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Get your hands on an Ironcast custom controller


If you could design your very own war mech, what would it look like? Well, Ripstone Ltd, publisher of the steampunk-set war mech title, Ironcast have one of the controllers up for grabs simply for designing your very own Ironcast.

The rules of entry are very simple. If you want to get your hands on the prize, which consists of either the PS4 or Xbox One custom controller, a copy of Ironcast, signed artwork from Dreadbit Games and a small pile of stuff from the Ripstone offices, all you need to do is design a war mech or Ironcast and email it over to Ripstone at info@ripstone.com stating which controller you’d like to win. Each entry can only be entered for one competition prize.

You can also share your designs on Twitter with the hashtag #IroncastPS4 or #IroncastXB1 for each controller respectively.

Two grand prize winners will be selected after the closing date of the 22nd of April, but don’t be disheartened. Ripstone will also be selecting some runners up who will be in with a chance of winning some Ironcast swag and a copy of the game.

The game combines turn-based strategy combat in a rich, alternate 1880’s timeline. You are pitted against the French as the Consortium of Merit seeks to stop an invasion and plans an invasion of their own. Seven metre tall mechs are the weapon of choice and you are their commander. It’s up to you to take the fight to the French.

Some further information on the Terms & Conditions can be found on Ripstone’s website here.

Our very own Greg reviewed Ironcast back in February, earning a very respectable 8.4 from our most stringent of reviewers. You can refresh your memory of that review here.

Ironcast is available on Xbox One now.

If you end up winning one of the controllers, let us know in the comments below. What are you waiting for? Ripstone are eager to see your designs.

Dreadbit reveal an Ironcast release date


Set in an alternate steampunk Victorian universe, Indie developer; Dreadbit’s Ironcast is garnering some interest at TiX Towers. Together with Ripstone Publishing, Dreadbit are now ready to announce when the title will finally be hitting the Xbox One marketplace.

As a refined lady or gentleman of the period, you will take command of your gigantic mechanised war machine, prepared to lay waste to the enemies of the British Empire. You are Commanders of the Consortium of Merit and with such an honour comes the responsibility of taking control of your very own seven-metre tall walking Ironcast. A metallic, death-spitting banshee of destruction.

Enemy Ironcast are approaching however, and it is tasked to you to defend the realm from this insidious force and to protect the virtues of Queen and Country.

Generate resource nodes during battle to drive your machine’s weapons and defence systems, but use them wisely or the dastardly enemy will be victorious. If that happens, we will not be amused.

Ironcast will be digitally available from the 4th of March.

Here’s a taster of the action.

Ironcast announced for Xbox One


Fads are funny aren’t they? The current “in-thing” is for stuff to be Steampunk. That curious melding of Victorian brass and levers and modern day technology. Steamworld Dig, Unmechanical Extended, Clockwork, it’s a great time to be a gaming fan of the Steampunk genre.

Guildford based indie developer Dreadbit Games, one-man kick-start-up Daniel Leaver, has announced that the Steam release Ironcast will be coming to Xbox One. Daniel was part of the team behind the immensely popular LittleBIGPlanet series and decided in 2014 to bring his considerable experience to bear on his own development.

Ironcast, set in an alternative Steampunk Britain, is that development.

The game sees you pit your customisable mech against the enemies of the country in pitched battle on the streets of Victorian London. Power up, repair, defend and attack with your mech by powering up the central nodes with a jem-matching style board in the centre of the gameplay arena.

Each mech is upgradeable, either by salvaging what you can from your defeated opponents or by purchasing new parts from the hangar bay.

Ironcast is currently looking to release this year sometime, as ever, keep your eyes peeled here for more.