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Survival adventure The Other 99 teased

the other 99

It would appear to be the time of year to announce or release survivalist adventure titles. The recent announcement of Valley and release of titles like The Solus Project and ARK have given any future titles in the genre a high bar to try to reach. UK developing startup, Burning Arrow, have created The Other 99 however. It’s caught the attention of Lords of the Fallen publisher Deck 13, who have agreed a deal to publish this debut game on Xbox One.

So, what will the game be about? Well, as with all survivalist adventures, there’s an element of danger. For The Other 99, this entails 99 other survivalists on the Island you’re trying to escape from. You start the game with a note which reads, “the only way off the island is through the other 99”. Each enemy non playable character is just as desperate to survive as you and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Expect to come up against heavy resistance in your quest to escape the insland.

The title will feature brutal visceral combat, a story driven exploration and elements of stealth.

Co-owner of Burning Arrow, Thomas Brown is thrilled to be working with Deck 13;

We are very excited about our debut title, The Other 99 and are thankful to Deck 13 for spotting its potential. We look forward to their continued support and can’t wait to bring out more information in the coming months.

The title is scheduled for a third quarter 2016 Xbox One release currently, heading to Steam Early Access in July. You can find out more about this new UK developer, Burning Arrow, here. I’m hoping that Burning Arrow will provide more information soon, as I can see some interest in the title building over the coming months. It’s always nice to see a UK developer recognised for it’s hard work.

The Surge opens up with new artwork


So, who liked Lords of the Fallen? Developer Deck 13 have today revealed the first set of artwork from their brand new IP, The Surge.

This hardcore new action RPG will feature tight combat mechanics and unique, exciting equipment and an upgrade system that’s bizarrely tied to dismemberment.

This new artwork gives us a sneak-peek at an industrial R&D project blueprint and we learn about this dystopian world with some PR from CREO founder Jonah Guttenberg. This in-game mysterious industrial company manufactures and designs products associated with The Surge, commissioned by the billionaire philanthropist.

This will, of course have huge consequences for the world, and for you as the player.

The Surge is speeding it’s way to Xbox One in 2017.