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E3 Microsoft Round-up Let’s Play

E3 is well and truly underway, with EA, Bethesda and Microsoft all delivering their conferences so far. And to follow up with our prediction videos we have the first of two round-up videos discussing ...[Read More]

New Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and RYSE: Son of Rome Editions

Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome, have all been released alongside the Xbox One itself when it first hit retailers November 2013. For new Xbox Onr gamer’s on the block who might have...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising DLC Out February 25


Great news fellow Dead Rising 3 fans – it has been announced via the medium of Twitter that the next part of the Untold Stories DLC is out tomorrow! February 25th 2014 as confirmed below: DR3...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC Out Now


The second part of the Untold Stories for Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 has been made available on Xbox LIVE; Fallen Angel is another story in its own right with extra content, unique playable characte...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review


The first chapter of the Dead Rising 3 Untold Stories downloadable content has now been released on the Xbox One Games Marketplace. For just £7.99 the update brings a few nifty extra Achievements, new...[Read More]

Day One Content For Xbox One Digital Titles


If you, like me and thousands of others picked up your Xbox One on Day One, then you would have been entitled some to exclusive Day One content with the games your purchased. If however like many othe...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Mystery 13GB Update Solved


If you had cast your eyes over the earlier post today for the mysterious Dead Rising 3 update weighing in at a whopping 13GB, the mystery has been solved. Capcom Vancouver has released a new title upd...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Has Mysterious 13GB Mandatory Update


Turn on your beautiful Xbox One this morning and fancy some zombie chomping action on Dead Rising 3 – then expect to wait a very long time (internet connection permitting) since the biggest upda...[Read More]

Dead Rising Collection Spotted for Xbox 360

Dead Rising 3 may be the hottest Zombie fest on Xbox One right now – possibly because it is THE only game with Zombies available since the console was launched. Whilst Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One...[Read More]

TiX Game of the Year – Readers Choice

During our HUGE Christmas Give-away we asked you to tell us your Game of the Year 2013. We had an absolutely outstanding response to the competition; the votes are in and counted and in reverse order ...[Read More]

Xbox Surprise Guests In VIP Room with Dead Rising 3

Xbox has released today a sneaky clip featuring a zombie prank they put on during the Xbox One launch. They got together some guests in a dark room and threw some zombie actors into the mix to see how...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Review

Capcom Vancouver’s latest survival horror adventure has launched as an exclusive Xbox One title. Dead Rising 3 continues the trend for zombie smashing action and proves that seven years on from the or...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Preview

The time is getting closer with only weeks until the launch of the eagerly awaited Xbox One hardware. For many Dead Rising 3 is the one exclusive that has made them pre-order an Xbox One. But just how...[Read More]

Xbox One Exclusive Showcase Hands On Event

TiX were kindly invited to a special private showcase in London for hands on time with the Xbox One and its Launch line up and have a close up look at the titles Xbox fans will get to experience in ju...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 First 25 Minutes

  Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive launch title as we know for the Xbox One later this month. If you can’t wait until the 22nd and don’t mind some potential spoilers, here is the first 2...[Read More]

How to Survive Review

How to Survive, a title produced by 505 Games, the same guys that brought us Payday 2, and developed by Eko Software is another Zombie survival game newly released onto the Xbox Live Arcade. It’...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Gets Season Pass Treatment With Halloween Trailer

Dead Rising 3 has a brand new Halloween trailer as shown above, and it comes alongside new information on the Season Pass available at launch on November 22nd with the Xbox One. Capcom’s own blo...[Read More]

Exclusive Day One Content Detailed for Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3

To celebrate the launch of a new console in style, select Xbox One games will receive the Day One edition treatment… oh you already knew about that! Well perhaps you didn’t already know th...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Video Dead Rising 3 from Capcom is shaping up to be a fine Zombie slasher in time for the Xbox One launch this Fall. Why not tease yourself and watch a bit of game...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3: New Trailer

IGN are claiming this to be the best Dead Rising 3 trailer ever. I didnt realise we had enough trailers to make such a statement. Truth is however, it is most definitely the best trailer of the franch...[Read More]

Games with Gold – Dead Rising 2 Now FREE on Xbox LIVE

Lets just cut to the chase here, you probably do not want to read a whole load of crap about Dead Rising 2, but just want to go and grab some freebie from Xbox LIVE? If you want to go no further then ...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 – Zombie Apocalypse Evolved ViDoc

Hit the video above to play the new ViDoc on Dead Rising 3. We are explicitly excited for the launch of what looks set to be the best Zombie slayer on Xbox One. Dead Rising 3 will launch on the Xbox O...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Will Call You and Text You In Real Life

Dead Rising 3’s Executive producer Josh Bridge told the LA Times in a recent interview about a cool new SmartGlass feature set for the Xbox One edition of the upcoming Zombie slasher – Dea...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Set 10 Years After Events of Dead Rising 2

Developed exclusively for Xbox One, “Dead Rising 3” is the third installment in the celebrated franchise and introduces a blockbuster open-world action game that will define a new generation of zombie...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 Still In Development

This might come as a little surprise since the Dead Rising franchise has been over-shadowed lately by news of The Walking Dead, Dead Island and possibly a million other Zombie games since the release ...[Read More]