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Dishonored 2 review

Dishonored 2 has taught me a lot in the past week. Firstly, I’m not that good at being stealthy, I’m also not very patient, but I also learnt that Dishonored 2 is a blooming awesome game that let me play in whichever style I felt like. For those of you that have already play the original game, you’ll be please to know that you are getting the same sort of game, but with many improvements that make it an even better game.

Things have changed in Dunwall, Emily, daughter of Jessica has grown up and is now the empress, her father, Corvo has spent his life protecting Emily and training her to make sure she can handle herself – you’ll take part in a 10 minute tutorial which will get you back up to speed quickly. Life in Dunwall has improved until one fateful day, it’s at this point you are given a choice to play to save Corvo as Emily, or vice-Versa. My playthrough was as Emily.

In Dishonored 2, you spend more time away from Dunwall than you do in it, your base of operations is the Dreadful Wale, a paddle steamer helmed by Meagan Foster. It’s here that you are briefed on your next mission before being taken closer to land on her Skiff.

Throughout the 9 levels there is so much to explore, your playstyle is likely to determine how much you do or don’t discover. Silently making your way around a level, knocking guards unconscious is the best way to go about your playthorugh, you’ll get a slightly improved ending and a lot less blood on your hands. The downside is that you’ll spending the majority of your time reloading you last save to rectify any mistakes. Putting your sword through anyone you see will create higher Chaos and will make things even more of a challenge.


It might have been a lack of patience for me, but I ended up on a High Chaos playthrough. Simply running around without any sort of stealth will result in you dying more often than not, you’ll be easily outnumbered and meeting a grisly death before you know it. If you played the original games you’ll know all about the powers Corvo could harness, in Dishonored 2 Emily can too.

Powers such as Domino & Doppleganger are great fun to take advantage of, the first allows you to link together between 2-4 enemies, and then depending on what you do next determines the fate of them. Using a sleeping dart from your crossbow puts them all to sleep, whereas sticking a bullet in the cranium will see them all die instantly. Doppleganger creates an illusion of yourself which sees groups of enemies become completely distracted, allowing you to pass through undetected.

Guards aren’t as oblivious like in most games, they don’t always see you when you’d expect them to, but they are much smarter. I moved a glass in preparation to distract some enemies and the AI noticed it was missing only moments later, they’ll also pick up on the fact that guards have disappeared. It’s certainly refreshing to come up against more competent AI. It’s not only humans you’ll go up against, there are witches, werewolves and even the Clockwork Soldiers, created by the eccentric inventor Kirin Jindosh, more on him later.

The standout feature for me is the level design. As I mentioned earlier, there is a huge amount to explore, aside from the bonecharms and the runes there is a huge amount to discover. If you have the time, it’s great to go through the notes, journals, audio logs and newspapers to really get a feel for the story. You’ll gather clues for the missions you are on, whether it’s for combinations for safes, or solutions to various puzzles dotted around the level. Don’t bother trying to get solutions from the walkthroughs, Arkane Studios have made sure the solutions are randomised for every player, great stuff.


Dishonored 2 has produced some of the best levels I’ve played in recent times. There are two that stand out most. The first is the Clockwork Mansion, home of Kirin Jindosh. Much like the man himself his home is an eccentric puzzle. Levers around his home would completely change the configuration of the room, while the whole time Jindosh would be mocking you as you struggled to find him, of course like any of the levels there are ways to just bypass huge sections of map using your powers. The other level, allowed you to travel back and forth through time, but I won’t reveal any more.

The ending left me feeling a little flat, if I’m on honest, but I really enjoyed the rest of the story and discovering more about the characters as I progressed. Dishonored 2 is certainly one of my favourite games this year. It’s a beautiful game, with some spectacular levels, gorgeous sound design with lots to keep you occupied.

The fact that there are multiple ways of playing through the game means I’ll be back to play again, I’m also looking forward to revisiting on a New Game + (which is apparently on the way). One day I’m going to finish the game without murdering anyone, one day…

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Dishonored 2 has a 9gig day one update

Don’t expect to jump straight in to Dishonored 2 when you get it this Friday, as you’ll need to download a day one patch coming in at 9 gig.

According to the patch notes the following improvements have been made:

Improved texture streamer, shadow quality, reloading time, audio mix, framerate performance. Added mid mission stats screen and screenshot preview for saved games and various bug fixed

You’ll have to be patient it seems, hopefully it’s worth the wait!

You won’t be seeing any pre-release day reviews for Bethesda titles for a while

If you’re intending to check out reviews for Bethesda’s upcoming The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition or Dishonored 2 before committing your hard earned cash, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that there’ll be very few, if any, reviews of either title before release day. This is due to Bethesda’s review code policy, which means review copies won’t be sent to reviewers until the day before release.

Bethesda invoked this policy earlier this year for Doom, and yesterday on their official blog, Gary Steinman, Bethesda’s global content lead, confirmed they’ll be sticking with it for upcoming releases. In it Gary Steinman says:

With the upcoming launches of Skyrim Special Edition and Dishonored 2, we will continue our policy of sending media review copies one day before release.

This, of course, means reviewers will only get 24 hours before the game hits shelves, less than that when you take into account sleep. For both titles this means some outlets may rush their reviews, providing potentially inaccurate, and limited accounts of the game’s quality. These are more likely to convey a general feeling about the title rather than analysis. Other outlets, who take their time won’t be providing reviews for several days, if not weeks after release, advertising the game beyond normal timeframes and keeping it fresh in consumers minds.

The blog post goes on to say:

we want everyone, including those in the media, to experience our games at the same time.

From a business perspective this makes sense. Consumers are more likely to purchase titles that have no criticism to put them off and Bethesda can limit the amount of information that’s out of their control. This is hugely anti-consumer. Through this policy Bethesda are preventing you from learning about the quality of their game until release, by which time they will have earned their money through pre-orders and day one purchases.

Like most things, the best way this can be changed is by voting with your wallet and not pre-ordering or purchasing on day one. Waiting for reviews, videos, forums, and word of mouth to convince you of a game’s quality before purchasing is the best way to show Bethesda that their method of minimising risk is anti-consumer, and to ensure your money is well-spent.

Dishonored 2 live action trailer released

The released of Dishonored 2 is only a few weeks away, the closer the date gets the more excited I become, to make matters worse Bethesda have only gone and released a brilliant Live action trailer for the game…


The trailer is titled ‘take back what’s yours’and features Delilah, a mad witch armed with powerful black magic, seizes the throne and the fate of your Empire hangs in the balance, how far will you go to hunt down your enemies – and take back what’s yours?

In Dishonored 2 you’ll play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca – a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire.

Anyone who pre-orders Dishonored 2 will be able to play the game a day early before the official worldwide release in addition to receiving a free digital copy of Dishonored: Definitive edition.

Preorder Dishonored 2, play a day early

If you preorder Disnhonored 2, you’ll be able to play the game a day earlier than everyone else. The game is due to release on November 11, so those who preorder will get to play on the 10th.

A new gameplay video has also been released, titled ’Kill the Grand Inventor’.

Watch as Emily Kaldwin navigates the grand inventor’s treacherous and intricate Clockwork Mansion using her supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets – eliminating anyone who gets in her way.


Stay tuned tomorrow for ‘Save Anton Sokolov’ – a low chaos stealth and non-lethal playthrough of the Clockwork Mansion.

Is this on anyone else’s wish list?

Dishonored 2 heads to EGX

Want to be among the first to play Dishonored 2? Of course you do, so best get yourself over to the NEC in Birmingham during September 22-25 because the game will make its global public debut at EGX.

We’re thrilled that Bethesda has chosen EGX as the venue to bring Dishonored 2 to consumers for the very first time”, said David Lilley, EGX Managing Director. “It’s a further demonstration of the growing importance of EGX on the global stage.

For fans of developer sessions, you will be excited to hear that Arkane Studios’ Art Director, Sebastien Mitton, will be heading up his own session discussing his artistic approach for Dishonored 2. The session, which is scheduled for September 22 at 16:00, will also be live streamed on EGX’s twitch channel.

Dishonored was in attendance at a previous EGX where there were some sweet tshirts being handed out (I still have mine). I wonder if the guys and gals at Arkane Studios have some new goodies for fans? I can’t go unfortunately…


TiX Podcast: Dissecting E3

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens, Steve Peacock and special guest Derek McRoberts for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 29 Dissecting E3.

In this episode the trio discuss as many of the E3 announcements as they can remember, as well as some of the recent content to hit the TiX site, and they introduce their new site: This is VR. And of course there’s the usual silly banter you’d expect.

Apologies for Derek’s audio, it turned out pretty bad.


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Dishonored 2 releases November 11

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have announced that Dishonored 2 will be available Worldwide on November 11.

The world premiere of Dishonored 2 gameplay will take place during Bethesda’s 2016 E3 Showcase being held in Los Angeles, California on June 12th beginning at 7pm PST, and streamed live around the world via Twitch and YouTube.

In Dishonored 2, you’ll play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano? Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game’s hand-crafted missions.

Bethesda will be at E3 2016

Bethesda E3 2016 preview

Despite there being four months until we get to enjoy the madness of E3 2016, Bethesda have gone and announced their plans already, confirming they will be holding their second ever E3 briefing on Sunday, June 12, starting at 1900 PST / 0300 Monday BST.

Although precisely what the briefing will contain hasn’t been revealed the image they released along with this announcement contains references to the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises as well as Doom and Dishonored.

It’d be reasonable to assume that we’ll be seeing more on Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 DLC, a release date for Doom and more info on the Elder Scrolls Online’s future content. But for fun lets speculate wildly and hope for a new Elder Scrolls game reveal.