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Voodoo Vince Remastered review

Cast your mind back 14 years. If you’re anything like me then remembering yesterday is a task. Voodoo Vince was released on the original Xbox and has been sat, gathering dust on the developer’s shelves all this time. Beep Industries have however, given the Clayton Kauzlaric title a bit of a polish and released it back to the masses.

I haven’t played the original but remember it being released. PC gaming had most of my attention back then but I’m glad I have a chance to play now in all it’s HD glory. The video below is the review of Voodoo Vince Remastered so give it a watch and see if you agree. Don’t forget to subscribe to the TiX YouTube channel for streams, games and more reviews.

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Release date confirmed for Voodoo Vince: Remastered

Voodoo Vince

Way back in 2003, on the very first incarnation of Xbox, there appeared an exclusive title. Voodoo Vince was a quirky puzzle platformer set in the magical underbelly of New Orleans. Sadly, when the original Xbox was mothballed, fans lost access to Vince and he’s been quietly waiting for an opportunity to rise again. Vince’s time is coming.

Developer, Beep Industries have today revealed a release date for the Microsoft-published Voodoo Vince: Remastered. Yes, Vince is set to return in a fully remastered title that aims to keep the quirky nature of the original release. Imagine if you own a voodoo doll, you get to tap into its strange, mysterious powers. If you are a voodoo doll, however, well, that’s when the fun really begins.

Join Vince on a wild tear through crawfish-laden swamps, haunted graveyards and the eccentric French Quarter in search of his missing keeper, Madam Charmaine. Utilise over 30 voodoo attacks to show your enemies who’s really boss. Invoke falling safes, prickly pushpins, lightning bolts and many more. You might get your backside kicked, but it’s your foes who’ll feel the pain.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered has been re-imagined in glorious 1080p with full 60fps gameplay. All of the visual effects and rendering have been updated and crammed, almost as if by some dark magic, into 16:9 aspect. Vince literally plays like butter. All of the original puzzle platforming gameplay has been preserved to be exactly as it was in the original release. It truly promises to be a nostalgia trip of epic proportions.

You’ll also be able to select soundtrack updates and remixes by Steve Kirk, the original composer for the original release. Voodoo Vince: Remastered will also promise rumble feedback, Xbox Live integration with Play Anywhere support (as it’s also coming out on Windows 10), and a whole story crammed full of sarcastic humour.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered will be showcased in the ID@Xbox area at PAX East this weekend in Boston, MA, being publicly playable for the for time.

You can get your sticky hands on the game from the 18th of April on Xbox One and Windows 10, priced $14.99 or equivalent.