Following on from Cat’s post about the new Xbox One colours, it seems Microsoft have grasped an opportunity and are launching a Limited Edition Battlefield 1 Military Green Version. This 1TB slim version can only be bought from Game or the Microsoft store at just shy of £300.


With it you will get a copy of the game, a military green controller and access to some DLC. For a little less money you can get the 500gb version, both version will come with a months free EA access, which we all know is absolutely worth it.

New Battlefield 1 Trailer reveals Single Player Campaign

Check out the latest Battlefield 1 trailer to be released, this time focussing on the Single Player Campaign. However unlike previous Battlefield games, this single player story in Battlefield 1 actually takes you through several different perspectives and characters in World War 1. This allows you to experience a truly immersive account of what it was like for the people rather than just the battles.

Whether you’re a young soldier assigned as a tank driver to a British Mark V Tank crew, or the right hand to Lawrence of Arabia or even a pilot going up against the infamous Red Baron, the single player will truly deliver something for everyone.

Battlefield 1 will release worldwide for Xbox One and PC on October 21 (or the 18th if you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition). But your next chance to play is coming sooner than that – EA Access* and Origin Access* members can deploy on October 13 when the Play First Trial for Battlefield 1 releases, giving members ten hours of game time at the dawn of all-out war. For further information about any of the above or Battlefield 1 in general, check out the Official Website.