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Gang Beasts coming to PS4 on December 12th

The hilarious multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts is finally here, and will be released on PS4 on December 12th. I have had the pleasure of playing this at many EGX’s over the years and have had lot...[Read More]

Starbreeze Publishing to bring Psychonauts 2 to consoles

It might not be coming to consoles until 2018, but Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 has picked up a prestigious publishing deal with independent publishing firm, Starbreeze AB to bring the game to co...[Read More]

Rhythm puzzler 140 coming to Xbox One

Double Fine, publisher of some smashing titles already on Xbox One, have recently announced a partnership with serial video game adapters, Abstraction Games, to bring Jeppe Carlsen’s 140 to Xbox...[Read More]

Gaming Masterclass

Hey folks, welcome to what I hope is a new ongoing series of articles (I may come up with a better name down the line), where we go through some of the best levels, segments and great ideas that the X...[Read More]

The Cave Review

On a dark and dreary night, the camera pans down from the musky purple backdrop to reveal seven protagonists. Three of them are to be chosen by you to go on a series of wild and wacky adventures. Awai...[Read More]