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Ubisoft announce expansions to Assassins Creed Origins Universe

Ubisoft have announced the publishing line-up for Assassin’s Creed Origins, including a novel, a comic miniseries, an art book and an official guide – all of which will be published worldwide starting this autumn. These pieces will allow fans to step even further into the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins and deepen their knowledge of the game and the lore.

Ubisoft’s broadening publishing collection aspires to provide fans with a wide variety of exclusive insights into their many worlds. The vast universe of Assassin’s Creed Origins will be expanded beyond the game to explore: Bayek’s youth; the first years of the Assassin’s Order, the artwork behind the beautiful and mysterious landscapes of Ancient Egypt, and an official guide for hardcore players.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Desert Oath, a novel published by Ubisoft & Penguin Books, and written by Oliver Bowden in collaboration with the development team, is a prequel set before the story of the game. It portrays a young Bayek following his father’s footsteps, leaving the peace of his hometown, Siwa, in search of answers. Follow Bayek through a journey that will take him along the Nile and across a country in turmoil as he faces the dangers and mysteries of the Medjay’s path.

A miniseries of four official Assassin’s Creed Origins Comics, written by Anne Toole and published by Titan Comics, will explore the first years of the Assassins’ Order, crossing over to new territories and introducing new characters as well as notable historical figures.

The Art of Assassin’s Creed Origins, an art book published by Titan Books, will transport readers back into Ancient Egypt, one of the most mysterious periods in history. Readers will explore the world of Assassin’s Creed® Origins as they discover its secrets and forgotten myths, and learn more about the characters, enemies, weapons and majestic landscapes of the game, through a vast collection of art, including: concept sketches, city plans, character studies, and fully rendered paintings along with comments and notes from the artists and developers.

The Complete Official Guide, a guidebook published by PRIMA Games, is an indispensable tool for dedicated players. The guide contains a general weapons and equipment guide, and a 100% completion walkthrough, along with detailed maps flagged with all locations, collectibles and targets. Owners of the Complete Official Guide will also have exclusive access to a mobile-friendly e-guide version, optimised for a second-screen experience.


Assassins Creed Origins announced

Bungie Announce Destiny 2 Beta Details

New Syberia 3 trailer released

Syberia 3 is set for an imminent release,  Microids, the publishers behind the game have today released a new trailer explaining a little deeper the story behind Syberia and it’s protagonist Kate Walker. With the artwork coming from legendary comic book illustrator Benoit Sokal the game is certainly going to look spectacular. Watch the trailer below for more details.

About Syberia 3:
Impersonating Kate Walker, players will benefit from a brand new way to freely explore striking landscapes and circumvent their mysteries and puzzles in ways they have not experienced before.

The story begins when Kate is found left for dead on a shore by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people caring for their snow ostriches during migration. Trapped, prisoners in the city of Valsembor, they will have to find together a way to continue their journey in a chase against their enemies and unexpected challenges. While at the same time, Kate’s past is catching up with her…

Syberia 3 is developed by Koalabs Studio and will be available April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America on Xbox One and PC. It will be fully doubled in French, English, German, Polish, Russian and subtitled in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional. The original soundtrack of the game is handled by Inon Zur (Fallout 4, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia), already in command on Syberia 2. The game is rated PEGI 12.

Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil From Titan Comics


Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil is a recent hardback comic published by Titan Comics from the work of writer IZU and artist PION, together they have created a graphically detailed insight to a prequel of events in the lead up to the reboot of the videogame from Capcom. We’re no stranger to receiving the odd hardback from Titan Books / Titan Comics and everything published is exceptionally displayed and illustrated to a fantastic quality. IZU has written other Capcom story origin comics such as revisiting Lost Planet in Lost Planet: First Colony.

The Chronicles of Vergil is in short – really quite short for the large scale story it is trying to portray at just 46 pages. It’s also quite muddled jumping the reader into different time periods in such short spaces, by the first four pages alone you have jumped ahead by a year and back again. It portrays the visions that Dante see’s and how the world is controlled by Demons;  also how his twin brother Vergil and human psychic Kat take off on a rescue journey to save Dante who is imprisoned in Hellfire.

DmC: The Chronicles of Vergil is a solid story from IZU and will be a great for fans of the game to read how Dante, the games’ protagonist is leading up to a final showdown with the guards of Hellfire – however if you’re not really “into” the Devil May Cry series then you wouldn’t really have a purpose for buying this as the story would just confuse you!

What I will say about Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil, is that the fantasy style artwork is perfectly illustrating the story, and it’s a shame the comic isn’t longer as I felt the writing to be inconsistent and a little poor in leading the reader to conclusions. There are a few unanswered questions and a really baffling ending that led me to wonder if it was a deliberate attempt to encourage you to buy Volume 2 to piece all the information together – if that too actually makes any sense! It is a really cheap hardback though and would make a great gift for any Devil May Cry fan, but since the comic is only really aimed at the fans I wouldn’t recommend buying it for just anyone, it would be too confusing as you would need to have played the game to make sense of some of the inconsistencies with the written story.


This comic prequel reveals the crucial backstory of the franchise’s hero, Dante, and his twin brother Vergil; with never-before-told revelations about these iconic game characters!

Available to buy now from the Titan Comics official website in the US, and Forbidden Planet in the UK.