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Bubsy’s back in a brand new title

Ratchet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Dexter and now Bubsy. It’s good to be a PS4 owner if you’re a fan of these excellent titles. I remember playing Bubsy when my parents bought my brother and I a PlayStation bundle so I’m pretty happy to see the strange bobcat return to PlayStation in a […]

Rogue Stormers heading to Xbox One shortly

Rogue Stormers

It’s been through a few months of intense development as well as a name change, but finally, Rogue Stormers developer, Black Forest Games is in a position to announce a release date. So, wait, Rogue Stormers? Well it’s an action-packed 3D co-op platform-shooter. It’s got roguelike and RPG elements with crazy graphics, allowing up to 4 […]

Rogue Stormers release delayed

Rogue Stormers

Rogue Stormers has had a rocky start to life as a game. Black Forest Games were forced to change the name of the title, initially monikered Diesel Stormers. The developer changed the name of the title to avoid copyright issues from a well-known clothing brand. Now the title, by the same team who brought you […]

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners review

Earlier in the year we took a look at upcoming multiplayer speed running title Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, and found its offering of superbly designed, and strikingly detailed levels of thrilling acuity a splendid experience. Dream Runners has now hit digital shelves, but have the few glitches and oddities we found in its preview build […]

First Impressions Video: Giana Sisters Dream Runners

Black Forest Games’ upcoming multiplayer focused Giana Sisters: Dream Runners get the First Impressions treatment. As such, expect a mixture of funny and informative narration as our Video Editor, Greg Giddens, plays the Beta for the first time. Also expect some pretty strong language from the inevitable fails.

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners preview

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams offered a superbly designed, and strikingly detailed platformer with thrilling acuity. The unique environment switching abilities of Giana produced visually stunning and fascinating vistas, and offered an immersive and challenging platforming adventure. Giana Sisters: Dream Runners means to take the series on a tangent, a four player foot racing competition across […]

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners Gameplay Video

See the latest Giana Sisters title, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, in action. This 8 minute gameplay footage shows four colour coordinated characters from the Giana Sisters universe competing over multiple stages trying to beat each other in a platforming foot race. Using collectable abilities the foursome via for first place, once all opponents fall off […]

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners Multiplayer Dev diary

It’s a little over a month until Black Forest Games releases the follow up to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The game itself, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners is a mix of platformer and multiplayer racer and Black Forest have had an inter-development team tournament to test the multiplayer element. Here’s how the competition panned out. Giana […]

New Giana Sisters title announced for Xbox One

Black Forest Games, this time teaming up with EuroVideo Games, are extending their foray into the world of the Giana Sisters. Having released Twisted Dreams on the Xbox 360 and with a Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut slated for the Xbox One too, they have now announced a multiplayer racer set in the Twisted Dreams world. […]

Ride to Hell: Retribution

Revenge is a dish best served smoking hot! Deep Silver have provided us a new trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution. In this upcoming action game, Jake Conway takes no prisoners in his search for justice. Ride to Hell: Retribution takes players on a trip into a world set in the 1960’s, dominated by motorcycle […]