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Payday 2 finally gets patched (again)

They’ve certainly taken their time, but Payday 2 on Xbox One has finally been patched… again.

Earlier today we got wind that there was patch about to drop and would you know it, the source was indeed legit and there’s a brand new patch ready and waiting to be installed – but does it work? Let’s keep everything crossed and hope that we can finally get heisting on Xbox One.

Payday 2 patch imminent?

There’s nothing worse than a broken game, particularly when the broken part prevents you from playing the game online. Unfortunately for Payday 2, online is the sole reason you would play, but the online lobby, crime.net, has been plagued with problems since day one – and even after a patch – the game was largely inaccessible if you weren’t playing with friends or lucky enough to get into a lobby.

The Payday 2 twitter account has been flooded with frustrated tweets from fans eager to play a game that they paid good money for, and it is a great game. There is no official word on a release date for this new patch but one twitter user has stumbled across a ‘target date’ after chatting with some from support.@NinjaDude811 hasn’t been on twitter long so is this a good find, or an evil scam to get our hopes up? Here’s hoping it’s legit!


Crime.net comes back online for Xbox One


Payday 2 has had a rough start to life on Xbox One. Crime.net – the online hub map for selecting your next heist – has been suffering from intermittent freeze issues since launch, which makes the online game practically unplayable.

There was little in the way of communication from the developer and the official twitter account – ironic being that communication is the key to success in online heists – all we knew was that an online patch was being worked on.

I’m happy to report that you can all return to the world of Payday 2, put on your masks and enjoy some online heisting without any crime.net freezing – it also means that I can crack on with my review.

It’s a shame that a patch has taken so long to push out, and that the bug existed in the first place – now about giving us something extra for standing by a game that was unplayable without online…