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First look at Battlefield V multiplayer

During EA Play we got our first (short) look at Battlefield V multiplayer and the Frostbite engine looks as good as ever. But is it more of them same as previous years I hear you murmur? Well if it isn’t broke don’t fix it – but yes DICE have tweaked things further.

Smashing through windows you can quite literally get the drop on your enemies and catch them by surprise. I was always a fan of stationary weapons, but the problem with them is that they are… well, stationary. In Battlefield V you can move stationary weapons around the battlefield – in one scene one is even being towed by a truck.

Destruction is back and bigger (and better?) than ever – tanks were shown ripping through buildings, which was easily my favourite pastime in Bad Company. The best news is that there will be no loot boxes and no premium pass. Surely EA haven’t learnt their lesson?

Unfortunately – for me at least – here comes the massive sigh. Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield, although with Battlefield’s system I might actually enjoy DICE’s take on what’s becoming an oversaturated game mode.

More from Battlefield V is going to be shown of during the Xbox briefing with Nordly’s War Story – one of the single player stories. With the below trailer also featuring an Xbox One splash, it’s safe to assume there will be some form of exclusive Xbox content.

Battlefield 1943 comes to Xbox Backward Compatibility

This one really brings back some fond memories. Battlefield 1943 was probably the first online multiplayer shooter that this gamer can remember playing, and not sucking at! And, if you owned previously or have EA Access the game it now available for free with the magic of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program.

Originally released in July 2009 and developed by EA Dice, Battlefield 1943 saw the player as as either being Marines with the United States Marine Corps or with the Imperial Japanese Navy and was a 24 v 24 multiplayer only game with three maps: Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima. After all players collectively reached 43 million kills, players received access to an additional Coral Sea map.

If you’ve not managed to pick this up previously click here to purchase on the Xbox site.

Everything you need to know about Battlefield V (so far)


Everything you need to know about Battlefield V (so far)

Yesterday saw the launch event of Battlefield V (or Battlefield 5 as some are calling it). After the success of Battlefield 1 it was widely thought to take place in WW2, although there were some rumour’s of it actually being based on the Vietnam war. However, the initial thoughts were correct and the game will indeed be set in World War 2. EA Access members will be able to play on October 11th, with the Deluxe Edition following on the 16th, and the standard edition on October 19th. Anyone who pre-orders the game will also gain access to the Beta.

We already know that Battlefield V will continue the smaller “vignette” story missions as opposed to a larger continuous campaign. In my opinion this worked extremely well in BF1, so much so that it’s rumoured to be a feature in Black Ops 4 later this year. There will also be a four player co-op mode called “Combined Ops” where your team have to stay undetected behind enemy lines in order to complete an objective.

EA are also ditching the season pass (and loot boxes) for BFV, instead focusing on smaller daily and weekly events to be rolled out across the games life, called Tides of War. There is a rumored Battle Royale mode coming as well.

The official website lists ten things that are new, different and key to Battlefield V.

1. Deeper Squad Play
As the trailer kicks off, a squad is knee-deep in an intense battle, storming a house on the French countryside. Things don’t go as planned, but through teamplay – like the ability to drag downed squad mates to safety and reviving them – you can improve the odds when playing Battlefield V. Team work is even more important this time around, since it generates squad points which will help your team win the day. More on that later!

2. Feeling the impact of the battlefield
The aforementioned house won’t survive long, as it gets in the way of both bullets and tanks. With Battlefield V, we want to ground you in the battlefield to an even larger extent. Through a complete overhaul of our animation system, you’ll feel how the world impacts you – and how you impact the world. You’ll experience this in many ways, from your soldier backpedaling on the ground to an explosive shockwave impacting its surroundings.

3. Towing Stationary Weapons
Just shy of a minute into the trailer, you can spot a British Valentine tank towing a Flak-38 stationary weapon towards a new, strategic location. And yes, the Flak-38 is fully functional even when being towed. We want you to use the hardware you find to turn the battlefield to your advantage. This makes every match and map different each time you play it. We can’t wait to see you using towing for new takes on classic Battlefield moves – like the ultimate drive-by.

4. Soldiers that Look and Play Differently Than Any Other Soldier on the Battlefield
The squad in the trailer does not have your basic look or gear. These soldiers are part of an evolved Company which, through many battles, has earned high-end customization items, many of which are inspired by the untold stories of WW2. Watch the trailer again – it will be hard to find two soldiers that look alike. The customization is not just about vanity – you’ll spot soldiers wielding anything from customized sniper rifles to anti-tank gear, each filling a unique role on the battlefield that they’ve chosen to fit their playstyle.

5. Fortifications and Repairs
A few moments later, we pick up a dropped weapon from the ground – but did you notice the work being done in the background? Teammates are fortifying their position, building a wall of sandbags, and assembling a stationary weapon. When we launch, you’ll be able to repair and fortify structures to gain the upper hand against attackers.

6. Destruction as a Tactic
A refined destruction system in Battlefield V allows you to push through larger objects like the house in the opening, creating new tactical options. The destruction is also more granular than before, and you’ll see how weapons of different caliber create different bullet holes and splinters when penetrating walls.

7. Throw Back and Shoot Grenades in Mid-air
With an evolved grenade system, you’ll be able to pull off some goose bump-inducing moves, like the one around the one-minute-thirty mark. Not only can grenades be thrown back, they can be shot in mid-air, which may create some truly epic Battlefield moments – especially if an enemy plane happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8. Customized Vehicles and Weapons
Every battle is different in Battlefield V. Every story is untold – and every soldier is unique. We want you to make your tools of the trade feel like your own, personal gear. You’ll see a lot of personalized weapons and vehicles in the trailer, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with when you deploy on the battlefield.

9. New Settings and a Unique Take on World War 2
Creating this map and choosing this period of WW2 is a good example of our main Battlefield V ambition: letting you visit lesser known battlefields. The surroundings seen are based on events leading up to the evacuation of Dunkirk, in an era where German tank warfare reached its peak. Overall, it’s WW2 like you’ve never seen it before. However, it’s also a classic, all-out battlefield experience where infantry, tank, and planes clash. As you fight in the marshlands and dense vegetation surrounding the center piece – a partially destroyed Escaut Bridge – there’s a place for every playstyle. Will you go for the close-range assault style, locking down the path across the bridge? Or will you rule the skies as the pilot of a Spitfire and bring death from above to anything that moves? Your call.

10. Call in Devastating Reinforcements
The trailer goes out with a bang when a V1 Rocket is fired. The V1 and other powerful Reinforcements can be called in by a Squad Leader who has earned enough squad points. Again – team play will pay off! We’ll cover improved squad play, Reinforcements, and other multiplayer innovations in more detail at EA Play on June 9th.

Battlefield V being revealed on May 23rd

The success of Battlefield 1 meant that EA were probably going to stick with a WW1/WW2 setting for the next instalment of the Battlefield series, and there have been lots of rumours on both the title being Battlefield V, and that the focus would move to World War 2.

Well, the title has now been confirmed as Battlefield V, and there will be a live reveal on Wednesday May 23rd at 10pm UK time. Are the rumours of a WW2 setting true, or does the V have a connotation with Vietnam? I guess we will find out on the 23rd!


Miramar map arriving on Xbox One PUBG on May 24th

The Crew 2 gets an open beta from May 31st to June 4th

Star Wars Battlefront 2 review

Despite its iffy UI, I really enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront. Sure it had some issues, but it looked great and gave me the experience of being slap bang in the middle of the Star Wars universe – and with authenticity at its heart – how could any Star Wars fan dislike it?

Upon staring Battlefront 2 I headed right for the shiniest new thing – and something that fans have been crying out for – a single player campaign. Playing on the wrong side of the force, you take on the role as Special Forces badass Iden Versio. The game begins with Iden in custody. Your mission is to escape and prevent the rebels from learning the true plans of the Empire’s trap on the forest moon of Endor. Well we all know how that played out… the main guts of the story is the telling of how the stragglers of the Empire moved on after the events of Return of the Jedi.

The campaign plays like smaller individual multiplayer missions that are strung together – but unlike Battlefront 2’s multiplayer – I really enjoyed the campaign. The story fills in many of the blanks to the Force Awakens and plays out from the perspectives of different key characters while also visiting several locations from the films, giving each one a history and purpose that is otherwise absent from the films.

Mostly the campaign is a whirlwind tour of the most loved heroes and locations of the films while pausing on Jakku to tell the story of the famous battle and climaxing with an ever so slightly juxtaposed ending that links to the beginning events of the Force Awakens.

Unlike the first game, there’s plenty of content to keep single players happy and the arcade mode has received significant attention to make it worth something more than just a fleeting visit with a variety of dark and light scenarios that span the Star Wars universe.

In a rather novel twist, it’s the multiplayer of Battlefront 2 that feels tacked on. With only five modes – three of which play exactly the same albeit different player counts – there is a real lack of variety to the multiplayer that is also lacking in an overall defining mode. The first Battlefront had the epic battles of Walker Assault, which have been sorely overlooked in the sequel.

Nothing in this multiplayer offering delivers that same wow factor or creates the expanse of an ever-changing playing field. Without this excitement I felt rather deflated by a bland set of modes that not only lacked in fun, but also lacked a sense of scale and that’s despite a 20 vs. 20 player count.

To make things worse – and in a similar way to Battlefield – Battlefront is unkind to new players. Starting with only one star card slot, new players will fall victim to opponents with a full complement of buffs. This isn’t helped by a ticket system that each team is restricted by – new players are a huge burden as they whittle away spawn tickets because they simply can’t complete against high-levelled players. Simply put, multiplayer is a mess.

To get to the good stuff you must grind hard to get new weapons and star cards, which can also be unlocked via a random loot crate system that has seen much criticism from the fan base. Let’s make it clear devs – an element of luck to unlock buffs puts an odd (and unfair) spin to a game and one that I can’t be arsed to entertain. I like to know what I’m playing for. Hitting a level grade and being rewarded with a new piece of gear is fine but random loot drops is just lame.


To be honest this perfectly sums up how I feel about multiplayer. The exciting world I once found now feels cumbersome. The thrill of escorting walkers is long gone, while long load times is inexcusable – I have to wonder what has gone wrong with the game’s development. Even the shakeup to Heroes and Villains, which introduces multiple spawns as you seek to kill a specific target on the enemy team and the introduction of epic space battles falls victim to the system of star card buffs.

Battlefront 2 looks gorgeous, it sounds gorgeous and even the single player experience can be defined as gorgeous. It’s just a shame that the multiplayer is lacking on so many fronts. It boggles my mind at how the excellence of the first game hasn’t been built upon. Maybe with numerous tweaks and content that will be inevitably delivered via season pass content, the multiplayer can reach the scope and variety of the first game. Meanwhile, I will be sticking with the campaign and playing couch Arcade co-op with my son.

Thanks to EA for supporting TiX

Battlefield 1 expansion “Turning Tides” launching December 11th

Players will soon be able to experience battles on land, in the air, and at sea on the newest front with Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, the third expansion pack available for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides will be released in two waves – the first wave is coming on December 11th for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners. Players will be able to fight across a duo of epic maps, including Cape Helles and Achi Baba. In a new Operation set on these maps, players can take part in the 1915 British amphibious assault of the Gallipoli peninsula. There will be a new Infiltrator Elite Class, six weapons and two melee weapons added to your arsenal, and you’ll get to rule the waves with the L-Class Destroyer. The second wave, coming January 2018, puts players in the North Sea to tackle two other unique maps: Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight, with the chance to charge into battle with the new Royal Marines and spawn on the C-Class Airship.

Battlefield 1 – In the Name of the Tsar Expansion revealed

At the EA Play conference as part of E3, EA have announced a new expansion that is coming to Battlefield 1, “In the Name of the Tsar”. This expansion includes six new maps as well as new vehicles, a new mode, and 11 new weapons. You’ll play as the Russian Army, including the Women’s Battalion of Death. The release date is expected for September 2017.

There will also be 2 new maps coming – Nivelle Nights in June, and Prise de Tahure in July, both of which feature nighttime maps.

Also coming to Battlefield will be a new competitive experience, with more details coming at Gamescom later this year.

Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass coming in March

The first expansion for Battlefield 1 ,They Shall Not Pass, will be released in March, featuring all-new maps, new weapons, and the new playable French Army faction.

BF1 They Shall Not Pass

The four new maps will be: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture, and will take place on a range of terrain and features, such as underground forts, decrepit tanks, towns under fire and forests ablaze. There will also be a new game mode called Frontline, offering a mix of Conquest and Rush where you fight for control points in a tug-of-war. You’ll also be able to take control of the French Char 2C tank, otherwise known as the Steel Behemoth, and the St. Chamond (assault tank gun), alongside the French army.

There’s a new elite class too, the Trench Raider, who uses a raider club and grenade arsenal, and a new stationary weapon known as the Siege Howitzer which acts like a mortar.

The expansion hits digital shelves in March.

Star Wars Battlefront gets the Rogue One treatment


With the rapidly incoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie about to hit the box office, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront have released a whole new experience for the game.

Set in a galaxy, far, far, away, Battlefront has released the fourth and final expansion pack for all Season Pass owners. Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif will introduce players to all-new epic battles and content inspired by the latest movie in the franchise.

You will be able to touch down from space onto the planet of Scarif and fight across beaches and jungle as the defiant Jyn Erso. You could also choose to defend against incoming forces as the cruel but brilliant Advanced Weapons Research director, Orson Krennic. These new playable heroes will also come with their respective signature weapons to wield.

Also introduced is Infiltration. This new game mode is multi-staged and again is inspired by Rogue One. Battle across Scarif and try out the new weapons and Star Cards and power-ups.

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif includes:

New Locations:

  • Scarif Beach
  • Scarif Jungle
  • Landing Pad 13
  • Shield Gate

New Heroes:

  • Jyn Erso
  • Orson Krennic

New Weapons:

  • Jyn Erso’s A180 Blaster Pistol
  • Orson Krennic’s DT-29 Heavy Blaster

New Star Cards and power-ups:

  • Sonic Imploder
  • Tie Striker Power up
  • U-Wing Power-Up

New Game Mode:

  • Infiltration

Now, I know what you’re thinking, yes, there’s a trailer and yes, here it is.

Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif DLC is available now for all Season Pass owners, and should be available separately in around two weeks.