Curve Digital

Curve Digital gives you Five games for £18 with Gimme 5!

Award-winning publisher Curve Digital have announced an Xbox One bundle for five of its highly revered titles, for one incredibly low price. The Gimme 5 bundle will be available until November 3rd, an...[Read More]

Serial Cleaner review

These days games have you racking up the body count, leaving the mess for the computer to tidy up. Serial Cleaner instead places you in the shoes of the clean up crew – the twist – you have to clean u...[Read More]

Jumps Stars hops onto Xbox One today

There is something to jump about on Xbox One today – Curve Digital’s Jump Stars is out now and the competitive local co-op game looks like there’s plenty to get jumped pumped for, just tak...[Read More]

Human: Fall Flat review

Protagonist Bob in Human: Fall Flat is akin to a toddler learning to walk. He haphazardly stumbles around the environments, bumping into objects and clinging on to them like a drunk trying to steady h...[Read More]

Human: Fall Flat lands on Xbox One May 12

The physics-defying and rule-breaking hilarity of cult PC puzzle game Human: Fall Flat will be unleashed on the Xbox One May 12th, developer Tomas Sakalauskas and publisher Curve Digital announced tod...[Read More]

Curve Digital looking for a Serial Cleaner

Indie publisher, Curve Digital, have announced along with developer, iFun4All, a new fast-paced stealth-action game coming to Xbox One. Serial Cleaner is set in the 70s and will see you sneaking aroun...[Read More]

Manual Samuel review

Although it’s brevity and depth makes it little more than a proof of concept with experimental mechanics, Manual Samuel still manages to put a smile on your face and challenges you to approach everyda...[Read More]

Control yourself with Manual Samuel

There are some crazy games that have been released, especially in the ID@Xbox or previous Indie world. Perfectly ParaNormal’s new title is looking to trump them all, however. Teaming up with pub...[Read More]

Hue review

‘Charming Indie Puzzle-Platformer’ is a term that gets bounded about so often these days that it makes me a bit apathetic when a new one is announced for release. However, on watching the trailer for ...[Read More]

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is coming to Xbox One

Publisher Curve Digital and developer The Chinese Room have announced that Dear Esther: The Landmark Edition will be coming to consoles next month. Dear Esther: The Landmark Edition is the original in...[Read More]

Colour us intrigued, Hue is coming to Xbox One

If you’ve ever used a computer for any image-processing, you may have seen the colour-wheel mechanic. This allows you pick and choose colours from a wheel of spectacular colour. Developer Fiddle...[Read More]

Curve Digital bringing 10 seconds of Ninja to Xbox One

Who remembers playing a simple martial arts based game on the old 8 bit home computers called Bruce Lee? If you did, imagine being given just 10 seconds to complete every screen that you had to finish...[Read More]

Release date for Action Henk slides in

RageSquid’s bonkers speed-runner, Action Henk has been mooted around the ‘coming soon’ baskets for a few weeks now, with everyone wondering when they might be able to get their eager...[Read More]

Butt-slide with friends in Action Henk

Ah, the humble butt-slide. Ranked among the greatest of slides by none other than Action Henk himself. Surely there has to be a way to share this feast of slippyness? A way to ensure that future gener...[Read More]

Explore a naked frontier in Cosmochoria

Fancy being out in space in nothing but a helmet and your birthday suit? Curve Digital found that prospect rather appealing and they’ve teamed up with developer Nate Schmold to announce that Cos...[Read More]

Nova-111 review

I love the sci-fi genre. Give me a nice spaceship to command, with some lasers and the possibility of there being some nasty, gloopy, hostile aliens to fight and I’m right in there. Nova-111 then, sho...[Read More]

The Swindle review

I must admit, I like the steampunk scene. I’m not really suited to it, being a little too tubby and I don’t like tea or gin, but some of the music is pretty good, in a novelty sing-a-long kind of way....[Read More]

The Swindle release date announced

Size Five Games’ The Swindle launches this week. The Swindle is a platforming, action and stealth game set in a Victorian steampunk world. All levels are procedurally generated, and it is the player’s...[Read More]

Nova-111 lands on Xbox One

Looking for a new sci-fi themed adventure title that uses turn-based strategy and real-time decision making to help you fight enemies and solve puzzles? Well look no further friends as today Funktroni...[Read More]

The Swindle Hacks its way to Xbox One

We are really pleased to hear the news that Size Five Games and Curve Digital’s upcoming game The Swindle will be released on Xbox One next month. The Swindle is a mixture of platform, action an...[Read More]

Action Henk coming to Xbox One

I must admit, I don’t know what an Action Henk is. On the face of it, I think this could go two ways, I’ll either be massively intrigued, or I’ll wonder what a Slovenly Henk is. Curv...[Read More]

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones review

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones is a charming platform puzzler from Independent British developer Curve Digital. You play as a nameless and rather cute clone, as he (or she) attempts to outsmart Malc...[Read More]

OlliOlli review

Having started out as a PS Vita exclusive, OlliOlli has now made its way over to Xbox One, and don’t let it’s minimalist, austere aesthetic fool you, this is a meticulously crafted and compelling, twi...[Read More]

Curve Digital to give us a Four Sided Fantasy

When I saw the trailer for this, I really thought I’d stepped into a video-game representation of the inside of Vic Reeve’s mind. Four Sided Fantasy, as you’ll see when you watch the...[Read More]

Curve Digital confirm Stealth Inc. 2

Curve Digital, the studio behind the soon to be incoming Steampunk platformer, The Swindle, have today confirmed that the sequel to Stealth Inc. will be releasing on Xbox One in April this year. Calle...[Read More]

Curve Digital announce The Swindle on Xbox One

Steampunk. It seems to be in ‘in-thing’ at the moment. From Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer to Dishonored, it’s cool to be slightly nerdy, with gadgets. Curve Digital seem to want in on s...[Read More]

OlliOlli grinding onto Xbox One mid-March

Grease up your trucks and adjust your elbow pads, it’s time to go skate. Back in December smash console hit, OlliOlli was announced for Xbox One. Today publisher Curve Digital have confirmed tha...[Read More]

OlliOlli coming to Xbox One

Earlier today we received word that the self proclaimed, notorious street thugs Curve Digital and Roll7 have announced a new collaboration ; OlliOlli. OlliOlli is a finger-skate-em-up aiming to kick-f...[Read More]