Fortified! review

Fortified! melds 1950s sci-fi with tower defence wonderfully. Alien saucers and a plethora of robots that wouldn’t look out of place in films such as Lost in Space and War of the Worlds, march f...[Read More]

Relive that B-Movie vibe in Fortified

I remember, years ago, when all this was fields and the aliens came down and invaded on a weekly basis. In black and white. Fortified, from indie developer, Clapfoot, is looking to revive that 1950s B...[Read More]

Xbox One gets ‘Fortified’ for 2016

Clapfoot will release their upcoming title Fortified on Xbox One in early 2016. Touting itself as “PixelJunk Monsters meets Team Fortress 2”, Fortified is a base defence game with a twist ...[Read More]