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TiX is doing their bit: British 10k

You can sponsor Dave here!

As you may or may not know Dave is a very proud ambassador for SpecialEffect, in fact TiX are very proud to support SpecialEffect too.

SpecialEffect, if you don’t know already are an incredible charity that work wonders for people who can’t play games as easily as the rest of us.

Meet Tom for example:

We love to help SpecialEffect whenever we can, this mostly means making me run! So far I’ve run the British 10K twice, The Oxford Half Marathon, The Silverstone Half Marathon, London Marathon & The Brighton Marathon.

At the British 10K a big team of runners get together to represent the charity, sometimes dressed as games characters. Thanks to the wonderful people at Morph Costumes this year Dave will be running as…

Deadpool! The ultimate anti-hero, but secretly we all love him, a bit like the villains below…


Here at MorphCostumes, we’ve watched more than our fair share of superhero movies. And whilst we’re always generally rooting for the good guy, we quite often end up carrying a torch for the baddie too. Is it just us? Or are some villains just hard to resist? Because of their looks, maybe? Their emotional backstory? A particularly good script? Or maybe all three? Whatever it is, some bad guys and girls are utterly loveable. Check out our list of some of the charismatic movie villains it’s really hard to hate…(and see if you agree..?)

If you are looking for video game related costumes the Morph Costumes are the place to go!

Xbox One LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Given New EU Release Date


With news flying out of every outlet in recent weeks of the PS4 bettering the Xbox One in framerate and pixel output, it became worrying that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes which was due out on launch day was going to be delayed until 2014. A lot of people, myself included, were worried that there may be underlying issues with the One that we are not yet aware of. As it turns out, the news is not so drastic. We’re still unaware of the reason for the delay, but the delay has now been shortened to a mere week. The new release date for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on the Xbox One in Europe is now November 29th.

Again, grab your block building fun on November 29th. Rest easy, true believers.

Deadpool Review


Deadpool is a third person comic style action game that features the Superhero from hell. A crude, loud mouthed, high pitched spider-man-esque ninja bloke! Deadpools mentally unstable character is not unintentional as the videogame portrays Marvel Comic’s character pretty well. He’s humorous, inappropriate and highly strung… possibly hung too with the size of the bulge on screen and often zoomed in with the games’ many bad camera angles! Now, you don’t get that in the comics!

One of the elements of Deadpool that I do like is how the game tries to be something very different, not that it’s winning any ‘Game of the Year’ awards on a massive scale as it is not as “AWESOME” as it tries to be or implants into your psyche – but the level of humour and entertaining narrative is really what makes the game full stop. Everything else centered on the gameplay is nothing more than average. If I try to imagine playing Deadpool on mute or without the funny one-liners in my ear, it would just be a completely average run of the mill action game. With Deadpool himself directly interacting with the player at random intervals only adds to the comedy value where if the camera drops, he’ll ask you to be more careful. If you wonder around his flat, he’ll shit to order and interact with random objects at your request. I did not find the gameplay as enjoying as the character – Deadpool himself as a character totally outshines the game itself.

deadpool 1

The campaign story itself is all about Deadpool wanting to star in his very own videogame. You’re playing a character who wants to feature as a protagonist in his very own game and to make it happen – Deadpool goes about trying to capture the developers at High Moon Studio’s (who developed the actual game for retail). Following parts of a script, you battle it out through chapter to chapter and meet other Marvel Comic characters along the journey. Wolverine makes a cameo, Vertigo and many others you might be familiar with if you’re a fan of the Marvel Comics superheroes. If you’re unfamiliar with them and you’re not a great fan of what Marvel churn out they’ll just look like over-dressed baddies with special powers hindering or sometimes aiding your progress. It’s not a game that takes itself too seriously and is better described as an outrageous comedy that will definitely make you laugh out loud! In particular with the Marvel Comics characters when you meet Cable, (from the New Mutants) a song with lyrics “…who the fuck is that…” plays and an Achievement unlocks – it was as if the game had just read my mind!

Since by now you have realised that Deadpool is a pretty damn amazing comedy with a hilarious script and an OTT action hero who really shouldn’t be let loose with a weapon, but does his best! Gameplay wise it’s nothing special in that department looking more scenic for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as you seem to spend a lot of time looking at and lurking around city drains and sewer type chapters. It’s overfilled with situations that just require you to walk a bit further and use your weapons to shoot a few enemies or swipe your blades at them, job done, rinse and repeat as necessary. It can get repetitive and despite being a really funny game with the odd talking taco, there’s nothing to really hook you into it. It’s a quick comedy run just for the fun of it. The game feels a little cheap with noticeable flaws here and there – especially with the camera and bad angle views consistently, but few twiddles with the right stick can sort it out swiftly.

deadpool 2

Adding more depth to the reasoning of progression comes by the way of weapon upgrades, much like the system in place for other action cross hack and slash titles where by the earning of points can give you rewards. Rewards in turn better your weapon with upgrades that will allow you produce much stronger attack and defence mechanisms depending upon your choice of weapon improvement. You can spend your points on shotguns and futuristic rifles, blades that vary balance between combo’s and kills, as well as Player Upgrades than can improve health, ammo, damage and invincibility – amongst others. You can choose to upgrade weapons on the fly as well as switch between then and use other gadgets for killing enemies such as grenades, bear traps and even landmines. Enemies vary in difficultly, but can often come at you in hordes – so a mix and match of weapons and appropriate learning of in-game combos will offer you the best chance of survival. A nice touch is an enemy lock-on with the LT button. Should you purchase Deadpool never forget this feature, it will become a useful tool for overhead enemies more than any other. All in all the general combat aspect of Deadpool works really well as it’s fast paced and borders on button-mashing with intervals of enemies who come in their hordes. If it’s all too much, you can choose your difficulty settings.

I haven’t even talked about all the tits in it until now, there’s plenty for Deadpool to drool over, but imagining tweaking the nipples of a dead woman as she lays there with a pole through her torso, is that really all that funny? Visually though, the characters, environments are all well designed and graphically better than your average game. The game doesn’t push the boundaries with environmental backdrops that will leave you speechless, but it’s definitely a consistent futuristic, comic style city that looks quite good. It’s just once more a shame the gameplay and all the action wasn’t a little more interesting. Deadpool certainly is an enjoyable game, but only for its humour and the underdog Superhero Deadpool himself. It’s been superbly written with some fantastic comedy moments that will have you in stitches. It’s a game that should be played for its slapstick comedy alone.

deadpool 3

Deadpool is a fun game to play when not taken seriously. If you’re looking for an engaging and gripping adventure this is not it. If you are looking for a laugh and an entertaining game where you can forgive the repetitive gameplay due to its eccentric dialogue and amusing character traits – then give Deadpool a whirl!

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Deadpool Launch Trailer


The launch trailer for the Merc With a Mouth’s debut game has been revealed today. The trailer features some of Marvel’s top stars such as Wolverine, Psylocke, Cable, and Mister Sinister. This is a highly anticipated title from High Moon Studios and it looks hilariously, side-splittingly funny. Check out the gut busting trailer down below. Continue reading Deadpool Launch Trailer

Event Coverage: MCM Expo


So here we are, the part of my MCM Expo coverage that talks about everything gaming – exclusive to ThisisXbox. If you want to read what I thought of the day in general then head over to my personal blog and read all about it here.

So without further ado let’s talk video games.

Firstly I need to apologise to you and to myself…  as I attended MCM on Saturday 25th, I missed ‘Commander Shepard Uncovered with Mark Meer’ on the Games Stage. GUTTED doesn’t begin to tell you how I feel about this, but what I can tell you is he was an absolute gent during the whole weekend. Reports are coming in of him spending longer than planned signing autographs, discussing Dungeons & Dragons and mingling with his fans. Mark Meer is most definitely a fan favourite and didn’t disappoint anyone over the course of the event.

Although not Xbox related I did take an hour out of my morning to make a quick stop and visit the MCM ESports Theatre and watch the first Semi Final of their League of Legends Tournament. Sponsored by Madcatz and in conjunction with Backdrop Gaming (DDR:UK), the arena was packed with ESports and MOBA fans. Never being a massive ESports fan myself but always curious about the ever growing popularity and celebrity status of some of the stars, this was truly an eye opening experience. The fans are passionate and the players unbelievably skilled.  Unfortunately for me, the fans I was sat near were unskilled in the art of personal hygiene and although greatly enjoying the action on screen there was only so much body odour I could endure… so I made a quick exit for fresh air only an hour in to the action.

Let’s talk about the crazy red and black clad anti-superhero also known as Deadpool. Yeah that’s right, MCM Expo attendees got to get hands on with Activision’s soon to be released title and oh boy it was fun and also a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! I won’t give much away now as ThisisXbox will have a review for you closer to release date (28th June), but nothing is done lightly in Deadpool and everything is taken to the extreme including driving rocket powered bicycles which is enormously good fun!

Anyone that knows anything about me will know that Resident Evil is one of the original reasons I am completely Zombie mad. I have fond memories of sitting up all night with my cousin @CasperMcGrew playing Resident Evil 1 and giggling to cover up our own fear. ‘What! What is this?’ – Five points to whoever can tell me who said this and when. Anyway, Capcom were on hand during the event to showcase (along with some other titles) Resident Evil: Revelations. Set between 4 and 5, Revelations focuses on and follows Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield; BSAA Founders. I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t get much time with Revelations as the queues forming behind were huge and tempers looked to be running short, but it looked polished and detailed. The controls were intuitive and responsive and I felt completely home taking out some T Virus scum. Keep an eye on the site over the following week or two for my full review of Revelations.


Whilst attempting to send a tweet out to @KittyKat1988_ a car loving, FPS fan and twitter nut, I remembered the biggest title I was looking forward to playing before I review it is GRID 2; the 5 year later sequel to Race Driver: GRID from racing game powerhouse Codemasters. How do I sum up what I played? The AI is actually intelligent, the cars feel much more real than any I’ve ever experienced in a game and it looks and sounds magnificent. If you have been following our GRID 2 coverage in the lead up to its release you will know just how excited I am about this game – multiply that by 10… no 100, and that’s how I felt after getting hands on. I can see some late nights with beer, pizza and my buddy Ben coming up soon when I finally get my hands on this game.

Lost Planet 3 was also on the show floor with many attendees stuck to the controller, frozen in joy. Lost Planet 3 is in fact a series prequel and takes a look at E.D.N III when it was more of a frontier planet. Spark Unlimited (Developer) and Capcom have promised more focus, more approachable gameplay and more chills. I ran out of time to play Lost Planet 3, but did manage to catch the last 5 minutes of live gameplay footage on the Game Stage. Take yourself over to Twitch.tv and catch up for yourself and let me know what you think.

Other games on the show floor included (in no particular order) Dofus (Windows/MAC), Dynasty Warriors 3 (Xbox360, PS3), Luigi’s Mansion (3DS), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS/WiiU), Utimate Ninja Storm 3 (Xbox360/PS3), the incredible looking Tales of Xillia (PS3), Wakfu (Windows/Mac), One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (PS3), a title we recently reviewed; Persona 4 Arena (Xbox360/PS3), Tekken Card Tournament (PC, iOS, Mobile), Mario Kart 7 (3DS), a game I cannot wait to play when it arrives on the door step; Metro: Last Light (Xbox360/PS3/PC), soon to be released; Remember Me (Xbox360/PS3/PC) and Project X Zone (3DS). A handful of these I managed to get a couple minutes of game time with, but very limited. Remember Me looks fantastic and I wish Tales of Xillia was out for the Xbox360 because it would definitely be on my buy list.

The last thing I have to share with you is Splinter Cell Blacklist. I had almost forgot I had a seat reserved for me on the Games Stage, so at 15:58 I dashed through the crowd to take my place 2 rows from the front to watch a live stealth demo with commentary from Ubisoft Art Director Scott Lee. Instead of talking about it, head here to watch the full demo with commentary – watch it as I did and enjoy!

And there you have it, my games coverage albeit short and sweet of what was on offer at MCM Expo. This was very much just a warm up in preparation for EuroGamer later this year for some people, but I hope I have given you a glimpse of what was on offer and maybe even convinced you to head down (or up (or over the channel)) to London next year for MCM Expo 2014.


Deadpool @ MCM London Comic Con


Visitors to MCM London Comic Con on 24-26 May will get an exclusive worldwide first to play of Deadpool, Activision’s exciting new actioner starring Marvel Comics‘ iconic anti-hero. The publisher says that show attendees will have the chance to get hands-on with two levels from the upcoming game, which will be released on Xbox 360 (and other none important platforms) on 28 June.

As if getting a worldwide exclusive first play isn’t enough, visitors will also be able to take part in a range of special Deadpool activities across the weekend:

  • Everyone who plays the game will get a free and exclusive Deadpool poster with artwork that has been especially created for MCM London Comic Con by a Marvel artist.
  • Everyone who pre-orders Deadpool from GAME at the Activision stand will walk away with an exclusive Deadpool T-shirt (while stocks last).
  • At 2pm on the Saturday of the show, Activision will be giving away 1,000 awesome Deadpool masks – don your epic new headgear and do some Deadpooling!
  • Get your picture taken against the Deadpool photo wall emblazoned with an image of the iconic marvel character, tweet it with the hashtag #DeadpoolGame and on each day of the show Activision will pick one lucky tweeter who will win a copy of the game (to be sent to them when it releases).

I will be heading to our beautiful capital city this Saturday (25th May) to attend and report back exclusively for ThisisXbox. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@KrisWB) for live pictures and updates throughout the day. I’ll also be meeting the @Razer team to get some hands on time with their new Atrox Arcade Controller for Xbox 360 as seen below:

Keep your eyes open for my full report on Sunday!

Mister Sinister and Psylocke revealed for Deadpool

Deadpool Screenshot

The official Deadpool game Facebook page have released a couple of promotional images detailing some of the guest stars for the foul-mouthed mercenary’s first solo outing. The characters involved are Cyclops’ worst enemy, Mister Sinister. As well as psychic purple haired X-Man, Psylocke.

Check out the images below.

Mister Sinister Psylocke

High Moon Studios’ Deadpool is out on the Xbox 360 on June 25th