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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Live Stream Recap

Activision, with Infinity Ward who are the main development team for Call of Duty: Ghosts, has shown a flurry of new information via the “All Access” livestream today as broadcast on the official CallofDuty.com website, and if you’re interested I watched the live stream at the Call of Duty Fansite – CoD-Ghosts.com

So if you haven’t watched the live stream or looking for a quick recap of events, below are some snippets of information about what you can expect from Call of Duty: Ghosts this year, a new game, new next-gen engine, new settings and more. The live stream opened with details of the new features aiming that with Infinity Ward raising the bar for next-gen Call of Duty.

CEO of Activision Eric Hirshbirg, stated that “All Access” was a new event to show the new Call of Duty by bringing E3 to the fans worldwide. Everything shown during the All Access live stream will be available to view again at E3. The new level “Into the Deep” showed just how beautiful the level design underwater on next-gen displays with impressive foliage, fish, underwater wreckages and new high-tech explosive devices. The cinematics appeared high-drama, intense and previewed quite a few heart-pounding surprises.

Mark Ruben, Executive producer for Infinity Ward stated that Call of Duty Ghosts is where you take on the role of the underdog soldier after a worldwide catastrophic event, it wasn’t discussed whether this was a natural disaster or man-made war survival effort. Call of Duty: Ghosts, writer (Oscar winning) Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) confirmed that you play as the main character who also plays alongside his brother bringing a real family dynamic into the battle and the main story. The game takes place in a new world with high stakes where you will care about people on your team. He also went on to explain the differences between movie development and game development, noticing the improvement on turn-around times from his ideas to a reality. It got a bit boring that part, but he was impressed.

The Call of Duty dog is one of the most exciting additions, and it has been named Riley as a tribute to the Modern Warfare series (Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley); the dog will have his own equipment and earpiece to take real direction from the character. A brief video showed the dog in action ready to pounce on the enemy which showed control from human soldiers in an area called “No Mans Land”. Cliff’s and towns appeared war torn and environmentally damaged with enemies looking dressed in Hazmat suits. The level appeared to function in the same way that Price first took orders in the stealthy sniper training section “All Ghillied Up” of Call of Duty 4, only this time you are ordering the dog who listens to your every command. Riley is one bad-ass dog!

Unfortunately nothing relating to the games multiplayer was shown during the All Access reveal, but with a less impressive crap-heap version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, (was not impressed this year) it looks like Infinity Ward has developed one almighty story set to immerse every Call of Duty fan to another level. Although a current-gen version will be released on November 5th 2013, the Xbox One date has not yet been announced.

Very much looking forward to Call of Duty: Ghosts this year – if you are too, why not shout about it below, did you watch the live stream?

Modern Warfare 4 Care Package Edition Could Include Desktop Sentry Gun?

Black Ops II Care Package Edition
Black Ops II Care Package Edition

Activision has recently posted out a marketing survey to select people that hints about what we can expect when this years Call of Duty hits in the Fall. With the inclusion of a replica Desktop Sentry Gun – could this also point to another Modern Warfare setting, despite previously being outed by the game’s main voice character Billy (Captain Price) Murray last year? Continue reading Modern Warfare 4 Care Package Edition Could Include Desktop Sentry Gun?