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From PS2 to PS4 – how Shadow of the Colossus has changed

Shadow of the Colossus is headed to PS4 on February 7, 2018 and will mean the title will have graced three of SONY’s four machines. Released way back in October, 2005, the PS4 version has been rebuilt from the ground up by Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio.

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS is a breathtaking journey through ancient lands to seek out gigantic beasts. Armed with only a sword and a bow, explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossus, presenting a unique challenge to test your wits, determination, and skill.

In the below trailer watch as the game has evolved from PS2 through to PS3 then onto the PS4 with better graphics and more power to produce an enhanced experience. The draw distance and depth of the texture work looks breathtaking – and we all know how awesome Shadow of the Colossus is – but is three times the remaster a little too much or is it third time’s the charm?

Titanfall on Xbox 360: 2nd Title Update now LIVE


The second title update for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has gone live today. Updates and DLC will naturally come later to the 360 version than Xbox One and PC due to the need for Bluepoint Games to prepare it for their ported across version. A list of the updates and bug fixes were posted on the official Titanfall Support Page here:

Patch Update #2:

Release Date: May 22nd 2014

Localization Issues: Fixed several localization issues reported on the forums. For example the challenges Commuter Flight and Cowboy Up had the wrong plural tenses.

Max XP: If a player reached the max XP level their XP would be reset. Most player saw this when reaching Gen 10 and their XP would be reset to 0. Other players reported that they would be disconnected from the server when this occurred. The XP is now properly clamped to avoid these issues.

Satchel Server Disconnect: During the evacuation sequence if players attach satchel charges to the dropship and detonate them after the dropship has warped out, the server would crash causing all players to be disconnected. The crash issue has been fixed.

Private Matches: Reduced the required number of players from 6 to 2 for private matches.

Party Colors: Your party members and their titans now show up on the mini-map with green colors, instead of the normal blue colors that other friendlies use. Their names are also drawn in green on your HUD, the obituary text, and in the pregame lobby. This helps you figure out where your friends are and what they’re up to, especially in the heat of combat.

Auto Titan Color in Obituary: Your auto Titan’s name now shows up in the obituary with the gold color that your own name does. Previously it had the same blue color as any other friendly. This makes it easier to keep tabs on how your titan is doing.

Menu Changes: “Play Multiplayer” is now the default (top) option on the private lobby menu, if you’ve completed both the IMC and Militia campaigns. It has also been renamed from “Play Classic”, since the term “classic”, which we used internally, proved to be confusing once the game was released.

Game Version on Main Menu: The main menu now displays the game’s version in the bottom left corner. Now you don’t have to wonder if you really do have the latest version of the game, and we can use that to double check things if we’re ever troubleshooting.


• Fixed an issue where a Titan firing ordnance would not show on the mini-map correctly.

• Fixed a rare bug with Pilot health pools that would make them virtually invincible.

• Fixed a server crash that could occur at the end of a match.

• Titan shields now protect friendly rodeo players from explosion damage (such as from an arc cannon).

• Fix case where a pilot can embark a Titan through walls.

• LMG and XO16 firing sounds will no longer sometimes cut off before the gun is finished firing.

• ARCHER now locks onto the top of a heavy turret rather than the base.

• ARCHER now homes in on the Titan correctly when targeting Titans that are kneeling.

• Fixed shimmery shadows in a spot in Lagoon map.

• Fix satchel charges and particle shields causing pilots to permanently rodeo other pilots.

• Fix certain characters not rendering properly in French and other languages.

• Fixed an issue where “Initializing…” would be displayed if a server wasn’t found.

• Fixed being unable to scroll to the top of the datacenter list after scrolling down.

• People who previously could not progress past the loading screen when connecting to servers should be able to play now.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Review


There is no denying the impact Titanfall has had on all things Xbox One. Microsoft used the game’s release to unofficially relaunch the Xbox One brand. Accessories, system updates and the full version of Twitch all came together for the launch of Titanfall which along with the UK exclusive price drop for the Xbox One bundle boosted sales of the Xbox One massively. Reviews were high and player feedback generated a natural hype that only served to drive the wave that was Titanfall at full speed…

But for Xbox 360 gamers waiting to join in the fun, it was suddenly announced it was to be delayed by two weeks . Then once it launched on Xbox One, it was delayed yet again, for another two weeks. The reason was, as EA put it “just needs a little more time to get it right”. Respawn was not working on the Xbox 360 version, it was instead giving to Bluepoint Games to take care of the development. Known for successfully doing HD Remakes, there was much doubt with this version due to the delay. I have played Titanfall on Xbox One and on PC from the previous Preview events I have attended up to the Titanfall release so I was most interested and at the same time worried for the 360 version. No gameplay footage was shown before release, little to no push was given to it by either Respawn, EA or even Xbox so the doubt was justified. Finally released for Xbox 360, it was time to see if the wait was worth it.


The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall is essentially exactly the same game as the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Naturally it lacks the New Gen shine and polish visually than the top end versions, but there is nothing different in the game itself and most importantly it’s gameplay. Firing up the game for the first time and for the 360 there is no install option. The game must be run off the disc but it will require 1GB of space so it can install a HD optimization pack to enhance the visuals. This means there is no ‘Games On Demand’ digital version of the game, unlike the Xbox One which has both disc and digital download versions.

The best way to describe the difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall, is that the Xbox One is Titanfall in the Summer, bright and full of light. On 360 it is more Titanfall played in Autumn, not as colourful and feels a little darker. Bluepoint Games have done an exceptional job of keeping everything that makes Titanfall one of the best FPS experiences I have had in many a year. The speed of gameplay is as fast as on Xbox One. The maps are the same size, same layout for each game type and with the 360 version also making use of the dedicated servers of Microsoft and same matchmaking systems, its as lag free an experience as you can hope for. You will be auto connected to the nearest Data Centre with the lowest Connection Ping, two centres for Europe with North and West clusters. But you can also join the US servers which I was able to do with no issue of Lag. You can pick a data centre from the game’s main menu so when you start you will continue to play in that centre until you pick another if you wish to do so.

titanfall 360 a

The campaign is also unchanged. It uses two game types, Attrition and Hardpoint Domination to tell the story of the IMC Vs the Militia. The story is told by way of audio conversations letting you know what is happening, why you are doing this mission and how it is going. It will be made up of other players running the campaign. First time through you play as the IMC, once completed you then switch sides to play as the Militia. Completing the IMC side unlocks the Stryder Class and completing both campaign sides will unlock the Ogre Class Titan for you to use in your custom Titan Loadouts. Now some have dismissed the campaign side but for me I really enjoyed the story process and it was refreshing to have it done in a way that win or lose you progress, in a real conflict sometimes you do not have to win every battle to win the war and the story unfolds nicely that its a great feature of the game.

Burn cards, game play modes, the speed and fluidity of the gameplay, the same buzz you get when you are in a Titan have all been transferred across with out a blemish to the 360 version. It really is no different to what you will experience on the Xbox One and visually it is still a great looking game unlike the 360 version of Battlefield 4 compared to the Xbox One version. Bluepoint Games have done a remarkable job of bringing the very essence of Titanfall to the 360 and my hat goes off to them.


So, is there a downside to this version? Yes but only in the fact that retailers have kept the price of the 360 version higher than that of the Xbox One version being sold right now. For that reason, and that reason alone I have to say wait for a price drop at least before picking up. Paying more for a 360 version then an Xbox One version of the same game is a nonsense for me. Being an online only experience doesnt take away just how much gameplay and fun you will have on 360 with Titanfall. But the 360 is a lesser version because of the lack of console features more than the game itself. With no “Xbox Record this” ability for Xbox Upload or streaming via console with Twitch, having the same price level as Xbox One is absurd, £30 is a much fairer price but with no difference at all other than those features and a visual shine upgrade, this will sell on 360 like hot cakes and rightly so because it really is the same great game.

If you have been waiting to hear how the 360 version of Titanfall is like before buying it, have no fear. It is as amazing on 360 as Xbox One. I simply can’t fault anything about the game or the experience with it and it felt no different from the first time I played it at Eurogamer Expo last September or at any of the preview events leading up to its Xbox One release. The delay could be seen by many as a way to push sales for the Xbox One, but if it was indeed delayed to get it right it was worth that delay. It is as solid a game as it could be and Bluepoint Games have excelled in their job. If you like fast FPS games which give you a great experience just for playing regardless if you top the leaderboards or not, then Titanfall is for you.

You can still believe the Hype!

Thank you to Xbox for providing Titanfall on Xbox 360 to thisisxbox.com. You can check out our Xbox One review of Titanfall right here!

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Titanfall on Xbox360 Requires 1GB HDD

titanfall 360

Titanfall has been out for PC and Xbox One for some weeks now and proving to be a popular online multiplayer game from Respawn Entertainment. The Xbox360 Edition of Titanfall under development from BluePoint Games will hit retail next week on April 8th, but those who have been sold an early copy state the game requires 1GB of HDD install space if you have a hard-drive attached to the console.

Despite early copies of Titanfall on Xbox360 being sold, the game as per the PC and Xbox One version is online only and the Xbox360 servers will not be switched on until launch day as already detailed from publisher EA Games.

ThisisXbox scored Titanfall 96% in our review:

Maps within Titanfall vary in size, but all are exceptionally larger than what you are likely used to in other team vs team based multiplayer games and offer more verticality and areas to explore than any other multiplayer game I have played. Titanfall lacks destructible environments, but feature interactive elements such as Heavy Turrets and Zip lines which can be used to gain advantages. As a futuristic shooter, all maps are sci-fi themed in a world where technology is advanced, but not all that futuristic on the terrains where deserts, ice and grassy environments still exist to vary the look and atmosphere within each map. Desert wastelands, Corporate Office blocks, research facilities and war-torn cities are just some of the environments you’ll fight out your war in Titanfall.

Titanfall on Xbox360 will be released from April 8th 2014. Better still sell your Xbox360 and grab yourself a Titanfall Xbox One bundle from £399.99

Titanfall for Xbox 360 suffers it’s second Delay: April 11th Release now set


Over night it was revealed by the Titanfall Twitter account, that yet again, the Xbox 360 version has been delayed. Now the game has an April 8th release for the US and April 11th for the UK and Europe, almost a full month since its release on Xbox One and PC.

Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment, has confirmed that the decision to delay it for a second time was made by EA, who believe the game is not ready for release yet. The Xbox 360 version is being ported down by Bluepoint Games and not Respawn. Even in the article written by EA giving the news, they are really heavy on saying how great the Titanfall experience is on Xbox One and PC before saying the Xbox 360 version needs more time to be “ready for release”.