Star Wars Battlefront: 12 million strong and counting

Star Wars mania has been unavoidable. The new film was the smash hit of the Holiday period and it now seems possible to have a Star Wars product for every walk of life, from new toys to a R2-D2 air hu...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront review

Chances are that if you grew up with the original Star Wars Trilogy then you may have dreamt of being a character in a galaxy far, far away… playing Star Wars Battlefront is the closest you will get t...[Read More]

Oh the feels – Battlefront TV spot

This new Battlefront TV spot can be summed up in three words – oh the feels. Going straight for the heart-strings, EA and DICE have made a great play at appealing to the older Star Wars fans who dream...[Read More]

EGX 2015: Star Wars Battlefront impressions

With limited time at EGX, first on my hit list was Star Wars Battlefront. Sure, there were other games on my list that I was more excited for, but the Star Wars fan in me was screaming to make this my...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront gets ‘Conquest’ style mode

DICE have revealed that Star Wars Battlefront will be getting a multiplayer mode that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from one of Battlefield’s most popular ones. Supremacy will pit the Rebel...[Read More]

Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron swoops in

The subject of air combat has been the subject of a heated debate among fans of Battlefront, with DICE adamant that the much-loved Space Battles wouldn’t be coming to their version of Battlefron...[Read More]

Blast mode revealed for Star Wars Battlefront

Blast has been revealed as Star Wars Battlefront’s multiplayer deathmatch mode. Rebel forces must kill off the Imperial team in 10v10 battles – the battle is over when one team hits 100 kills or...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Walker Assault

We’ve all seen the Star Wars Battlefront E3 trailers, and I’m sure many of you have seen the sneaky leaks from the alpha build, but just how do you play Walker Assault? Battlefront updates...[Read More]

E3 EA Conference – Star Wars Battlefront

Releasing November 20th is a game most have been anticipating, Battlefront was shown off today in all of its glory. Watch this amazing 40 multiplayer battle of the Empire accompanied by AT-AT Walkers ...[Read More]

There will be no space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront

Since the official reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront earlier last month Dice have remained silent over the controversial decision to not include space battles in the game despite repeated requests from...[Read More]

GAME reveal exclusive four-part Battlefront developer diary

GAME have revealed that they have secured an exclusive four-part developer diary – the first is below for your viewing pleasure. Star Wars fans will no doubt be envious of the DICE team, who got to vi...[Read More]


If you came here looking for news on a trailer – we were issued with a notice regarding our reporting on a link from LucasFilm. Where at the time of writing this, Kotaku and other ...[Read More]