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Killer Instinct Season 3

killer instinct season 3

Announced yesterday at gamescom the Battletoad Rash finds his new challenge in the Killer Instinct world, showing off some stylish moves and combos, the fireball eating toad will put up a good fight against the biggest of opponents. Rash is only available until 8th September but will be joining the roster in March 2016 on Xbox one and Windows 10!

At the end is a teaser for one of the characters I have been impatiently waiting to join the roster, can you guess who it is?

Why is March so far away..

Xbox @ gamescom – Killer Instinct Season 3 – here comes Rash

rash killer instinct

Killer Instinct Season 3 was announced today and it is slated for release in March 2016. From today a guest character will be invading the scene until 8th September – Rash from Battletoads! This is the early stage of Rash’s design, his final form will be revealed with the rest of Killer Instinct season 3 in March. You will have access to him if you own Rare Replay and have loaded up Battletoads or have previously brought any piece of Killer Instinct content.

Shadow Jago gets his move set

shadow jago killer instinct
Yesterday during Evo2015 Iron Galaxy went through some changes to expect for Shadow Jago (Shago), he will finally become his own character and receive his boss move set which is quite different to Jago’s while seemingly familiar. Shago will have an interesting combat trait called Shadow Surge, this enables you to spend a little bit of your Shadow meter to enhance a special attack with a second button press. Using the Shadow Surge while throwing a Shendokuken while on the floor will throw out a second fireball at an angle, you can now also throw out a horizontal air fireball!

shago 2 killer instinct
Dark Stalking Is Boss Shago’s Signature Divekick, using it normally will result in a bounce off on hit or block but adding surge to this move will hit repeatedly and land safely on block, with surge it can be used as an opener on hit and also as a linker.

shago 1 killer instinct
Shago is losing the Laser Sword and having his Wind Kick replaced by the Dark Slide, which will trigger with the same motion. It is a slide kick that you would have been hit by a lot while fighting the computer as Boss Shago, adding Surge to this will teleport you behind your opponent for a crossup but is unsafe.

Dark Fury is Shago’s uppercut move that hits multiple times but has no horizontal momentum like Jago’s Tiger Fury, which will allow you to stop crossup attacks early, adding Surge to Dark Fury will teleport you back to the ground for a repeat attack.

Dark dashing lets you cover more distance than Jago’s dash but takes longer to get to there, during this motion he phases out and back in again making him briefly invulnerable and able to pass through enemies like Saberwulf or Chief Thunder in Instinct mode, you can also dash cancel with a throw, Dark Fury uppercut or Dark Stalking Divekick.

No word on what Shago’s Instinct mode will be yet, they are keeping that secret for a later reveal.

Killer Instinct: Aria trailer


The final character in the season 2 roster of Killer Instinct arrived 29/5/15 for Ultra Combo edition owners and will arrive 4/6/15 for Combo Breaker edition holders. The CEO of ultratech is coming to dish out some serious damage to all that oppose her! Aria was showcased at Combo Breaker 2015 hosted by Delriach and Keits through the teamspOOky twitch channel, Check out the Aria presentation here.

Iron Galaxy have done its fans proud by bringing their A game this season and giving the fans a lot of new things to enjoy, Even though the last character has now dropped we still have a full story mode and Aria’s classic costume to look forward to. Explore the new shadows mode to put a version of your self out in the wild to fight other roaming shadows and rack up the points, Getting to many loses against a certain character? Fight against that character more so your shadow learns how to deal with those situations! 

Killer Instinct Season 2 – Aria

ARIA Concept Art

Some news has dropped over at Ultra-Combo about the last entry in Killer Instinct Season 2, ARIA is shaping up and a brief list of what to expect can be found here on the textual stream. On another note the Shadow Jago Community Event Fund reached its goal within 72 hours! $50k of the money is the prize pool for EVO this year. Shadow Jago will receive his boss move set later this year. So many things to look forward to this year, COME ON JULY 17!!!!

Killer Instinct – Shadow Jago

shadow jago

After a long time of begging, Shadow Jago is finally available to purchase to all that did not get him as part of the Day One editions of the Xbox One console or Xbox Live way back in 2013. He does however come attached to a community fund, which is for a very good cause. From Cinders’ release date (30.4.15) for two weeks, 100% of the revenue will go towards tournaments up to $100,000. “This community fund will go directly to enhancing tournament prizes for EVO and other fighting game community events in 2015-2016”.

For £15.99 you will of course receive Shadow Jago and 7,500 KI gold (which is £15.99 alone) to unlock in game content such as accessories and costumes, all of this will go towards the community fund. This bundle is only available until may 14th so you better get in there quick!

Killer instinct : Cinder trailer – Aria tease


Finally Cinder is here, burning his way to a screen near you on April 30th for ultra edition holders and May 6th for combo breaker edition holders.

Like the look of that? Check out the Cinder live stream from iron galaxy to see how he plays right here.

Aria is the last character in the KI season 2 roster.

You have shown fierce resolve to defeat every adversary, but I have also revealed a vulnerability. I Aria, know everywhere you are weak, everywhere you are blind, everywhere you are defenseless, and ultratech shall be the agent of your destruction.

Killer instinct season 2: Cinder


One of the biggest favorites amongst the KI Community is almost here, the intensively heated Cinder will be joining the rosters very soon and he is shaping up nicely! We saw him at the end of Hisako’s trailer a while back and I must admit to be very excited about how he will play! Cinder will be retaining some of his move set but with the ability to add potential burn damage to his opponents. Iron Galaxy have done an amazing job on season 2 so far so please check out the textual stream for Cinder’s updated move set!