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Battleborn’s First Free DLC Hero and Double XP Weekend Announced

Earlier today 2K and Gearbox Software announced that Alani, the first of five new and free characters coming to Battleborn, will release on May 31st on Xbox One. If you’re a season pass holder then you get her added dot your roster a week earlier on the 24th. Alani is a member of the Eldrid faction who was raised as a healer but forced to be a warrior, and is all that remains of her order after Rendain’s Jennerit Imperium stole the oceans from her world. As a warrior from a planet with vast seas, Alani’s attacks and abilities revolve around her power to control water to dish out pain, or heal her fellow Battleborn.

Battleborn Alani

Additionally, this weekend Gearbox and 2K are hosting a Battleborn double XP event, running from Friday 20th at 8am PDT to Wednesday 25th at 8am PDT, allowing players to earn twice the experience points from all story mode episodes and competitive multiplayer.

We’ll see you on the battlefield, fellow Battleborn.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Weekend Starts Tonight

dble xp cod

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Onslaught DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty Ghosts which is due to drop on January 28th, Activision and Infinity Ward have announced a Double XP Weekend starting tonight until Monday 27th.

Onslaught is the first downloadable content pack available for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Take the fight onto four small to medium Multiplayer maps: Fog, Bayview, Containment, and Ignition, a reimagining of the classic map Scrapyard from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Players also gain access to the Maverick, an all-new dual purpose Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle.

The Extinction storyline continues with Episode 1: Nightfall, the first installment in a four-part episodic narrative. Explore a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness and learn more about the origins of the alien threat. Episode 1: Nightfall features two all-new species of aliens and an exclusive weapon.

Have a great weekend Ghosts!

Call of Duty: Ghosts Next-Gen Double XP Weekend


Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will also receive a Double XP weekend, just like the 360 version at launch. However, this event is next-gen exclusive and not for last gen consoles! (Yes I said “last gen” can you believe it)

The release of next-generation consoles brings amazing new ways to experience Call of Duty: Ghosts say Infinity Ward in the latest mass mail out. If you’re waiting to play on next-gen, they are giving you a chance to shine with a next-gen exclusive Double XP Weekend! From Friday, November 29th (10am/PST) through Monday, December 2nd (10am/PST), players on both Xbox One and PS4 will be able to earn Double XP on all of their Multiplayer and Squads play.

As I plan to have very little sleep…look out for my gamertag ‘Jason of Duty’, I shall try to play with every single person on Xbox LIVE on Xbox One through the whole weekend…I did say “try”.

Have fun!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Double XP This Weekend


Treyarch and Activision has announced a DOUBLE XP Weekend this weekend from July 26th through to July 29th on all platforms. This means those who are near Prestige Master can boost up that little bit quicker, campers can camp longer for more points and those who favour tactical insertions and kill streak boosting must be ejaculating as we speak!

Almost everyone under the age of 18 on Call of Duty can get excited about a DOUBLE XP Weekend – it might even make your balls drop!

So why the special occassion – well the latest Map Pack “Vengeance” might just be winging its way to the PS3 since it’s been available on the Xbox 360 for a few weeks now. We rated the collection of new content a decent 8/10:

As a complete package you get two really great multiplayer maps with Rush and UpLink – and the best Zombies map to date with Buried. It’s a real shame that Cove is so small and Detour is so awful, but overall it’s still a worthy package for 1200 MS Points.

Have fun this weekend!

Black Ops 2 – Double XP Weekender May 10 – May 13


Treyarch has confirmed via twitter that a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DOUBLE XP Weekend is on the cards starting tomorrow May 10th until Monday May 13th 2013. If you’re edging near another prestige now is a great time to start racking up the points and showcase another emblem…or something… just dust off the disc if you have too!

No news as of yet on the next Map Pack which is rumoured to drop in the next few weeks, but you can catch up on our write-up of the Uprising Map Pack, or Revolution Map Pack by clicking the appropriate links.

Black Ops 2: Uprising Map Pack DLC Dated April 16

black ops uprising

The official Call of Duty website outed the next Map Pack in Activision’s behemoth franchise recently in its source coding, but today a new image surfaces backing up the leak that ‘Uprising’ is in fact real and is heading to Xbox LIVE on April 16th.

The Uprising Map Pack is set to include:

4 New Multiplayer Maps:

  • Vertigo
  • Encore
  • Magma
  • Studio

1 Brand New Zombie Map:

  • Mob of the Dead

Mob of the dead was quoted as “Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date” and it’s noted that promotional images for the Uprising DLC does not show any other kind of free weapon DLC. It’s highly likely a Double XP weekend will soon follow to promote the new content.

Thanks MadAssGamers

Black Ops 2 – Uprising Map Pack Rumour


Last month we brought you the rumour of the Orientation Map Pack image which surfaced for Black Ops 2, and today comes another tasty morsel under the guise of ‘Uprising’ that gives more reasoning to be legit since it was found in the source code of the CallofDuty.com website.

As found by Twitter members @Moriarty1975 and @MrDalekJD through the website source code – something anyone can do by right clicking a page and choosing view source or inspect element. The new Map Pack was described as: “Download the epic Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising Theme, featuring Studio, Vertigo and the Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date,” reads the description.

The Call of Duty Wikia noted that “Vertigo” was the name of a map originally cut from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, while “Mob of the Dead” could potentially be a sequel to the original Black Ops’s Call of the Dead Zombie DLC.

Thanks: Wikia