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Cobalt Free with Games With Gold on Japanese Xbox Store

Cobalt is an action side-scrolling video game developed by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang. It was released on 2 February 2016. It is now available for free with Games with Gold on the Japanese Xbox store. You do not need a Japanese account to take advantage of this offer. Simply click here to go to the page on the store and either click the blue button or, take advantage of the translate option in most web browsers.

Shoot, roll, punch, and jump your way to slowmotion victory in Cobalt, an action platformer from Oxeye Game Studio. Take on the role of a mysterious cyborg stranded on an even more mysterious planet in our single player campaign, or play with friends in a wealth of coop and versus multiplayer modes. It’s an incredible amount of fun.


Cobalt coming to Xbox one on February 2nd

Minecraft creator Mojang has announced that the studio’s long-in-development action platformer Cobalt, is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One February 2, priced £13.99/$20.

Cobalt features a full single-player campaign that introduces shooting, rolling, and slow-motion elements as well as challenge and survival modes. It also supports local and online co-op for all multiplayer modes.

Mojang also posted a full details of the game’s modes and gameplay mechanics on the official blog.

Xbox @ gamescom – Cobalt coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC

A couch based game from Oxeye Game Studio, inspired by games like Counter Strike, compete for dominance in local or online multiplayer matches as you attempt to obliterate your friends in a range of modes from deathmatch to capture the flag while utilizing bullet time to deflect bullets back to their senders, feeling civil? Go through the story mode with friends in co-op to find out what has happened to a missing human based colony on an alien planet.