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Dungeon Defenders 2 coming to Xbox – and its FREE!

Dungeon Defenders II is launching on Xbox One on June 20th 2017 and it will be free to play!

The game has been available on Steam Early Access for more than two years, and in that time has had over 60 updates. But now, developer Trendy Entertainment has announced it is finally ready to be launched on the Xbox One.  It will come with an exclusive pet, an exclusive weapon and a limited-time exclusive map.

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a tower defense game with elements of action RPG, where you take control of various heroes who have to fight off the armies of the Old Ones.  There are 4 basic heroes to choose from -Squire, Apprentice, Huntress and the Monk. The Squire is a knight in training that makes use of mighty spikes and blades, the Apprentice is an eager practitioner of the arcane arts that combats the foe from afar, the Huntress is a skilled trapper and explosives expert, skills that she puts to good use when slaying enemies with her crossbow, and finally the Monk has turned from a path of pacifism to defend his land by employing aura energy to heal friends and cripple foes.

More details can be found on the official website – www.dungeondefenders.com/2/

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Dungeon Defenders is Discounted as Xbox Live Arcade’s Deal of The Week

For those who’ve yet to experience the thrill that is Dungeon Defenders, one of the greatest genre mash-ups to date, the deal has gotten much sweeter on this tower defense/RPG hybrid. Dungeon Defenders is now 33% off from January 10th to January 17th 2012 as Xbox Live Arcade’s Deal of The Week Continue reading Dungeon Defenders is Discounted as Xbox Live Arcade’s Deal of The Week