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New Xbox controller colours coming to the US this month

Xbox One controllers are about to get even more colourful as two new finishes join the lineup, with a special newspaper edition (It’s red all over! I’m here all week…) and a stealthy green and orange-accents combo.


Both are stuffed with all the guts in the latest standard controller, including the textured grip and Bluetooth built-in for compatibility with Windows 10.

The red one is available now at Microsoft Stores and GameStop stores across the US for $64.99, with the Green/Orange model set to join it later this month on January 31. No word yet on UK and European availability and pricing but hopefully we’ll know more soon!


Halo edition Xbox One controllers launched

On Friday October 2, 2015 Microsoft released two new limited edition controllers, to commemorate the release of the next title in the hugely popular Halo series.

There are two versions available to purchase, the green and gold Master Chief version, and the blue and silver Spartan Locke version (only available at GAME). So I did what any deserving Halo fan should do, and treated myself to the Spartan Locke edition.

When opening the box for the first time, you really get a sense of how much time and care went into designing the aesthetics of the controller. Featuring the squad numbers down one side of the controller, and medal icons on the other, the design encapsulates the essence of Halo. The etching on the controller is subtle, but really adds to the overall design, echoing the style of Halo, its interface, and the armour and weapon design. There is also a light grip etched into the handles, which add both style and comfort to the controller.


Both the Master Chief and Spartan Locke versions utilise the new and improved Xbox One controller, which includes a separate 3mm headphone jack for those times you don’t wish to be sociable, improved triggers, bumpers, and directional pad. The new style controller feels much sturdier, more responsive, and most importantly, more accurate. The triggers feel softer, but appear to have a smaller area of effect, lessening the amount of time between press and action. The bumpers also feel solid, and now activate throughout the whole bumper, reducing the need to find the “sweet spot” when using them.

I spent a few hours testing it out on Destiny, of course, and found that the responsiveness of the new controller was top notch. However, I’m not sure if it was just my aging thumbs, but they started to ache much sooner compared to when using the previous iteration of controller. Everything feels much tighter, but also much stiffer, however I’m sure this is just due to it being new and needing to be “broken in”.

Overall, as both a limited edition, and a new style controller, I highly recommend spending out the extra cash for one of the Halo edition controllers. With the beautiful aesthetics, and the much improved buttons, it’s certainly worth the investment.

Both the Master Chief and Spartan Locke controllers are available for a RRP of £59.99, with the Spartan Locke controller available exclusively at GAME. Each controller also comes with a special code to unlock a bonus REQ Pack, including the Resolute visor, to be used within Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo 5: Guardians is set to launch on October 27, on Xbox One.

Controller Modz Domin8or review

The Xbox One’s controller may have received quite the design overhaul but that hasn’t stopped a variety of companies springing up on the internet to offer customization services – one company is UK-based Controller Modz who not only offer an aesthetic customization service but can also add an additional set of buttons underneath the controller – you need never take your fingers off the left and right sticks again!


Established in 2010, Controller Modz began life as a small ebay store offering rapid-fire controllers but soon moved on to customising the aesthetic of controllers rather than providing mod chips. Looking to capitalise on a growing market, Controller Modz grabbed the bull by the horns and launched one of the UK’s first websites offering a custom controller service. Three years later a “build-your-own controller” was launched that proved most popular among the many customers that Controller Modz had received – to date they have built around 23,000 controllers!

As the market continues to demand more from customisation, Controller Modz launched a new initiative, the Domin8or buttons – small round buttons that are located underneath the controller and can be mapped to any two-existing buttons. Controller artwork can be chosen from a selection of options and you can also opt to replace any of the buttons or sticks with coloured alternatives. There’s also a range of house designs, with new ones being added all the time – the only thing missing is an option to add user-created custom designs but these guys are a friendly bunch and if you have a great idea for a design I’m sure they would only be too happy to fabricate for you… for a small price of course!


I was lucky enough to receive a batch one domin8or controller, which I have been using now for a month and while I feel a bit like a guinea pig, the build quality is so high that the batch one controller feels far from a prototype.

The artwork, the Green Hades design, isn’t something I would have picked out for myself but the quality is great, although it’s worth noting that any design with a pattern warps slightly over curved areas – this is down to the hydro dipping process and while it doesn’t spoil the look of the controller you might notice it if you’re a fussy bugger like me!

The finish of the artwork feels really smooth, you will be excused if you are caught gently caressing your new best friend – seriously, it feels that good to hold. The buttons and sticks are painted to a high quality and you may even believe that this was an official controller. Other than the image warp, I can’t fault the craftsmanship of the artwork, the finish doesn’t scratch or tarnish even when I purposely tried to do some damage by scratching the paintwork with my nail and my wedding ring, but it’s not all about looks when it comes to this controller, it’s about what’s under the hood or in this case under the controller… A pair of domin8or buttons.


I opted to map the X and B buttons – reload and crouch/prone although I wish I had gone with Controller Modz’ advice and stuck with fan favourite A and B – oh well, just means I will have to grab myself another controller. The buttons are quite high and you will need to press them down firmly, a light tap will result in nothing happening so if you need to hit the dirt quick in COD, just make sure you give that button a firm press or you’ll be left to receive a barrage of bullets. I also felt that the buttons were slightly too large, smaller ones could mean that there would be enough space to mount four buttons underneath the controller – two each side. It would certainly solve my problem of not being able to decide between having the X or A button mapped.


The buttons are perfectly positioned and sat naturally under my fingers as I held the controller normally, some other companies that offer a custom button setup have their buttons set so that you have to alter the way you hold the controller but the domin8ors are positioned perfectly so that you don’t need to adjust your grip, you just need to remember that they are there.

The custom face buttons look great, I’ve gamed long enough to know which button is the A,X,Y and B so the black look really finished off the overall feel of the design – I did find that the X button wasn’t quite as responsive as the stock buttons, firm presses always got a response but if you don’t press the X button all the way down you will get no response from it.

Overall I’m really impressed with the craftsmanship of Controller Modz. The artwork is well finished and the domin8or buttons are superbly fabricated onto the controller – I’m already eyeing up my next Controller Modz purchase, green metallic gloss with black thumbsticks and buttons with the A and B buttons as the domin8or setup.

Thanks to Controller Modz for providing TiX with a review unit


Xbox One – Special Edition Armed Forces Controller and Headset

AF Controller and Headset

The Xbox News Wire has revealed that US gamers can currently get to grips with a new custom controller. The Special Edition Armed Forces range is set to hit retail with a matching stereo headset as detailed below:

Get ready to own the battlefield with the new Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Wireless Controller and Stereo Headset. As the first set of custom accessories for Xbox One, the controller and headset feature a modern camouflage pattern and military look and are available for pre-order starting today in the U.S and Canada.

The controller and headset will be on store shelves worldwide beginning in October and are priced at $64.99 (Xbox One Wireless Controller) and $89.99 (Xbox One Stereo Headset) USD ERP.

Via: Wire

Xbox 360 Special Edition Arctic Camouflage Controller

camo arctic controller

With colors that mimic snow-covered environments, the Xbox 360 Special Edition Arctic Camouflage Wireless Controller is designed for covert operations. The D-pad transforms from a plus to a disc for greater precision in both directional and sweeping movements. Xbox kindly provided thisisxbox.com with a controller and it looks great, it compliments any gamer who is into first-person-shooters as the camo’ design could also be seen to represent army gear for the virtual war hero within you.

As well as featuring a unique camouflage design, the controller has a 30-foot wireless range and a transforming D-pad, enabling rotation between the “plus” and “disc” formats for greater precision. Special Edition controllers such as this make perfect gifts for the gamer who you know is likely to have all the latest games, but you still want to find that perfect present that fits with their gaming habits. So, if you’re unsure about what game to buy your friends and family instead of opting for the gift-card-voucher easy option, have you thought of buying a new controller?

Maybe you’re thinking about this for yourself recently, or if you’re in the military it would be fitting to replace your controller with a design that you’re eyes have likely seen for months or even years on end – make your controller match your uniform! It has also been known that many hardcore fans of the Xbox 360 buy all the Special Editions of both console and controller, since the retail units are often limited and come in a range of jazzy designs and styles that will not be around for long. If you feel like adding a camouflage design to your collection, then why the hell not – especially if you’ve previously snapped up the silver and purple metallic editions!

A very brief unboxing video is below showing it in a pair of hands:

Xbox One Controller Update

If you’ve picked up one of those new Turtle Beach headsets for your Xbox One, you’ll need to update your controller. It’s relatively painless once you know what to do, taking only a few minutes, but here’s a quick and easy rundown to help you.

1. Turn on your Xbox One. This is important. If you follow the rest of the steps without turning the console on first, you might not see the pop-up messages you need to in order to run the update.

2. Remove the batteries from your controllers. Yup. Take those batteries right out. You won’t need them until you’re done.

3. Plug your new headset or Headset Adapter with the headset attached into your controller. Easy stuff here. Just connect the headset/headset adapter to your battery-less, deactivated controller.

4. Connect your controller to your console using a mini USB cable. You should have a mini USB cable included with whatever headset you’ve purchased. If you have a play-and-charge kit, you can use the lengthy mini USB cable it comes with. The smaller end plugs into your controller, with the port located just above the battery housing. The larger end plugs into your console’s USB port, which can be found on the left side of the machine, near the front.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen. Once you’ve followed steps 1-4, a pop-up should appear alerting you that your controller needs an update. If it doesn’t, you’ve done something wrong. Choose yes and put your controller down with the headset and mini USB cord still plugged in. Wait for the progress bar to fill up; it shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 minutes. Once that’s done, you’ll have the option of syncing another controller right away. If you want to do that, select the option and then switch the mini USB and the headset to the next controller. Repeat this process until everything’s updated.

Thanks to DigitalTrends for the step-by-step guide.

Xbox One Wireless Controller Design Contest


Xbox are running a fantastic competition allowing you – yes YOU to plaster your own unique art on to an Xbox One controller (Assuming you live as a legal resident in any of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, Canada excluding Quebec, Australia, New Zealand, UK or Ireland).

It’s a 3-Step affair:

  • Download the template and start creating. If your design is chosen, you could win a $1,000 Gift Voucher as well as a Limited Edition run of your design.
  • Register and submit up to three designs. The more ideas you upload through December 31, the better your chances of winning.
  • Visit the comp page anytime before January 13 to see the gallery, then vote for your favorite entries January 13 – January 27.

Visit the Contest website at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/promotions/XboxController and follow instructions to download and then upload the Xbox One Wireless Controller design template.

Official Rules (Requires PDF reader. Need one?)

Mad Catz to Launch Range of Titanfall Branded Gear

titanfall screen

Mad Catz have announced that it has entered into an agreement with EA to create a range of Titanfall-branded gaming products that are expected to be in stores for the launch of Titanfall next Spring. The line-up of the product range includes TRITTON gaming headsets, R.A.T. mice, S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboards, F.R.E.Q. gaming headsets and G.L.I.D.E. gaming surfaces.

Quoted by Darren Richardson, CEO of Mad Catz Interactive:

Titanfall has earned critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including Best of Show, Best Original Game, and Best Online Multiplayer at this year’s E3 conference. Mad Catz is excited to bring a range of cutting-edge, innovative, Titanfall-branded products to gamers in connection with one of the most anticipated game launches in recent history. The Titanfall license builds on Mad Catz’ strategy to align our product portfolio with AAA content that appeals to passionate gamers.

Titanfall was by far our most favourite game during the recent Eurogamer Expo 2013 at London Earls Court and you can read more about that gameplay in detail here.

Xbox One Accessories Modeled In Sleek New Videos

Take a closer look at the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Check out the Xbox One Wired Headset.

Finally, the Play and Charge kit!

All Xbox One accessories are available for pre-order now from participating online retailers and in stores. The Xbox One release date is expected to be announced during Gamescom on August 20th.

We’ll keep you informed in due course fellow gamers!