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Chariot gets immersive Philips lighting system

Philips have announced that their lighting system, Philips Hue, is being integrated into Chariot – what they are aiming for sounds a little similar to where Microsoft were pitching IllumiRoom – the impressive immersive light show that was demoed at E3 2013. Take a look at Philips Hue in action: https://youtu.be/1Y3MQrcekrk Ok, so it doesn’t draw an expanded gaming […]

Chariot review

I will start this review off by saying that I don’t usually play this kind of game, it’s simply not my thing but after playing Chariot I’d more than happily go back and play more – here is why. Long, long ago before the age of online gaming, gamers would invite all their friends round, share out the third party controllers […]

Chariot Rides Onto Xbox One Next Week

Frima Studio today announced that couch co-op platformer Chariot will arrive on Xbox One on October 1st, 2014. In Chariot, a princess and her fiancé descend through the royal catacombs in order to find a burial place worthy of His Majesty. By using carefully selected power-ups and relying on their wits, players must learn how […]