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New Killer Instinct Back Stories – Glacius

glacius Killer Instinct
Another new updated back story from the crew over at Ultra-Combo, this week we get an insight to Glacius’s race and learn the story of how he entered the Killer Instinct Tournament.

The alien being called Glacius hails from a distant planetary system where he serves as a galactic marshal, hunting down lifeforms that have violated any of the “88 Decrees” of the Alliance of Worlds. Powerful telepathic beings, Glacius’s race has the ability to bend simple molecular structure to their will, encasing their relatively defenseless bodies in all manner of protective shells. This gives their species an ability to adapt to environments easily and turn local resources from any planet into native forms of defense and attack, allowing them to move from planet to planet, and thus always with a means of besting their quarry. A faint distress signal reaches the marshal’s relay network, sent from the fringes of known space. The location is pinpointed on a developing world, the only data available on it found in the deep archives. A notorious criminal from decades earlier had fled into deep space, pursued by the marshals until a final battle took place near the planet. The criminal’s ship was heavily damaged in the battle, lost control, and burned up in the atmosphere. The case was considered closed and the criminal filed as deceased. Responding to the odd, ancient transmission, Glacius’ ship is attacked by weapons technologies this race should not possess – ones that only an elevated species would have access to. Unprepared from such an assault, his ship is heavily damaged and it crashes in Antarctica. The impact from the crash destroys Glacius’ native shell, so he quickly adopts the arctic ice to his body, forming a new shell. Then he sets out to find the origin of the weapons used on him, and those responsible for the fake signal as well as the attack on his ship. His transition to a new shell takes some time, however, and during this metamorphosis he discovers that components of his ship have been removed, including the highly confidential dimensional fold power core, which allows his ship to move great distances through space. As a security measure, it should have detonated on removal from his ship, but it did not self-destruct. As he sets out from the crash site and observes the creatures on Earth, he realizes their technology is corrupted – they have been exposed to ideas and technologies they should not yet have, a serious violation of several of the “88 Decrees”. Glacius is lured into the Killer Instinct tournament through carefully orchestrated clues to his core’s location. He plays along with the leads, knowing he is being set up for some unknown purpose, but confident in his ability to defeat anything this planet can throw at him. He assumes that he will eventually confront the one responsible for his crash and the origin of the alien tech that has uplifted this world. Finally confronting Sadira, Glacius defeats the one whom he suspects holds the answers, only to realize she too was playing a part in a greater manipulation. He watches as she uses samples of his genetic code taken during the battle to bypass the safeties on the fold core and open a wormhole to… elsewhere. The portal opens only briefly before it collapses, but Glacius recognizes the importance of this act. Someone on this planet now has control over a fold core, meaning they can bend space to their will. This is a serious violation of the “88 Decrees,” and to leave now would be a criminal act on his part. His path set before him, he vows to search further and discover the holder of the core before they can abuse its powers. During his training, Glacius studied the dangers of folding space and the powers it could unleash in the wrong hands. Misuse of this power could open doorways to places best left sealed and cross not only simple distance, but dimensions, some of which contain things that have been “removed” for the greater good due to their corruptive natures. Fearing the corruption that comes from contact with these beings, Glacius focuses on improving his Hail technique to keep these new horrors at bay.

I am enjoying these new back stories they are creating for all of the characters, I would like to see how or what they will do with Fulgore and Chief Thunder’s stories soon.


New Killer Instinct Back Stories – Saberwulf


This week the Killer Instinct crew at Ultra-Combo visit the castle of Saberwulf and get an insight into his updated backstory. It’s fair to say that I’m enjoying Killer Instinct on Xbox One.

Born into a venerable and aristocratic German family, Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf was a well-educated but idle man, prone to addiction and vice. After inheriting the family’s castle from his ailing parents, he discovered a secret chamber and laboratory holding the relics of the Night Guard: an ancient order dedicated to the hunting of nefarious monsters. The Sabrewulf clan, Konrad gleaned from family lore, was responsible for wiping out the werewolves across most of Europe.

Drunkenly fumbling through the hidden archives one day, he accidentally cut himself on one of the family’s many trophies: A mounted claw of a giant wolf. Unknown to Konrad at the time, the paw was from a werewolf, its power to pass on the curse still dormant within the severed limb.

On the next full moon, Konrad transformed into a deranged werewolf, becoming one of the very beasts that his family hunted for generations. Still addicted to various drugs, but now with the power and rage of a feral beast inside him, Sabre destroyed most of his own castle, driving his servants away and isolating himself within the half-ruined estate.

On returning to human form, Konrad discovered that any hope of a cure had been obliterated by his own fits of rage and destruction. Desperately, he pieced together the remnants of his family’s work and began experimenting on himself, trying to break the curse and return him to normalcy. This drove him further and further into heavy opiate use, fits of rage, and madness. He became more wolf than man.

As the rumors of a dark creature spread beyond the isolated villages near his estate, Ultratech took notice. Lured from his home with the promise of a scientific cure, Ultratech experimented on and attempted to weaponize Sabrewulf, replacing his arms with cybernetics and extending his transformations until the cycle was reversed; the man barely materialized, the beast ran wild.

Breaking free of Ultratech’s control after being thrown into an early Killer Instinct tournament, Sabrewulf returned to his castle, ripped the cybernetics from his body, and regenerated through the use of potions and arcane sciences gleaned from decades of study, and the remaining relics his family held in such high regard.

For a time he gained control of his lycanthropy, but the lure of the wolf haunted him and drew him back again like an addiction. The monster still remained and his ability to revert to human form was short-lived. Sabrewulf knows that unless he can find a more permanent solution, his agony will continue, and he will be cut off from the world and any hope of being a man again.

Having spent much time at the mercy of his wild side, Sabrewulf has learned that being a predator is often as much about patience as it is power. He is learning new ways to pounce on and surprise his many enemies.

Ultra-Combo are sure to run another backstory soon, what character is everyone looking forward to for season 3?

Killer Instinct for Xbox One is out now.

New Killer Instinct back stories – Jago

Killer Instinct Banner

We are on the long journey to find out about more about Killer Instinct Season 3, as an update to the game the original cast will be receiving back story updates to give more depth to the characters you love. This week is the monk of the tiger lair Jago.

Jago was abandoned as a baby at a secluded monastery in the Himalayas where he was trained by the Monks of the Tiger. When he reached adulthood a fellow warrior—under the influence of an evil force—tried to murder him, but Jago killed the man in self-defense. To atone for this sin he became a hermit, isolating himself in a mountain cave and turning his thoughts inward, meditating on his actions and the guilt he carried from the act. During this time, he was visited by the Tiger Spirit and infused with a tremendous power.

The spirit called upon him to destroy Ultratech by entering their Killer Instinct tournament. Not knowing why such a thing was necessary, but confident in the wisdom of the spirit, he entered. As he competed, a growing sense of dread built in him, as the force of the Tiger spirit became hungrier and more aggressive, pushing him to further and deeper violent tendencies. He almost killed his long-lost sister Orchid, but was able to stop himself from landing the fatal blow.

The tournament finished, Jago returned to his temple to meditate on his growing anger and rage, but too late discovered the truth: the Tiger Spirit was actually a manifestation of the evil Astral entity known as Gargos. In an attempt to exorcise the sprit through a force of wills, Jago instead succumbed to the corruption. Possessed by the entity known as Omen, Jago was transformed into Shadow Jago, wreaking havoc across the globe as he strove to feed more power to Gargos.

Trapped within his own mind, Jago fought back against his possession, finally freeing himself from the corrupting influence and destroying the manifestation known as Shadow Jago. In doing so, he freed Omen, giving form to the once-formless shadow energy.

Once he recovered, Jago set out to find Omen and destroy him, but it was too late. The demon had gotten away, and Gargos’s return seemed inevitable. Jago and his sister joined forces with Maya and T.J. Combo vowing to fight both Ultratech and Gargos. While planning their next move, the allies were trapped by Ultratech forces and pinned down at Maya’s secret headquarters in the Andes Mountains.

It will be nice to read what other changes, balances and other characters they will be bringing to Season 3 and how the revamped back stories tie in with the old cast.

Killer Instinct Season 3 is slated for March 2016.

Strider Xbox One Review

strider logo

Before Capcom delivered Street Fighter II to the arcade cabinets, the world had Strider – it was a late 80’s 2D side-scrolling platformer that also hit multiple home consoles back in the day. Now almost fifteen years later, Double Helix Games and Capcom release the most graphically detailed Strider yet that not only plays homage to the original, but it’s a full-on original game in its own right. I was expecting a complete re-hash of the arcade coin-up from ’89, but Strider ’14 is a superb re-telling of the futuristic ninja story to be loved all over again! Thank you to Xbox for providing thisisxbox.com with the review code.

Ninja titles were hot property in the late 80’s to 90’s with not only Strider, but games such as Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Cop, Tenchu, and more! Thanks to the Strider ’14 release you’ll soon be reminiscing about the gaming greats of the past whilst donning your best ninja skills in this fresher alternate dystopian future of Earth. The entire planet Earth in Strider ’14 is still suffering under the oppressive, iron-fisted ruler known as Grandmaster Meio and as the main protagonist Hiryu; you’re the only man deemed capable enough to eliminate this evil ruler. Well, you did pass the Strider Training program with a Special A Class rating, so as the youngest ever recruit to receive such a prestigious evaluation you head off to Kazakh City advancing from objective to objective. The question is – can you handle the pressure?


Double Helix have undoubtedly crafted a masterpiece with this digital title, keeping Strider ’14 as fun as you’ll remember with an improved pacing through the campaign adding supplementary environments and ninja fighting grounds to explore to give the impression it’s now more of an open world platformer. It is more 2.5D in appearance too with backdrops that appear to have 3D aspects and incidents happening in the backgrounds during gameplay to add to the overall mission effects. In between chapters are corresponding animated cut-scenes that add to the drama of the plot line, this looks particularly well as you encounter some of the games level bosses who are challenging to say the least, presented as fast-paced action packed sequences of endurance! It’s one man and his wielding sword to the rescue, but the tension is mighty fierce.

Visually, since previously touching on both environments and backdrops, the game is crisp, clear and as sharp as ever on Xbox One. The level design is futuristic, very ‘mech’ and ‘tech’ orientated as you battle through some top-spec technology using just your ninja attributes to fight through one scene to the next. It is a heavy enemy positioned set-up with levels that will at first appear quite a breeze to run through, and others that trap you into their influence as you’ll require quick reflex skills to escape the wrath of many skilled (well presented) ninja masters! The game is a well-balanced output of speed, combat and exploration in equal portions, as fun as it is to explore new paths you reap the consequences of the dangers ahead in many scenario’s.


Gameplay wise it is a simple matter with just a few button presses for the combat and knowing how to direct Hiryu in the direction of your exploration path. You will face a stream of oncoming enemy attacks, projectiles and other electrical hazards in the environment all set to cause you as much damage as possible, but being quick with your response and knowing how to strike at the right moment will cause you a little less than grief and health hazards. You’ll have at your disposal a primary and secondary attack which varies the weapon direction and strength, as well as a HUD and mini-map to offer assistance with locating upgrades and items for your characters gain. There are also a range of costume and weapon upgrades to be found, as well as additional survival challenges and concept art which encourages the use of exploration and Achievement unlocking. The game is expected to last you about six to eight hours of gameplay and offers varying degrees of difficulty to further extend that and allow you to grab the more difficult Achievements available for the most Gamerscore.

Strider is a perfect example of the marriage between platform and action offering a game that feels like you have the freedom to explore anywhere whilst every step you take is heading in the right direction. One of the best downloadable digital only titles available right now that is both fun and testing on the patience levels, but you’ll want to explore all it has to offer and feel that sense of achievement as you try to defeat Grandmaster Meio to bring peace and harmony back on Planet Earth. It is available to download now on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One (as well as other platforms if you search for it) but whilst this review is based on Xbox One, it is assumed that gameplay on Xbox 360 is identical with slight visual difference and perhaps a small increase in loading times.


Being a Strider Ninja is a real sense of purpose, and comes as a recommended title from thisisxbox.com that belongs on your harddrive – grab it now!

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Double Helix Tease Chief Thunder For Killer Instinct



Last night at Evo during a video presentation for Killer Instinct’s latest character Glacius, an interesting teaser came up on screen at the end. You see an axe thrown into a tree. The axe is of course the weapon of choice for Killer Instinct alumni, Chief Thunder. Chief Thunder was introduced in the original Killer Instinct and looks to be the next character reveal for the Xbox One exclusive.

Below you’ll find an image of Chief Thunder in his prime, as well as the gameplay demo from last night. Enjoy!


We’ll have more Killer Instinct news for you as it becomes available.

Ken Lobb Teaches Us The Basics Of Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Banner

Partner Creative Director of Microsoft, Ken Lobb recently had a sit-down with Destin Legarie of IGN. He is interviewed while teaching Destin the basics of the Xbox One exclusive. He shows us the new combo system, shadow moves, combo-breakers, auto-double, and more. In the video, we can see that the game runs on 60 frames per second. Which means that if Double Helix could prove to be competent fighting game developers, Killer Instinct could turn out to be a viable fighter. Continue reading Ken Lobb Teaches Us The Basics Of Killer Instinct