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Chariot gets immersive Philips lighting system

Philips have announced that their lighting system, Philips Hue, is being integrated into Chariot – what they are aiming for sounds a little similar to where Microsoft were pitching IllumiRoom – the impressive immersive light show that was demoed at E3 2013.

Take a look at Philips Hue in action:

Ok, so it doesn’t draw an expanded gaming environment from your TV, but it does create an immersive ambience to your gaming environment, similar to the Ambilight technology in their TVs.

By using the lights in your room, Philips Hue interacts in real-time with Chariot to create a new gaming experience, which for now, is exclusive to Xbox One. As plants bloom, vibrant colour fills the room, and when enemies attack the lights blink red – whatever happens onscreen is reflected in a glowing light show in your room.

Chariot has been a great title in our ID@Xbox portfolio since it launched into Games With Gold last year. We’re thrilled that Frima is pushing the boundaries with this new technology from Philips Hue and are really excited to see it come to Xbox.

Said Chris Charla, Director ID@Xbox at Microsoft.

Chariot review

I will start this review off by saying that I don’t usually play this kind of game, it’s simply not my thing but after playing Chariot I’d more than happily go back and play more – here is why.

Long, long ago before the age of online gaming, gamers would invite all their friends round, share out the third party controllers while keeping the official one for themselves and do some hard hitting couch co-op. It was glorious, real communication between team mates and plenty of hysterical moments you could share together. Since online gaming we have lost that, and that is a shame.

Enter Chariot.

Chariot 1

Let me backtrack slightly and explain a bit of the back story to this physics based puzzler. You are a princess who’s father (The King) has passed away, you are on your way to find him a peaceful resting place when suddenly his spirit rises from the coffin (Chariot) and begins to complain about said burial place. He goes on to explain that he wishes to be buried along with all his treasure and wealth, being the good princess you are you follow his wishes. At this point you can start co-op mode, which I did, this in turn spawns in a prince to work by your side and help with the many puzzles you’re going to be faced with while collecting gems and other riches along the way.

I found the music and colours of Chariot pleasant and tuneful, with soft medieval music playing in the background and a bright colourful layout which was heart warming as you controlled the adorable characters – it all fits perfectly with the theme of the game.

As I was playing I did come across certain gems that could only be collected with another player, I remember spending around twenty minutes concucting plans in order to reach this seemingly unreachable gem, but after a very tactical discussion it was collected and I moved on. I loved that there was this challenge and you genuinely had to communicate with your couch buddy. It also caused mass hysterics as the characters would be pulled around and left hanging on to the ropes as the other player attempted to pull the chariot out of trouble.

Chariot 2

If you haven’t already picked up this game I really recommend it. Especially if you have someone you can play it with. With a lovely story that contains some rather funny comments from the King’s spirit, you’ll find yourself immersed in this colourful, tuneful world and with the many physic based puzzles which you need to solve in order to collect as many gems as possible – Chariot will certainly keep you busy.

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Chariot Rides Onto Xbox One Next Week


Frima Studio today announced that couch co-op platformer Chariot will arrive on Xbox One on October 1st, 2014. In Chariot, a princess and her fiancé descend through the royal catacombs in order to find a burial place worthy of His Majesty. By using carefully selected power-ups and relying on their wits, players must learn how to solve each challenge ahead in order to proceed on the journey of an afterlife. An all-new Chariot trailer is now available for viewing below, which features new environments and characters.

In Chariot, players navigate stunning, varied environments as they guide the chariot through physics-based mechanics such as pushing, pulling, riding and swinging. With increasingly complex puzzles and baddies lurking in every dark corner, only the bravest and most strategic players will make it through their quest. Alone or with a friend, Chariot offers players of all ages a journey fit for a King.

Chariot will be available on Xbox One for $14.99