Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition review

I used to love RPG gaming. Fighting unrealistic odds with nothing more than cold steel and some fantasy magic on your side to save the world from impending doom. I last played a decent RPG when I stil...[Read More]

Divinity: Original Sin will bust you up

Who’s up for a fight then? Larian Studios and Focud Home Interactive, it would appear, but don’t worry, it’s all good fun. The developer and publisher merely want to show off the com...[Read More]

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition dated

Larian Studios’ are nearly ready to release the Xbox One version of the multi-award winning RPG, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. They’re so nearly ready in fact, they’ve ann...[Read More]

Focus Home Interactive E3 line-up

With E3 just around the corner our good friends at Focus Home Interactive have revealed their line-up including presentations of the games by the developers + hands-on sessions. In addition to this th...[Read More]