Warface shut down by Microsoft

Crytek, having announced that Warface was being pulled from the Xbox 360 a few days ago, has responded to the many messages in support of the game they say they have received, by claiming it was Micro...[Read More]

Crytek surrenders it’s Warface

Crytek, makers of some excellent shooters, have announced the closure of their Warface service on Xbox 360 via their Facebook page. They are due to close the currently free-to-play shooter on the 1st ...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome Legendary Edition have listed Ryse: Son of Rome Legendary Edition on there website here. The game is listed at 49.98 Euros (around £39.95) and gives a release date of 5th September 2014. According to the d...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome – Mar’s Chosen Pack DLC Coming February 28th


  New DLC is coming to Xbox One’s launch title Ryse: Son of Rome, developed by Microsoft Studios and Crytek, in the form of ‘Mar’s Chosen’ DLC Pack. The DLC will add new m...[Read More]

Win A Warface Xbox 360 Beta Code Right Here [ENDED]

THIS COMP HAS ENDED PLEASE DO NOT ENTER Xbox has provided with FIVE Beta codes for Warface on the Xbox 360. This is the upcoming free-to-play (with Xbox LIVE Gold) title from Crytek! Fe...[Read More]

Warface Xbox 360 Edition Beta Unveiled

Crytek and Microsoft Studios have launched a public beta for the upcoming FPS – Warface Xbox 360 Edition. Set for a Spring launch, gamer’s interested in trying out the free-to-play offerin...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome ‘Inside Look at Combat’ Developer Diary

Ryse: Son of Rome, goes all tactical on us in the latest Dev Diary taking a peek at the combat action in the Xbox One launch title from Crytek. Due for release on Nov 22nd 2013 alongside the Xbox One.

Crytek Announce Warface Coming to Xbox 360 Early 2014

Microsoft Studios and Crytek have revealed that the award winning title for PC, Warface, will come to the Xbox 360 platform in early 2014, and it will be Free to play for Gold XBox LIVE Members. Featu...[Read More]

Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 Ready For Xbox One

Have you all calmed down? Caught your breath? Worked out how many organs you’ll need to sell to then afford the new Xbox One? The answer to all 3 questions from me is yes. But whoa… what a...[Read More]

Crytek Open New Studio In America

Crytek has aquired their ninth worldwide studio which is situated in Austin, Texas, USA. Crytek USA Corp. is the company’s first US-based studio and is ideally placed to embrace exciting new game, eng...[Read More]

Crytek So Committed To Homefront 2 They Bought The IP

Crytek has today announced the acquisition of the IP rights for the Homefront franchise following an auction of assets by THQ recently. Their first association with the game began in autumn 2011, when...[Read More]

Next-Gen Crysis Could Turn To A New Genre?

Crysis 3 has not even been released yet (Feb 19th N.A and 22nd E.U for those interested), and already the developers are talking about the future of the franchise – it could end up being soemthi...[Read More]

Crytek Developer Outs Next-Gen Xbox Summit In London

Twitter – as addictive as it can be, it has a few problems with a few individuals lacking common sense at times and today was no exception. Sean Tracy, a technical designer for Crytek outed his ...[Read More]

EA Job Vacancy Hints Crysis 3 In The Works?

Electronic Arts (EA) has listed a recent job posting looking for a Video Director to work with Crytek on a currently unannounced game.