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Black Knight Sword 50% Off


Co-published by D3Publisher and Digital Reality, Black Knight Sword explores a bizarre world that pits players in the role of The Black Knight as he attempts to rid the world of the villainous and super evil Dark Princess. With a strange spin on a classic fairytale, Black Knight Sword blends traditional side-scrolling action with an unprecedented visual style.


I guarantee that you’ve never seen any game like it.

– Machinima

A throwback to the 16-bit era, Black Knight Sword has simple, yet addictive gameplay within a stylized hand-drawn puppet theater world. As an intriguing “Interactive Kamishibia” (paper drama), Black Knight Sword unfolds similar to a virtual pop-up book filled with memorable creatures to encounter and addictive challenges to overcome.


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Bang Bang Racing Review

Bang Bang Racing is a game that’s sure to tweak the nostalgia lobes. Each generation of gamers seem to have a similar little gem stored away. For some they’ll travel back to the time of the Micro Machine and the joy of racing along a kitchen worktop or pool table or,  if you’re slightly older, like myself, the top down racing genre brings memories of the magnificent Super Sprint flooding back.

And when memories as rich as those come pouring in it’s with undiluted excitement that I approach this Digital Reality and Playbox release for the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

But, as I remove the drivers helmet and walk shoulders slumped from the pit lane of Bang Bang Racing the only feelings washing over me are ones of disappointment and regret.

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Sine Mora Review

Sine Mora was released onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade this week, but do you reckon you’re up to the challenge to handle it with time mechanics that’ll leave even Dr Who shaking in his boots? It is a shoot em up of a very different kind offering a mix of old-school 2D fast paced shooting blended with stunning backdrops and cross section cut-scenes to show off your bullets in their best ejaculatory manner Continue reading Sine Mora Review

Bang Bang Racing – Obstacles Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Digital Reality’s latest Xbox LIVE Arcade development, Bang Bang Racing, races onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year – but for now, a new trailer showcasing the two camera modes along with the multiplayer options and all of the dangerous and varied objects and obstacles you’ll encounter. Continue reading Bang Bang Racing – Obstacles Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer