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Deep Silver Are Sorry for Offensive Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition

I thought it looked a pretty cool package all in all, admittedly looking at the statue of the torso of a woman wearing a Brit flag bakini top and thinking… “wow there must be some real sav...[Read More]

Sacred Citadel screenshots revealed

Deep Silver have released 3 new screenshots of their side-scrolling action brawler, Sacred Citadel, due out next year as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title. Keep reading for screenshots and FAQ’s.

Dead Island Riptide Reveal This Summer

Deep Silver has announced the development of a new entry to the Dead Island franchise. The next battle between life and death will be waged in Dead Island Riptide and is currently in full development ...[Read More]

Deep Silver Wins Two Marketing Awards for Dead Island

Deep Silver has received two important awards this week for its marketing campaign for Dead Island, the award-winning zombie action game.

Summer Stars 2012 Demo Out Now

Deep Silver and 49Games today released a demo for Summer Stars 2012, a Kinect compatible sports game for the Xbox 360. Think “Winter Stars” with a lot more sunshine maybe?

Deep Silver Release New Screenshots for Summer Stars 2012

Deep Silver and 49Games today released new screenshots for the upcoming sports game Summer Stars 2012 (compatible with Kinect  for Xbox 360). We were fortunate enough to be able to review Winter Stars...[Read More]

Deep Silver Confirms UK Release Date for Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters

Deep Silver has today confirmed the UK release date for the intense action flight simulator Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters with the date all set for March 9th 2012. It’s clearly not a Mas...[Read More]

Catherine Review

Catherine is a weird one to say the least and unlike any other game you’re likely to have played. In short the only way this can be described is to imagine your worst nightmare if it consisted of bad ...[Read More]


During December last year, Deep Silver released an interactive video for the action-adventure/puzzle mix Catherine. With this video Deep Silver asked which relationship type the users are – woul...[Read More]

Risen 2: Dark Waters Receives Limited Edition Treatment

Deep Silver has today announced the limited Collector’s Edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters on the Xbox 360 that will be released in the UK on April 27th 2012 alongside the standard edition of the game.

Catherine Stray Sheep Unboxing Video

Catherine, The “Stray Sheep Edition” is named after the Stray Sheep Bar where Vincent, the game’s protagonist, spends most of his time after work and interacts with his lifelong friends,seeking advice...[Read More]

Pre-order Catherine to Receive Valentines Gifts

Catherine from Deep Silver, set to be released next month is abound with gifts just in time for valentines day. An exclusive artbook and a soundtrack CD will be available for anyone that will preorder...[Read More]