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The Voice is coming to Xbox One just in time for Christmas

Popular TV talent show The Voice is coming to Xbox One this November. With it’s move over to ITV in the new year it is probably a good time to reach out to as many people as possible as ratings will no doubt drop. The Voice game will feature the same format as the show does such as blind auditions, battle rounds and not to forget the famous red chairs too.

The songs will have the official videos accompanying them along with the lyrics. There are multiplayer modes but the single campaign will see you singing your way through the stages to finally win the competition.

It seems that they have a wide range of tunes from the 80’s all the way up to today’s hits. The only real saving grace is you won’t have to put up with Jesse J randomly throwing gestures at you during your performance…not that I watch it you understand. Anyway the game will include the following

Key features:

  • 30 current hits and timeless classics including Justin Bieber, Sorry; Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk; Olly Murs, Kiss Me; Queen, Don’t Stop Me Know; James Blunt, Bonefire Heart; Culture Club, Karma Chameleon; Jess Glynne, Hold My Hand; Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Kaiser Chiefs, Ruby.
  • All songs are accompanied by the official artist and music videos.
  • Multiple ways to play: ’The Show’ mode takes you through The Voice contestant experience, from the ‘Blind Auditions’ and ‘The Battle Rounds’ to the ‘Live Shows’, or ‘Party’ mode gives you instant access to 30 current hits and timeless classics to sing solo or with a friend. Pick up a mic and become The Voice!


For the record my Karaoke tune is Delilah and that is not on here! let’s hope for DLC

TiX Podcast: TiXmas

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 19 TiXmas – where the duo are joined by guests Richard Berry and Derek McRoberts to talk about recent games they’ve been playing, such as Fallout 4 and Dungeon of the Endless, and get nostalgic about childhood Christmases.


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The awesome music in this episode was provided by Bangmaid and produced by James Gill. (https://www.mixcloud.com/bangmaid/)



All I want for Christmas is a few old favourites

Long before the thoughts of mince pies and turkey, Microsoft announced something that all Xbox One players were waiting for, backwards compatibility. As the year draws to an end, and we look to the future, I give to you my wishlist of the 360 games I would love to see on the Xbox One.

There are a host of  arcade classics on the 360, often overshadowed by their all-singing, all-dancing, big-budget siblings, still waiting to have their day on your Xbox, and here are the five I have picked out…


First off is a title all Portal fans should keep an eye out for… Quantum Conundrum released on June 15 2012 to little fanfare, and slipped under the radar almost immediately. However, those who did pick it up were not disappointed with its promise of devious puzzles, and were delighted in the twist which made Quantum Conundrum such a dream to play.

Playing as a young boy, visiting his crazy uncle, you enter his home to find him missing… It is up to you, and your uncles’ crazy invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device, to find him. The Interdimensional Shift Device is not your usual tool for rescuing stray uncles, but in fact allows you to change the physical properties of items throughout the home, and enables you to shift between dimensions, to solve those intricate puzzles.

Next up is one for comic book, and side-scrolling fanatics, everywhere…

Based on the incredibly popular series of comics, Scott Pilgrim vs the World pits you and up to four friends against the seven ex’s of Scotts’ friend, and object of desire, Ramona Flowers.

Fans of classic side-scrolling beat ’em ups, like Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will feel right at home with the slick gameplay and colourful art style, which emulates perfectly the unique style of the comics themselves.

Released on August 11, 2010, Scott Pilgrim vs the World retains much of its original charm and would fit perfectly into the library of any comic and side-scrolling beat ’em up fan.

Next on my list is an adaptation of another incredibly popular first-person shooter; released on April 30, 2013, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon took the brilliant Far Cry 3 and gave it an 80s makeover.

The year is 2007, and the planet has been ravaged by nuclear war, it is up to the enigmatic Mark IV Cyber Commando, Sergeant Rex Power Colt, to save the world against a powerful bioweapon, and find out what the hell is going on.

With a rocking soundtrack, vibrant luminescent visuals, and excellent gameplay, Far Cry: Blood Dragon is worlds apart from its quiet and stealthy sibling, Far Cry 3, and is just an absolute joy to play. Fans of Duke Nukem, or Doom will get an absolute kick out of this one.

During a time of incredible growth in the indie scene, a relatively unknown title emerged…

On January 28, 2013, The Cave made its appearance onto the marketplace and into my heart. A devilishly tricky puzzle game, which has you choose three plucky adventurers, to discover the hidden secrets of The Cave.

However, before you embark upon your adventure you must choose wisely, as each of the seven characters have unique abilities and skills to ensure you can complete the increasingly more difficult challenges to guarantee your release from the depths of The Cave. Each adventurer also has their own secrets to uncover, from discovering and deactivating a nuclear bomb, to finding the treasure of a medieval castle.

I had hours of fun going through the multiple puzzle combinations and possible conclusions to my adventure, and if you love puzzle games, then this is definitely one to look out for.

Last, but by all means not least, the charming and positively quirky Fez is a title I would love to see on my Xbox One.

Developed through much controversy, Fez appeared on our screens on April 13, 2012 and proved to be an instant success. Mixing its unique 2D visuals, with 3D puzzles, it had millions scratching their heads in a bid to solve the puzzle.

Fez was unique in many ways, utilising every aspect of the Xbox 360 to aid you in your journey through its beautiful world. It had players searching the internet for clues to deciphering the intricate glyphs, and following the buzz of their controllers to unearth the mysteries of the past and discover the truth about reality and perception.

So there you have it, these are the five titles I would absolutely love to see on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. But, what would you love to see grace your Xbox One?

Christmas Gunplay

Yes it’s still November, but, Hark the herald angels sing “Glory to the new-born king” …of Christmas gunplay games that is!

Damn, wouldn’t you know it but it’s nearly bloody Christmas again, and with the arrival of the festive season just around the corner our wish list is littered with all the pre-crimbo games we’ve been waiting for all year.

Whilst there are many games out there worthy of your desire, I’m going to look here at some of the top titles competing for your hard-earned cash or that elusive top spot on your Christmas list this year that are centred around gunplay.

First up, cult classic Call of Duty

I worked out I have spent nearly nine months of my life to date playing Call of Duty online. That’s just in game time. New little people have been conceived and born in the time I’ve spent on virtual battlefields under the CoD titles.

Ghosts and Advanced Warfare both failed to meet the mark for me, I found they lacked the holding power of previous versions. Black Ops III, however, has recaptured some of the series’ original magic. This game has pulled me back in big time.

Whilst the single player story doesn’t endear you to the cast as strongly as it clearly want to the new load-out system and skills means it’s actually really fun to play still. And of course with Treyarch producing it means more zombie action. Woo-hoo! They’ve nailed it with slick graphics and a wonderful 1940’s setting. I’m yet to get very far – my friends suck. I hope your reading this – but the Easter eggs keep me coming back for more. Zombie slaying is just as fun as in previous titles and this time a new array of weapons are available that can be customised pre ‘off the wall purchase’. Chuck me some gum – new perks instead of bottles – I’m going for the pack-a-punch.

As expected though it’s the multiplayer that really shouts out loud. Ultra quick paced play, maps that support fluid movement, great level design that gets you using the new jump packs and wall running as well as a neat slide all makes the running and gunning feel terrific. Tons of slick-looking and shooting weapons with strong variety allowing for many viable weapon setups to please most play styles, indeed the series has come back strong with this one. It’s highly addictive and well put together. Rather obviously, this will do well and I’m sure many of your mates will already have it.

Black Ops 3 Zombies

Halo 5

I have a lot of love for the Halo series. It’s my personal favourite storyline in gaming – Halo 1-3 – and it’s been continued by 343 very well. They clearly want to put their own stamp on the series and it shows.

This is Halo at its core, the game you’ve always loved, but with some serious changes that go down well. A more fluid movement system with boost jumps as part of your standard load-out as well as a clamber ability, a whole new large game mode with vehicles and a REQ system. A classic Halo storyline – although a bit disjointed in places – powered along by a brilliant score.

I’ve always felt that Halo bridged the gap between old school first-person shooters like Doom and contemporary ones like Battlefield. The bright colours, timed power weapons and overshields make it feel much less of a ‘realistic’ shooter than the likes of Battlefield and even CoD. That’s not to say it isn’t believable, I straight up feel like a super soldier in a suit bossing around slaying, but the feel of arena is ‘war-games’ not just war. Again, a strong fan base will mean lots of people have already got this one, but if you haven’t it should be a serious contender for your stocking this year.

Halo 5 Warzone

Star Wars Battlefront

Well, Hell! If you ever really wanted to be in the Star Wars films this is your best chance – short of getting a role in the next movie. The sounds and sights are spot on with this latest Battlefront title. I played this with my dad and he genuinely thought he was watching a trailer for the new movie. OK, he’s old, but the point remains the same: the graphics are siiiiick! It is truly beautiful; I was reduced to a gibbering state of awe as I couldn’t handle the Star Warsness of it.

It’s basically a Battlefield game in feel and game style but with a Star Wars skin. The people at Dice have gone to great pains to tell us that is not the case, but come on guys, It is, isn’t it. This isn’t a bad thing as such; this is full on multiplayer grandness. Big lobbies lead to big games filled with all the lightsaber swinging, X-wing dog fighting and rebel scum squishing/empire destroying – depending on your perspective – that you could possibly want. If you like Star Wars and you like videogames then you’re going to have a good time.

As a reminder though, there’s no single player story. There is a Wave mode in which you face increasingly difficult AI enemies but this is otherwise entirely focused on multiplayer. Despite this however, this is a must for the true Star Wars fan, and comes strongly recommend for everyone.

Star Wars Battlefront Gunplay

Fallout 4

“Finally!” I hear you cry “a game that isn’t centred around online multiplayer.” Yep, and this is maybe the best single player experience currently out there, by a country mile in fact. A friend of mine got this on release day, his girlfriend has left him and he lost his job. But he’s over 50% completed and that’s all that matters, at least that’s what he mumbles with vacant awareness that only comes from the truly addict…dedicated.

Bethesda have done it again, despite some bugs that crop up – pretty expected from a massive open world these days – the game is wonderful. It plays very well, has a good combat system, and has some extreme depth to, well, everything. Skill trees, weapons, characters, and a build your own settlement; this game provides ample content for you to delve into. Think Skyrim with guns and set in a messed up, mutated future.

Whilst taking up days of your life, the solo play means you can jump in and out of it at leisure without feeling like you’ve been left behind. It has good graphics – not incredible though – given some room due to the vast open world it’s running as backdrop, it’s seriously immersive with its story and has lots of little things to keep you entertained, such as funny characters, side quest, interesting weapons, crazy mutants. This is another must have entry in the series.

Fallout 4 gunplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Although out since September I’m still giving this an honourable mention as it’s just so friggin’ good! This is gaming done right. I’ve never really played the MGS series, but got tempted in when Ground Zeroes came out. I played it through again and again for weeks, now the Phantom Pain is out and I’m putting it up with some of the best open-world games I’ve played. The maps are very large and can be explored freely with the missions taking place within confined areas in the maps. The story is nuts, plain old out there crazy storytelling, which is great and everything I’d expect for the next edition in a series infamous for its convoluted plots.

If you played the Splinter Cell games you’ll get along with this. It’s ultimate stealth operations and you really do have a huge amount of options for how to do 99% of the missions. Konami said ‘the most strategically unparalleled game every created’ and I think they might be right. Fantastic graphics, good control system and menu access, and an abundance of weapons/equipment to choose from brings the open-world experience to life. I have spent hours on his game and will spend hours more. There’s also the addition of a multiplayer mode that, whilst quite different to a classic head to head, is also very good fun.

MGSV Gunplay

There you go, five of the top gunplay games out right now that you can get for Christmas. Slip on your slippers, grab your energy drink of choice and settle down. The weather is crap, perfect for melting into your seat for a few weeks.

Dance Central 3 – Party Like a Prime Minister

Xbox is bringing the “Dance Central 3” party to politics this Christmas by partnering with award-winning lookalike photographer, Alison Jackson. Now is the time to dust off your glad rags and raise a glass (or two) to the grand tradition of the Christmas party and watch what appears to be David Cameron and Boris Johnson perfect their dance moves – in what will no doubt be the ultimate dance battle. Continue reading Dance Central 3 – Party Like a Prime Minister