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Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Posters Surface

Battlefield 4 is set to be revealed by EA in just two days time, but ahead of its reveal is the online leaking of the games pre-order poster. GamerSky took to their website to upload the image today which details that some retailers will be offering ‘Dog Tags’ as an incentive to pre-order Battlefield 4.

Aside from the pre-order incentive, the poster reveals a confirmation that Battlefield 4 will be released Fall 2013. EA are currently teasing the game through a round of short trailers and a viral website plan with the aim of getting as many fans as possible to participate in the build up to the reveal on March 27th 2013.

Here’s the pre-order poster:

battlefield4 preoder pic

Thanks Gamersky

Official Battlefield 4 Website Ready To Tease and Reveal


EA has in part launched the official Battlefield 4 website by giving the game its very own spot on the battlefield.com servers. The award winning franchise from EA and Dice is teasing an image of the game and quotes: “The more fans who log in, the more we’ll reveal.”

After much speculation, the game will be revealed during the Game Developers Conference ’13 event by EA with the website getting much more information and a first look at Battlefield 4 gameplay on March 27th 2013. If you login with your EA Origin account details, or sign up if not already with Origin – then you will be awarded an “I Was There” in-game dog tag for use in Battlefield 3, as well the option to share the website to reveal more information.

If you’d like to browse you way over to the website now – do so by hitting this direct link.

GameStop List Dragon Age 3 for June 30?


SuperPolyPixel has acquired a GameStop release list which has many upcoming games (known) and their anticipated release date. Most of the titles are already dated, but interestingly the list states that GameStop are expecting Dragon Age 3: Inquisition to be released on June 30th 2013.

Dragon Age 3 has already been announced, but not it’s expected release date. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is said to combine the storytelling legacy BioWare is known for, with deep RPG gameplay, all on a brand new RPG game engine underpinned by EA’s critically-acclaimed Frostbite 2 technology. The developers have stated that the game is likely for a fall 2013 release, but as a title that could be on both next-gen and current-gen consoles, maybe the current-gen version is being brought forward to maximize sales potential, whilst the next-gen version set as a launch title? Just a theory…

The list also dates this years Call of Duty title (as COD 2013) and Battlefield 4 as Dec 31st 2012 which is unlikely.

Maybe the list is just speculative, but it was recently updated as at March 14th 2013.

Via Examiner & S.P.P

EA Will Reveal Battlefield 4 on March 26


We all knew this anyway, it was highly obvious and now thankfully confirmed that EA will reveal Battlefield 4 on March 26th this year.

With IGN having received an invite to an event that didn’t detail any specifics, CVG has today received a nod that they too will be invited to the event and EA confirmed what all the fuss was about: “Dice invites you to the unveiling of Battlefield 4,” stated the invitation.

The event is taking place in San Francisco on March 26th and once all those in attendance have tweeted, blogged, written about all the going’s on – we’ll be sure to follow up with some 2nd hand information about the event and if we’re lucky, post a trailer as posted by someone else too on Youtube.

We don’t half spoil you!

Thanks CVG

Battlefield 4 Reveal Soon?


IGN who might actually know more than they are letting on anyway, has taken their invitation to an EA event during the Games Developers Conference 2013 to report this as a potential Battlefield 4 reveal.

At last year’s Games Developers Conference, EA revealed Medal of Honor Warfighter and Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters content – so a full blown next-gen reveal of Battlefield 4 does seem very likely. Unless the next Xbox is revealed by March 26th when the event takes place (which is unlikely) at least there’ll be a PS4 to gawp at which has already been announced, unless of course you live under a rock!

It is already known that Battlefield 4 has been shown to retailers behind closed doors, and that a Beta is on the cards this year.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more ourselves.