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Preview program comes to Xbox 360


Available now, select invitees will be able to join the Xbox 360 Preview program. This will work much like the Xbox One version – and selected customers will be able to sign-up directly from their Xbox 360. So keep your eyes open for a special Xbox Live message inviting you, then head to Settings, then account then under account management you’ll see Xbox 360 Preview Registration. Sign up there and enroll your console. This is just for registration so you won’t actually see any changes yet you will just be enrolled in the program.

Xbox promises to address common customer issues including improving the ability to troubleshoot common network issues from the 360 and a Network Connectivity test.

There will be even more changes coming later in the year so sign up to be part of the new Xbox 360 Preview Program and have your voice heard.

Xbox One – New Certification Process, Indie Self Publishing is Back?


Sources close to GameInformer have leaked that Microsoft will do another U-Turn and allow independent developers to publish via digital distribution without a publishing partner. Additionally, Microsoft is said to be drastically overhauling its certification process. By using a certification model similar to iTunes they will be targeting a 14-day turnaround for all approvals by dropping an extensive code check process (current), and will instead opt for terms of service violations and significant bugs only.

Apparently (not yet confirmed) every retail Xbox One console can be converted to a debug console. Microsoft can authorize a console ID at the flick of a switch to play pre-release code which is great news for reviewers or indie developers who can (we assume if true) sign an NDA and terms of use agreement to allow review code on any old blu-ray disc!

We’ll report more information if and when Microsoft confirm the news.

Source: G.I

Xbox Dashboard Beta Download Update – Rolling Out Now

new xbox 360 e32013

If you signed up via the Xbox LIVE Dashboard to access the new Dashboard Beta, then I suggest you go turn on your console as Microsoft has started rolling out the download process to update your console.

If you were accepted into the Beta then you should by now have seen the BETA channel on the dashboard very recently which confirms your acceptance and requirements to remember that you are not permitted to blog or disclose any of its contents which could have bad consequences for your Xbox LIVE Account if discovered.

Sadly due to the NDA thisisxbox.com can not disclose its contents either, but you are bound to see leaked images and videos on Youtube – it happens every year without fail.

The beta sign-up process was only live on the dashboard for a limited time encouraging gamers to download an app which then uploaded console details to Microsoft for Beta inclusion. It is not known when the update will go live for everyone publicly, but those in the Beta should be able to download the contents and see all it’s new features (hopefully) as of right now! This is the update tipped to bridge the gap between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One as well as swap MS Points for cash values.

“Xbox Bing Pussy” New Dash Update Allows Kinect Voice Porn Search

The internet as we know it will soon grace the Xbox 360 dashboards of millions this fall, or possibly late autumn and Kinect users across the globe will soon be able to porn search with voice commands – leaving your hands free to … hold the controller. Continue reading “Xbox Bing Pussy” New Dash Update Allows Kinect Voice Porn Search