Blue Isle Studios

The Valley review

Now if you think The Valley is a simulator where you run through the Welsh countryside, dodging sheep and going to places with unpronounceable names, well sorry to disappoint you but there is no sheep...[Read More]

Blue Isle invite you into the Valley

There seems to have been something of an influx of first person futuristic survival games recently. Blue Isle Studios, being something of an expert studio at survivalist horror, have now re-entered th...[Read More]

Horror redefined – Slender: The Arrival lands on Xbox One

The chilling Slender: The Arrival, is available now on Xbox One – Dave was the only one man enough to step up for the review, so expect his screams thoughts soon. In the meantime, check out the launch...[Read More]

Slender man to arrive on Xbox One

Back in 2013, a gaming phenomenon arose from the depths, based on an urban legend that has no basis in fact, no matter how much YouTube would try to make you believe otherwise. You’ve probably s...[Read More]