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Dragon Age Inquisition – The Descent out now

Dragon age Inqisition

Out this week came the new DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition. This single player expansion will allow you to gain new weapons, armour and meet new characters to help you with your journey in to the darkness. Descend underground and discover a hidden world inhabited by monstrous dark spawn, defeat your new adversaries and uncover some of Thedas’ darkest secrets.

Dragon Age Inquisition – The Descent is available now

Dragon Age: Inquisition In the EA Access Vault now

EA promised it and sure enough it has arrived, Dragon Age: Inquisition is in the EA Access Vault right now for you to download.

The third outing for the Bioware RPG was widely praised for its visuals, combat and story, and whilst The Witcher 3 might be top dog at the moment, Dragon Age fans are in for a treat if they haven’t already dived on in. In fact our very own Kris Winfield-Bennett said the following about the title in his review:

“Dragon Age: Inquisition may have had a lot to put right for Bioware fans, but Bioware didn’t shy away from the challenge. The final result is a fantastic title.”

So what are you waiting for? EA Access members, get downloading!

Creating the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon age Inqisition

Have you been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition? Have you been wondering how they’ve created such amazing vistas and buildings?

If you bought this when it was launched, then you’ve had a good couple of months to really get your teeth into the game and, no doubt, you’ve seen the smashing graphics and wondered, how did they do that?

Well, wonder no more, Bioware Edmonton’s Lead Environment Artist Ben McGrath sits down with Lucy James and answers a few questions on how Bioware brought Thedas to life in Frostbite 3.

Played Dragon Age: Inquisition? Tell us what your favourite environment is in the comments below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off classes and specializations

If you haven’t already started your 6 hour trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition then the following video will be most useful to you.

Bioware having released a video give fans more details about the classes and their specialisations. It’s definitely worth checking out as it does a good job of explaining everything to you.

The third game in the series is only 6 days away from releasing in Europe and by the look of the reviews that are out its looks like we’ll have another great game to sink our teeth into.